Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Sara

It all started when I married my highschool sweetheart.  He wanted to have children and I didn't.  I didn't like the thought of  bringing a child into this world and going through what I had went through as a child myself.  But he persisted and I am so thankful that he did.
After having a miscarriage I was reading my Bible one day about Sara and Abraham.  I had read the story many times and knew it so very well.  But something was different.....the words just seemed to leap from the page into my heart.  I then knew I was to have a child and her name would be Sara.  I know without a doubt that I heard a voice telling me this...I knew it was God. 
One night at our church, my pastor called me up front.  He said what he was about to say he had been struggling with.  He then proceeded to tell me that God had told him that I was pregnant and that I even had a name.  He said her name is Sara.  No one, absolutely no one did I tell this!  Not even my husband.  I began to cry...God had confirmed what He had told me.  You see, when my husband wanted children, I hadn't.  I know God put it on my heart to have a child and then when I had a miscarriage it was devastating!  So for God to tell me that I would have a daughter and her name would be Sara, then confirmed through my pastor....I was thrilled!  We all know how long it takes to have a baby, so I had a girl and guess what her name was?
She was my most precious gift.  I loved her unlike any other before.  I woke to her sweet smell, her sweet smile and her little precious smile just consumed my whole life.  She was my princess.
Even back then I loved pink and she wore it every day.  My mother in law even asked me if I had clothes for her in any other color, lol.  SARA looked absolutely beautiful in PINK.  Nothing but PINK would do.
Sara was my pride and joy, always with me at all times.  She loved her Mammaw Garnette just like I did.  I always thought if I ever had children that I would want them to know her like I did as a girl.  And God blessed me with that dream.
As she grew....I knew I had always wanted a sister or brother....since I was an only child....I wanted that for her.  So then along came her sister Hannah(which is another story entirely).  Sara was so excited to be a big sister.  Something she has done with flying colors.
I couldn't have asked for any two little angels.  And just look at how she was teaching Hannah to pray...
The love that they shared was something truly amazing...something I had always wanted.  I was seeing their love grow right before my eyes.  She was the best big sister anyone could ever want!
As she began to grow, I saw such beauty...she was becoming a young lady...just radiant and so full of life.  She made me so proud!

I couldn't believe my eyes...she was almost the size of me and then one day she just passed me up.  I then began to look up at my little girl.  Then I realized she wasn't that little girl anymore. 
She had become a beautiful young woman before I could even blink my eyes....starting to drive, liking boys, thinking about college....I just couldn't believe it!
Where had my little girl gone that I used to take naps with, cut up oranges for and watch The little Mermaid with?
I'll tell you...she is my best friend, the one that I share my life with, my hopes and dreams for her with, the one that I laugh and can be sarcastic with, the one that makes me so mad and happy at the same time with....she is my first little girl who'll always be that sweet baby I held in my arms 18 years ago and got the every first smile from.  She'll always be that little girl that called me Mommy.  A name that I am proud to be called(now when she wants something).  I now have graduated to Mom.  But I will always love my little girl no matter what....
Happy 18th Birthday Sara!
Mommy loves you!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My British Rose Settee

Guess what I did with this?

A friend on facebook sent me a message about this settee that she had bought but hadn't had the time to re do it.  She offered it to me so I JUMPED on it!

This is what I invisioned.....

I knew what I had to do to the duvet...for a week I went back and forth about the decision.  Finally I thought "what the heck!"

When I picked it up from the lady I was buying it from, she handed me a bag full of the tufting buttons.  And do you know what?

They were all in excellent condition matching the British Rose perfectly with it's green and blues.

I painted the settee, reupholstered it and made a seat cushion all nice and fluffy.  I think she really turned out beautifully!

At the end of our bed was a chest....I was so worried that the settee would overpower the space since the chest was simple and white.  But after adding it to the bottom, I feel like it blends in perfectly.  Plus I can still lay all of our pillows on and under it.

I played musical chairs again...can you tell?

Making sure we had plenty of walk space so that we wouldn't crack our toes in the middle of the night....

I am working on other projects with the rest of the duvet fabric, so more photos to come in the near future!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Love Battery Operated Lights

I thought I'd share with you on how I make battery lights and slipcovered shades.  I have to admit that I have a fetish with them.  It all started years ago when I found a lovely primitive candlabra chandy that normally held candles.  I've never been one to "fancy" candles since I worry about fires.  Kids and candles do not mix.
So my mind began to think....
I thought that the battery operated candles would work lovely and would be great for when the power went out.  Then I began to add shades.  Let me just say,  they put out so much light and no fire hazard!  I just wrap double sided tape at the base to make snug.  I like making little slipcovers for the candles too...they hide imperfections like when the tape shows.
So here are some shades that I made today with some bridal lace.
I bought a couple of chaneliers some time back and they came with the shades.  Kind of "blah" in my book.  Mom and I made a trip to a local fabric store and accidentally found this beautiful lace!  It is the perfect length for making slipcovers for the shades.  I love how they turned out!
I found this candlabra at Michael's years ago and just fell in love with the crystals and the scrolly design.  It's a perfect nightlight on it's own downstairs for "when the power goes out."
Here is another candlabra that I found on Facebook Yardsale.  Didn't she just scream "look at me!"  I knew I could make her beautiful!
I have so many battery operated lights throughout my house.  My husband loves them and how much light they really do put out.  I have one in each of the girls rooms for nightlights because when our power does go is really dark!  And you know kids...their imaginations run wild!  So them seem to love them too.
Thanks for letting me share one of my many fetishes....and I hope I've sparked an idea with you!