Friday, February 24, 2012

~A little room for Mama~

This little room used to be our youngest daughter's room before we decided to move downstairs and give her our room for much needed room for a growing young girl.

Now it is a guest room usually for my Mama.  I added the chair because she had hinted that the bed was too high for putting her shoes on.  So my quest began to find another chair small enough for this little room.

So....this little chair was perfect!  The only problem was that it was in my master bedroom downstairs.  I began to search my favorite site for something else and this is what I found for $40!

I know what you are's pink...perfect for Melanie!
It was that pukey shade of mauve that was so popular years ago that I can't stand!
I haven't been in the mood to sew, so I began looking for a slipcover for it online.  Gasp...something I never do!  But guess what?  To my surprise the one that I took a chance on was just perfect!  I was tickled PINK with it!  Plus I had to paint the legs on the chair for it to look like this...

Doesn't it look really good?  It's my chair downstairs.  Now back to the guest room...

I had to move my sewing machine, it used to be in the spot of the chair.  Thank goodness it fit!  Think Mama has enough chairs now?

She'll have plenty of room for a drink for those "dry mouth nights" we all have.  And an alarm clock to wake by...what more could she want?

Well...she did ask for a mirror...

And the TV is just a perk...she didn't ask for that...but the girls like going in here and watching "old" videos of when they were little.  So that's for them...wink wink

And this is my Mama.....right after I came home form the hospital.  She took care of me and my family when I couldn't do it.   I love my Mama!  I thank God for giving me a second chance with her.  She is coming up to do it yet once again.... I have surgery in the beginning of March(so prayers are greatly appreciated).  So what little girl wouldn't want to give her Mama what she so deserves!  She's the best MOM I could ever have...and I can say that now with honesty!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Rit new best friend~

So I've been playing around with some RIT Dye for some slipcovers that were on my dining chairs.  I Hand painted a pink scallop around the top of my table, but it just wasn't enough pink.  So last night...usually when I do my best thinkin'...I remembered RIT dye years ago and dying curtains. 
That was it...I had the answer...just hoping that they had PINK dye in the store.
                                  And guess what?  They did..... 

Just what I needed for  my PINK fetish.  And here they are!!!

I am so delighted with how they turned out.  A couple of washes with some bleach and tadaahh...Now they make my hand painted plates and the scallop really show person that is.  Somehow photo's don't get the fine detail....

This is the color that the slipcovers were before I got started along with the package of rit dye.

The water, I tell ya, was HOT!  I got a little worried about the color...kinda bright...

But it all came out in the wash...just the right shade.

See how they go with the chandi I painted and added appliques to?   I am in love with

~A new addition~

I found a lovley piece on one of my favorite sites to visit...facebook yardsale.  It's kinda like a craigslist, I think, if you are wondering.  It looked like this when I picked it up about an hour away from my home for $80!  It's solid oak...and a heavy sucker!

So guess what I know it...I painted it!  I thought long and hard on my way home about what color.  I'm always painting evetything white, but I was wanting something a "little" different.  So I stopped at Lowes and got some paint, went to Tagert for the glass knobs and headed for home with excitement!

This is what ALWAYS happens when I never fails!

But it is so worth it...because the magic always happens.......

I added the appliques and the glass knobs for that shabby look that I absolutely love.  Can you tell that it's a Pale Pink?  Let me tell you that this sucker soaked up the coat of spray paint primer and two coats of satin paint.  My arms were tired....

And this is where I put it....

I's an old TV...but ya know...we've had it since we were first married.  My Uncle bought it for us as a wedding present.  It's perfect for the girls and their games. if it blows...I'll have enough room for a BIG one. 

Now I'm off to go to the store...a new project in the making.....Hope you all have a very blessed day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

~Been busy Spray painting ~

I've been busy spray painting anything and everything I can get my hands on....somethiing that doesn't take a lot of energy...but lets the creative juices flow.  Here are just a few things that I've done....

This little cup and saucer was bought for me by my Mama at a yardsale.  It was a dark rose and just didn't flow well with all of my light pink.  So I thought what the heck...spray paint it.  Now it's perfect!

I had some white plates up above the windows that just got lost from being too white.   Now I think they are perfect...I love this shade of green with the pale pink. 

I think I would actually have withdraw if I didn't have my trusty spray paint or a good old paint can.  There is so much you can do with PAINT! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~Kitchen Before and After~

Years I sit and gaze...I wonder what the heck was I thinking!

Can you see all of the wallpaper, counters and flooring?  Well it's all GONE...oh how thankful I am!  Also, so thankful for that  huge bar to be gone!

All of the cabinets were a honey oak...drove me insane!  So I got out my paint brush and began to paint, paint, paint! 

Tadaah....this is what it looked like for Christmas!  See the pretty island that the hubs and I made from the huge bar that we ripped out?  New flooring, counters, wallpaper(can you believe it)was added to the wall behind the table and chairs that looks like real beadboard. And old tin tile wallpaper was added to the other side that looks like a backsplash.  We added crown moulding to the tops of our cabinets, new appliances and all new lighting.

This is the ledge my sweetie made for me...and what window doesn't look cute with shutters?  Of course I "had" to paint them PINK!  A new faucet was a definite..allowing fill ups on large pots and for cleaning that HUGE turkey that I get every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

My late grandmother's china cabinet found the perfect resting spot with the china that she saved up for.....while first starting out.  I chose the palest pink and loved so much that I then began to paint the livingroom, hallway and bath the same pretty color.  The island has had a few transformations on the counter...I finally found the right combo and love my kithen!  I don't think I'll be changing it anytime soon...cause this MAMA loves it!  And if Mama ain't happy...then ain't no one happy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

~Ground Hog Day~ Our 21 wedding anniversary

After 21 years of marriage...we still love eachother.  I think more today than that day we both said "I do."

We've both become a little fluffy after all these years, lost some hair and gained a few wrinkles. 

But we still kiss eachother every morning and every night.

And we owe it all to HIM.....we would have never made it without Jesus helping us along the way. 

So when we go to bed in this sweet place , we always try and say that we love one another with a kiss and a hug.  I love you sweetie...more today than ever!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

~Old/New Fireplace~

We started with an old door that I would not get rid I know why...

Here is the door already cut for the sides and the bedposts from a bed that was mine as a child....

An old coffee table that we ripped apart.  We used the front and sides for the mantle.....

And here is the man that makes it all happen,  how I love him so.....

TaDaaah......the finished project to hide that old ugly wall mount gas stove that we only use when the power goes out.  It sure has come in handy! 

 A few years ago, our heating part went out on our heating /cooling unit.  Instead of going into debt...we decided to wait until our taxes were done to pay for a whole new unit.  We have another wall mount downstairs along with this one that heated our home for 3 months. 

Now it isn't as much an eye sore.  I plan to paint the stove white with a high heat paint that'll be another project to come.  Stay tuned....

I added moulding to the didn't look finished to me until I did.  Ahhh, much better!  Love it...and the curtains I already had.  So this total project cost me a big FAT zero!

The hall where it is...this is the view from our livingroom.  Now isn't that a much prettier view?