Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Changes Aren't Always Bad

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, I know I am late ...but I had to share a few snaps of a wonderful day full of love and happiness.

These guys right here have my heart every day of the year.  I honestly couldn't ask for a better little family. 

How I love them so....

And this guy.... he knows what I love, white roses and Reese's!  We had a romantic candlelight dinner (you can see it here) and had a few sips of some bubbly.  Our first time being totally kid free on Valentine's Day!  
What a treat!

Onto other news....since our oldest moved into a bigger space, we took her plenty of furniture.  The Uhaul we rented was packed clear to every crevice!  So now, I have been playing with her old room, making it into a guest room.     Here's how it's looking...

I am trying to figure out what color to paint the walls and of course I need to paint that headboard.  We gave our oldest daughter one of the beds and if you'll notice, this bedding came from that bed.  I do miss the headboard that I made that was tufted, but it sure does look pretty in her new guest room.

I'll be sharing her new place soon.  It's so pretty!

Thankfully I still have plenty of furniture to fool around with in our home.  The whole house is slowly getting small makeovers.  The functionality of our home has changed so it sure is fun making it into what works for us now.  But it's definitely a slow process.

          Chairs, Chairs, Chairs! They're everywhere!  This little gem loves to show off her bows and having her seated here definitely allows her to shine.  

We still have this guest room.  I had to steal the end table for the other room so I'm thinking about using something else in here.  But for now, I'm using the little desk that goes with this little chair that belonged to my Mammaw.  I love this room!

I have really been slacking with our home.  From all of the moving and running to having fun with my sweetie, I finally packed and put away the rest of my Christmas decorations downstairs in our bedroom.  
I put these little vases of faux flowers on the mantle and now I'm ready for SPRING!

As for an update on me, I've lost some more weight from all of the dancing me and my sweetie are doing and my health has been great!  And I'm finally fine with my hair being short and black now.  I can wear hair extensions if I want long hair again  :)

Life is really good and I am so very thankful for the blessings God has bestowed on me and my little family.  I have to pinch myself sometimes to prove it isn't a dream!

I hope y'all are all blessed, loved and happy as I am.  His word says what He will do for one, He will do for another! He loves us all!