Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Y'all

My girls have always loved to play dress up, so Halloween is a fun time for us.  No spooky stuff for us though.  We have always had a "Fall Festival" at church to make it a fun time.

Tonight is the big night for Sara at work and a party afterwards.  I sure hope she wins best costume because she is all natural (when it comes to that red hair of hers, lol).    She is an excellent make up artist though!

Trying on her costume and getting the hair right the night before.  That bow was a challenge to make since the fabric is polyester.  I had to line it with a stiff material then make it into a bow.  Bobby pins are a God send.

Just her normal make up here and no curled hair...but I was so smitten with her!  My little Ariel!

Here she is all dolled up and ready for the evening.  I smile just looking at this!  She has always loved Little she is her!

Just perfect!

Now....look at Hannah!  She's following in her sister's footsteps with make up.  They are both so talented!
She wanted to go as a scary those eyebrows and those piercing eyes!

Patent leather Mary Janes and the socks I had to make since you can't find them anymore.  Remember in the 80's, these were the rage with jelly shoes?  I had lots of them!

I am amazed at the originality they both have when it comes to their imagination.  I am all about not spending money on costumes....we like to make them.  Hannah had everything except the socks, bow and lace.  Good ole MOM made those. They definitely do not follow the crowd.  My girls are awesome!
Hannah and her friends went to the local Mall and my hubby told me that she was a hit.  Everyone loved her costume and even those long legs of hers, lol.  

So I hope everyone is enjoying this Halloween and eating lots of candy.  I know I am relaxing and trying to stay warm.  They are calling for snow tonight!


  1. Melanie
    Your girls look so cute in their costumes. Great job of sewing. Happy Halloween

  2. I love Halloween. Always so much fun. Your girlies looked great Melanie. Ariel is a fave of mine too, especially since I have three red-headed grandgirlies! ;) I just have one question -- why oh why did you have to bring up snow? ;)


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