Sunday, November 2, 2014

What a Beautiful Sunday

It is absolutely a beautiful Fall Sunday!  
The sun is brightly shining through all of the windows and I am so enjoying this day.
I had to take our oldest daughter out yesterday and had some time to kill before picking her up.  I hadn't been out by myself, much less driving, in such a long time.  I was a little nervous, but I asked the Good Lord to take care of me and He did!
I visited Home Goods, my favorite store, and found this little picket fence box and knew I had to buy it.
I already had the white pitchers and the flowers which worked perfectly in it!

It looks so nice on the island.  A place that I always seem to have issues with on adding the right thing.

It matches the rug quite nicely.
I recently moved some furniture around getting ready for the Christmas tree.  I can't go all day long like I used to, so I am trying to break things up a bit.

I usually put the tree beside this chair and end table...I foresee a tight squeeze, but I think I can make it fit.

Or I may end up putting it here in place of this little table.  Thank goodness it's a skinny tree!

Wouldn't it be pretty to see it through the window while relaxing in my chair?

Or I could move my angel and this table and put it here.  But then where would I put that stuff?

Oh the possibilities and decisions that run through my head.  Christmas is my favorite time of year for decorating!

I want to be able to see the tree from every angle in the two rooms.

I guess we'll all have to wait and see, because I really have no definite answer just yet.

But as for today, I am enjoying the sun and a clean house.  

And we all know that a clean house with a family doesn't last that long, does it?

And with this little stinker...

May your week be a blessed one!


  1. I love your house, Melanie. It is so sweet and dear. I would love to spend a bit of time there sipping a cup of coffee and just relishing the serenity there. ah...yess....the Christmas same dilemma here. xo Diana

  2. Melanie, I think your tree would be just perfect where the little table is by the window divider . It would be sweet to see it from your living room. I hope you are feeling good today. It is up lifting to see the sunshine, isn't it. Take care, xoxo,Susie

  3. I am agree with Susie by the window divider youmwill see it from every angle. God bless your day.

  4. The tree will look beautiful wherever you decide to put it. Luis is going to have a ball with it.

  5. Your house is so pretty that I can't honestly think of a single place that it wouldn't look beautiful!

  6. Any advice on slipcovers? All of the patterns I have seen look loose & frumpy with exception of yours!

  7. Did you build the room divider?!?!? Can you share the plans? My hubs and I are in LOVE!! TY!!!

  8. how did you make the white wall with windows

  9. I would also like to know what exactly you used for your room divider wall with windows.. its absolutely beautiful.. your whole house is wonderful...seems so pleasant & peaceful. calming would be a better word for your house...

  10. Love the ideas. I really like recycled and reclaimed wood and I love a mix of cottage chic, french and vintage. It can be a beautiful mix or horror show if not done correctly. I love what you've done here. I need to figure out why my dried roses are turning brown. I'm not a happy camper. Oh, and, I have a friend whose house is in all white like this and its stunning, however, I'm an artist which means within one day Prussian blue would destroy half of what I have. Love the look though. I'm trying to stay with wine, cream, chocolate with small turquoise accents. That's the goal. I'll be back for more ideas, again, I really like the room divider idea, beautiful and doable.


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