Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Little Simple Door

You know how it thing leads to another, right?  After painting the door, taking off and putting on new moulding....I just had one more thing on my list to do.

See the little CPU cabinet to the bottom left with the stars that we made years ago?  Well, it was bugging me when it came to the door.  See, I used to be smitten with stars.  Now, not so much.

It just wasn't cohesive with everything else.  Plus I didn't like the fact that I could see some of the components that went with the computer.  If you haven't guessed it by now, I HATE seeing cords, wires and electrical things.  I try my best to hide those things....just like my Mother.  She taught me well!

So, I took off the star door and made a new door and attached it to the wall.  I made a frame with scrap lumber, screwing it in at the joints tightly and then attaching fabric so the CPU will get lots of air.  I left the cabinet because you aren't supposed to have a unit directly on the floor due to static electricity.  Mom's husband, Carl, has taught me so much about computers....

I had some scraps of fabric left that matched the slipcover and lamp cover.  I love how it turned out,  I even had a glass knob!

Now doesn't that look better?

A simple thing like this can make such a huge difference in my little world!  Now it looks better with everything, doesn't it?!

I think I will rest well tonight.  I finished off my evening with reading some of Revelations from the Bible.  It is amazing just how It predicts so many things and people still don't prayers to them.  May God bless everyone of you with everlasting life with Him.

Sweet Dreams and God Bless


  1. It is much nicer now - all streamlined & it looks like it belongs ….

  2. well that is just ridiculously adorable! it is perfect! I just love projects like this. You are definitely talented, love this.

  3. Your office area is beautiful....and very well organized. I wish I could say the same for mine! :)

  4. Yes indeed, It was a little thing that made a big difference...LOVE IT!!!


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