Thursday, April 25, 2013

I love to SEW

I started the day out planning on making a slipcover for this little chair.

I had bought it with a few other things from fb yard sale.  It was black, so I spray painted it white of course....
Then I recovered the seat.

But we all know that it wasn't needed some lace to go with those pretty curvy curves the chair had.

So this is what I made...

I think it turned out C-U-T-E!

Once I start sewing, I want to just keep on, so I walked through the house looking for something else to make.

I saw the dress form that I had just painted.  Hannah had wanted it as soon as she saw it painted.  She thought it was so pretty...but to me it was just too bare.

I am loving all of the lace and ruffles...who knew I would ever like lace?!

Hannah loves bustles, so I tried making it a little poofy  in the back.

Perfect...I hope she likes it when she comes home from school.

Hope you all are having a 
Blessed Day!

I'm off to do some more sewing, that is if I find something else to get my hands on..wink wink

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everything is getting so green

Getting ready for Summer is always a task...the pollen is always a pain and the animals are giving me quite a run for my money on cleaning up hair.  I usually make new covers for my pillows each year, but now with Ozzy...I am rethinking that.  

But, on another note...I did find some really beautiful brackets and couldn't pass them up.

A lady was selling these on Facebook Yard sale, she had 12 of them still in the box brand new.  Just the exact amount that I was needing for our porch and then some.

There are rules you have to go by when buying from these sites.  First one to say "want" gets first dibbs unless they say "pass".  Another lady had stated that she wanted but the seller changed the price and  I was second in line.  The other lady said pass and guess what?!!!

They were mine!

So...when my wonderful husband came home, I was able to sweet talk him into us putting them up.  
If you all are anything like me, I just can't wait, I have to do it NOW!

Once we figured out how we were going to cut them to make allowance for the trim, it was easy peasy!

I decided that I wanted some for the plain garage I want to do something up above in the middle.  Still thinking on that one...

Then I wanted them for this arch that my MR. built for me a few years ago.  I want to stain this white a little later when I have more time.  Maybe a taupe, who knows with me...I'll figure it out soon enough.

After we did all of our work, I knew that my ferns that I usually get every year would finish off the look I was going for.

And once again, I just couldn't wait.  Bright and early, I went to our Farmers Market and found these beauties!
Then off to my eye appointment.  I hate having to go somewhere else when I want to go home to work on something!

 I have plans for the stairs...I hate that lattice...always have!  But that's for later.

Don't the ferns just look lovely with the brackets?

Every one that I hung, I got more and more excited...invisioning how our porch was going to look.  I want people to feel welcome when they come for a visit, so it's always important to me on sprucing up the porch.  Plus we spend a lot of time out there just relaxing, so it has to be comfy for us too.

That's why I love the sign at the top of the swing....I want people to feel welcome.

I love my wicker, but little Ozzy is picking one chair and he's gonna get it if he doesn't stop!  Can you see it?  Little stinker....

Everything is getting so green...

I need more pink and white geraniums, so it looks like another trip to the Farmers Market for me.

Who know's, I may buy more ferns...

I'm going to see if the MR will go up over head and try to hang the swing from the rafters and get rid of this frame.  It takes up so much space.

I have so many plans for the porch, but I just had to share what I've been working on for the past couple of days.

So that's it for today...hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed day.  
I know I sure have!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Guess what I've been up to today?

Mom had brought an ABC magazine up one day while visiting and I found some ruffled dust ruffles that I fell in love with.  So I had Mom order me some with her order and she brought them up to me today.

At first I wanted them for our beds. While waiting on them to come in, I began to think of other ways to use here they are.

First, I did the typical thing and added one to one of our guest beds.  I layered it over the existing dust ruffle which worked out great because the bed is high.  

Then I added one to our chair and ottoman. 
Originally I ordered 2, but then I called Mom and had her order me 3 because I wanted to add one to this chair.  I could just invision it and it turned out perfectly! 

I am so happy with how they look together...adding that little pouf that it needed in my book.

This is what it looked like doesn't it look so much cuter?!

I just keep staring at it with hearts in my eyes!

Well, then I had a little bit left over from the chair and ottoman, so I thought I would add it to the slipcover of our other sofa.  
Can you say HAPPY!!!

One of the easiest sewing jobs I've done in a long time...I would still be sewing if I made all the little ruffles from scratch!

Now....if I can keep the hubby from wollering it to death so I can at least enjoy looking at it for a couple of days. 

So soft and sweet, perfect for this little sitting area.

I gave Mama another call and asked if she could order me 3 more....then I'll add them to my curtains, a parson chair slipcover and who knows what else!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Stitching Coop has a giveaway going on right now.  Head over and tell her I sent you and enter.  It's a sweet little quilt that is beautiful and looks Oh so soft to the 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I did this weekend

I thought I'd share what all I did this weekend.  I get so busy and always forget to do a blog post...any of you have that same problem?  It's like the world goes by so fast and when I finally have the time, I am too tired.
So here's what I did...

Mom and I had a yard sale and it wasn't going very well, so I thought I better do something productive rather than just sit around waiting for someone to come buy our stuff!

This coffee table was just sitting in our garage already painted of course, so I painted a stencil on it, sanded it down and then distressed it.  Didn't it turn out beautiful?  I love the little bird in the wreath.

I've made a few things with this stencil and I never get tired of it.

Then I made this memo board.  I found the clothespins at Michaels and added the chicken wire.  The frame was a buy off of Facebook Yardsale and then I painted and distressed it.  Love it!

This was in Mom's stuff to sell so I swiped it (something we both do to each other when we have a sale).  Then I painted and distressed the wood frame in a grey.  

I had these two chairs in the sale but when no one was showing up, I decided they needed a makeover.  Painted and distressed, recovered the seat with some shabby chic fabric and then a lady came and wanted both.  I didn't even get to finish the other chair...but at least she was happy with them!

So today being Sunday, I wanted to do some sewing since I love to!  I went through my fabric and found a twin duvet that I had bought over a year ago at Salvation Army.  I had 3 Shabby Chic pink balloon shades but I needed 6. So I cut the pink shades in two and ripped apart the duvet.  Then I added the fabric by sewing and re-used the little "O" rings on the back side of the pink shades and ruffled them.

I always wanted a little more on the windows and these hit the spot for me!  

All the while getting on facebook and checking the yard sale sites....and look what I found today while sewing!  I am one happy lady, God is so good!

So there ya have it...just one of my many weekends.  See now how busy I am all of the time?  Oh, and did I mention that laundry was being done too?  lol

Now I need another weekend to recover from this one!