Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Angel Wings and a Miracle

Today has been a huge blessing to me.  My Aunt Judy is now home and her daughter is taking care of her.  She sat up on the side of the bed all by herself for 45 minutes today.  She is able to move her right leg a little but still can't move her right arm.  God has been good since we all have been told nothing else could be done and there would be no improvement.  Well...God has the last word on that one!  After having a massive stroke, just look at this miracle!

He is moving in their lives amazingly!
God is so good!

Now I know why I felt the need to make Angel wings so badly.  

I had seen a link on Pinterest where someone had made a set of angel wings from coffee filters.  A perfect little project for a day like today.

I had a cereal box, cut it up in the form of wings, hot glued some fabric to the back and then hot glued the coffee filters to the printed side.  I scrunched them as I went in the form of the wings making sure they mimicked feathers to the best of my ability.  

I thought a fabric rose would be pretty along with some tulle and ribbon.  The hubby really liked it and asked if I was going to sell them, lol.  He thought it was that good to say something like that!

I love them hanging on the gun cabinet.  I had a set I made from fabric last year for Christmas but I ended up putting them on a dress form.

  I missed the little wings, so the new coffee filter wings are perfect!

I'l tellin' ya....Louis loves to have his photo taken!   He poses so perfectly every time he see's me with my camera, lol.  He's my little angel for sure....God knew I needed him after  losing my Sweet Oliver.

Remember this basket?  I wasn't happy with the liner not being white.  I thought about adding a ruffle but then decided to make a whole new liner.

White of course...

and with a ruffle.  It's the little details that make me say ahhh....

I hope you all are having a blessed week, I know I am!


  1. Your Aunt looks great--so happy to hear that! Those angel wings are too cute--love the shape!

  2. Love the wings and sweet Oliver. So happy for Aunt Judy. Continued healing prayers ! <3

    1. I am sorry Melanie.....I see I put Oliver instead of Louis...but I guess that was meant to be.....Your sweet Oliver and Louis! :o)

  3. Love the Angel wings and Louis is a little celebrity and very photogenic!:)

  4. Hi Melanie,
    So happy about Aunt Judy. God is good and never lose hope and faith. Aunt Judy is a perfect example of this. Ohhhhhhh I love the wings you made. LOVE! Little Louis is too cute how he poses for you. So sweet.


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