Saturday, March 30, 2013

Remember what Easter is all about

Remember what it's all about....

Happy Easter to all of you...may you be blessed coming in and going out!

                                      ~Sweet Melanie~


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah

14 Years ago....
Our little Hannah was born!

What a blessing she was to our family.

She was a ray of sunshine, always smiling and happy.

She was planned like her sister and also had a story about how she was conceived.

Mike and I had wanted another child and it had been almost four years since we had Sara.  So we decided that it was a great time to try...but just like with Sara, we almost lost Hannah.

At 6 weeks I began to have symptoms of having a miscarriage just like I did before Sara.  I knew that I couldn't give in, so I began to pray with all my might!  

One night as I was reading the Bible about Hannah wanting to have a son so bad that she was willing to give him up at a certain age to the church, I knew my baby's name would be Hannah.  I wanted her so badly and I knew how Hannah must have felt in the Bible.

For the length of my pregnancy, I stayed dilated 3 cm.  But I wouldn't give up and when we had her, she was rated almost a 10 on the birth scale other than her breathing.  What was supposed to be a happy day quickly became one of my worst nightmares.  The Dr and nurse quickly whisked Hannah away from me, taking her to NICU.  They told me that there was basically no hope.  I remember looking at Mike with fear in my eyes and seeing that same fear in his.  
But I wouldn't give in!
They kept me in the hospital as long as they possibly could so I could be near my baby, being able to visit every second I could.  But then they sent me home.
I spent one week on very few hours of sleep traveling back and forth to the hospital at all hours making sure she was able to have my breast milk.  For those who have breastfed, you know every three hours in the beginning for feeding is normal.  So you see just how much rest I was getting.

But then she began to do something that they all thought was impossible...she began to get better, gain weight and breath on her own!

On Easter day, they let us take her home.  What an Easter present that was for  her Dad, sister and I. 

She was a miracle just like her sister....our children were definitely gifts from God!

She was sent home on a breathing monitor and we were told that she would at least be on it for one year.
Three months later and she was taken off, said to be perfectly normal and never had RSV.  Something preemies have quite often.  See, she had been born almost 2 months early, only weighed a little over 4 pounds and couldn't breath on her own.  
See how God blessed us?!

Now she is celebrating her 14th birthday...and what a precious day it is looking back on what we went through to have her.

She was always ready to play and her Daddy was just the perfect playmate!

She was my little buddy after sissy went off to school.  We played together, took naps, ate goodies and waited for sissy and Daddy to come home.

Someone for her big sister to play tricks on....

Tall and slender, always smiling and if I do say so myself...absolutely beautiful!
So Happy Birthday dear sweet Hannah!  
Our family was complete the day you came into our lives!

I love you, 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The words really made me think just exactly what faith really is.  I know so many christians seem to think that once saved that life would be easy. 
It says that we'll have life more abundant, but definitely not easy.  
  All things are possible  through CHRIST. 
I think of what Jesus went through to give us 
What a precious gift He gave us!
I know in my personal life, things have been hard.  But I wouldn't change a thing because I had 
and knew that if God would let me come to that bridge, then He made a way for me to cross it.
It was up to me to do just that though life's struggles.

Those days, even months and years of being in the valley  I wouldn't wish on anyone.  But when I made it to the mountain, well then, that's where I wanted everyone to be!
I am so very thankful for what my 
has brought me through and continues to.
I will let my 
continue to grow and be thankful for the uneasy times because I know what He's brought me through.  And He'll do it again!
I am 
by the grace of God and I 
thank Him this EASTER
 for what he sent His only
 begotten son to do.

May you know the joy of serving  the LORD and may He bless you each and every day.  I know He sure has me...I'm alive and with my family!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Easter

I've managed to do a little Easter decorating around the kitchen and living room.

A few years ago, I found the egg tree at Home Goods.  I think the glitter and sparkle did it for me....
I love this table with what I call "all things dear".  Everything has a memory and means something special to me.  So for Easter, what better way to to think about what God has done for all of us by looking at these special memories.

The little bunny was an Easter present for one of the girls when they were little.  I have two of them and think they are just the cutest.  It's holding a little ducky.  The floral eggs came from Home Goods too and I found the little crate from Michaels and painted it white.

Just recently, I bought these little candle holders, painted them white and added the little floral pots.  The frame came from Home Goods for Valentine's Day, but I just can't seem to put it away.  I just love my little family!

My little bunnies were a Dollar Tree find about 10 years ago.  I had to paint them with touches of pink and green, but just love their sweet little faces.  The wreath was from Home Goods and it matches the floral eggs all bought at different times.  Talk about being happy!

A sweet lady had this darling little china posted on her sale page and I knew I had to have them.  Perfect for that little spring touch!
I'm kinda happy with it all....

See the pretty little pattern?  

And of course the wine glass candle holders...that was my Mama's idea.  I love about being beautiful when they are all lit!

So Happy Easter to all of you..may you remember what Easter is all about and be blessed!

Monday, March 11, 2013

How I made my tufted headboard

Before I get started, let me say this...there are so many different ways you can make a tufted headboard.  The way I chose to make mine was based on what I had already at home.  The only thing I went and bought were the tufting button kits and the foam padding mattress toppers for twin beds.

I had a twin headboard that was given to me that I used as a template for cutting out my design.  Note, this is a full headboard that I made, not a twin.  I had a piece of paneling left over from where I made the cabinet door for the office.  I could have went and bought a piece of pegboard, but then that would be wasting.

After using the jigsaw to cut it out, I then found the middle and started measuring for my holes for tufting.  

 I used the box the bed frame came in to make my lines.  I'm all about just using whatever instead of the proper tools.   I measured 6 inches apart from top to bottom.  Then 6 inches apart from side to side.  Drawing my lines that way.  

I marked a star at each point where I would be drilling the holes.

It made it easier for me to draw the diamonds to make sure I had it you can see, I had to do it twice hence the black and red marker lines.

Then I drilled my holes.

I used some leftover firing strips for the back making sure it would bump out the headboard from the wall and also allowing me to attach it to the wall.

Then I started with the foam toppers.  I bought two at $10 a much cheaper than buying foam and having it cut.  I just stapled it to the back instead of the spray adhesive.  Again, I'm all about using what I already have at home and saving money.

I bought a tufting kit with buttons at Walmart for $2.00 for 5 buttons in a package.  Total buttons were 40 after all was said and done.  I didn't take a photo of the kit, but it's super simple to tools required to make them.  It comes with everything you need other than fabric.
I had some fence wire so I got creative and used it instead of buying a long needle to thread the buttons through.  It also replaced the waxed thread...killed two birds with one stone.

I took a pointy screwdriver and poked through the back at each hole all the way through to the front making sure I had the holes aligned properly and to be able to tuft the buttons.

I bent the wire and then stapled to keep from slipping after threading through the front at each hole..

I already had the fabric...make sure it is the length and width of your headboard unless you want a seam(I didn't).  Any fabric will work.

And this is it all finished and hung.  Normally people use a mitered strip of wood attached to the wall then attached to the matching mitered strip attached to the back of the headboard.  I didn't....I used picture hooks and a piece of wire.  I found my stud and added 2 nails to hang the headboard on.   Perfect for when I get the urge to move my bed later on.  
No big holes left in my wall!

I'm not very good at tutorials since I don't like taking photos of what I do before I make something pretty.  So I hope this helps with giving another idea at making tufted headboards.

I just like things when they are pretty...and this suits me just fine!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

British Rose

My love for British Rose began with two shower curtains from Target.....and has grown more and more every chance it gets.

One night a friend of mine posted a sofa slipcover that she had purchased on ebay that was in the British Rose.  It sparked my interest, so I went and had a look for myself.  I hadn't been on ebay for so long....I found these little beauties for sale still in their wrappers.  How thrilled was I?  They were MINE!

I had these little shades that I had slip covered on the chandy, but when I saw the ones on ebay, I just had to have them since I have that print throughout our downstairs master retreat!

I think they look perfect! 

I can't remember how the seller had her store name, but she shipped them out quick and had them packaged so sweetly with a little card inside. 

Just the perfect lighting too over the office desk.

See how much light the chandy adds?  We have the florescent  lighting that I absolutely HATE, so this adds a nice warm feel to our office area.

And the shades go perfectly with all of my other touches of British Rose.

So there ya have love keeps growing everyday for 

Friday, March 8, 2013

A New Bed for Guests

All finished!

 I think I am finally happy with the bed after 3 different ones in the past few years.  This room seems to be the catch all from leftovers, so I try to make them work in here.  

This is the bed that came from Sara's was too high and I didn't like that the headboard couldn't really be seen and the fact that it took up so much space!

This was another bed we had in here too.

We made a headboard to fit right over the existing headboard because it was a low headboard too.  But this bed took up way too much space as well.
So you can see how I just wasn't happy.

So that made me finally want to make the headboard that I had been really wanting to do and just go buy a bed frame.

I will say that I was irritated with myself that I had decided on 40 buttons when I started tufting....what was I thinking?!  I had to make them all too...but I am thrilled now that I did!

And I couldn't be any happier!  The headboard fits snugly up against the wall, the bed frame allows it to be snug too and no foot board!  

I know people will cringe with the door being right beside the bed, but this is how the room was designed, never intended as a spare bedroom.  I've had the bed in so many spots over the years, but this works so much better with the room layout and it's just for guests anyways.

I just love how it looks with the rest of the fits right in don't ya think?!

And now I really have the space for a chair at the end of the bed and still be able to walk over to the windows to pull the shades without crawling up on the bed or stubbing my toes.  It was the best decision!

I just love how it worked out in my favor!

See all of the space?  Believe it or not, I actually gained over a foot by not having a headboard or a foot board.

I had to move my "always kiss me goodnight" sign though...but I really like it over the door.  My guests can see it as the lay in bed.  This room is super private and the quietest room in the house.  Plus giving me an extra guest room making me have two!

The girls come back here every day and watch tv, play the wii or just it's their room too.

And everything stays nice and neat behind closed doors in the armoire.

This room really has a lot of's 10x20 so that may give you a clue.  Over the years it's been used for so many purposes.  It used to have a swing,  and a wicker table and chairs when the house was Mom's.  Then when we moved in, we used it for a playroom for the girls.  Then when Mammaw came home with us after a stay in the hospital, we added a twin bed.  That bed grew to a queen then to a full.  After buying the home from my mother years ago, we remodeled the whole house.  I am hoping to move the door one day though...and then it will be perfect!

This piece was moved back here from Christmas from the living room...I like it so I've decided to leave it for now.

It catches and holds some of my pink that I don't want anymore in the rest of the house.  Ergo the room that is a catch all.

I think I am finally happy with how it looks and functions...for now....

I'll be doing a post about how I made this headboard a little later this weekend.  I'm going to rest days and nights are all mixed up and I need to get back on track!  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!