Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

May the Lord bless each and everyone of you with good health, peace, prosperity and to be surrounded with love!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

I forgot to show you the "Little Girls Room" in with my last post so I am sharing now.  A little odd I know, but I just had to, lol!

I added a simple pine wreath with a pink satin bow...fell in love with it!

Just perfect!

 This old jar was going to be thrown out by my Uncle a few years ago...of course I couldn't let him do that, now could I?  I filled it with some ornaments and lights, painted the lid and added a pink bow.  Love it grouped with the little Dollar Tree gift box and my bird house.  It lights up the bathroom perfectly!

I had to keep my first snowman ornament I ever made and thought this spot was the right one.  The angel was a gift from my Mom that got a new look a few years ago with some pink and white paint along with some pink glitter.  She is beautiful!

And what little girls room could do without some sparkly pink poinsettias?

Now, as I promised...here's the outside.  I didn't do much as I usually do so I hope you aren't too let down.

I always put pine garland and lights over the garage with some bows but I was just too tired to do them this year.  It looks pretty when it's dark.

See....you don't even know the bows are missing.

My ladder works well as an easel for the large rusty star and a warm welcome to our guests.  I love my flag....you all know how I love churches!

And I love stars too!

This is my motto...Let it Snow!!!

Lovin' the arbor with the pine this year!

~Welcome to our porch~

I have had the worst trouble with these lights around the door this year...there is a short in them that is driving me nuts!  I added red wood berry garland to the white arbor trees.  I love red for Christmas outside!

They sure are pretty though all lit up...when they work!

I switched things around a bit with the tree...this is where it sits now instead of on the table.

And the "Bless all who Enter" sign is now on the door.  I definitely want that when someone comes to our home...I want them blessed!

Another star and my little welcome pillow that Oliver loves to sit on, lol!

The wicker chairs were bare so I thought the pine swags looked great and gave some color.

I put my mailbox out and just adore it with the pine and a Merry Christmas tin that looks like a letter.

I just want people to feel welcome when they come for a visit.  And I want them to feel like it is Christmas!

The swing is put away in storage so the bench is working nicely to hide Gabe's doghouse.

I love pine and pine cones...can ya tell?

If ya haven't noticed...I seem to have a snowman theme going on don't I?
This tree was in an urn that broke and the lights quit working.  So I put it in an old flower pot, added berry garland, bows and pine cones.  The little snowman says a clip from one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Gabe wanted in on the fun...so he got some antlers and a red Rudolf nose!

May God bless your Christmas with lots of love, family and friends.  

Merry Christmas from all of us!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Little of Everything for Christmas

First, I'd like to say I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend right before Christmas!  It is extremely warm here today and I am not liking it at all.  Hopefully a cold mass is behind this front and will bring a White Christmas!

I have a few rooms to share with you, nothing big or fancy.  Just enough of Christmas cheer to add a sparkle.

Let's start with what we call "the back room."

Me and the girls love this room...it has so much light even late in the evening.  It's a cozy room and the lights add a little glow along with some pine and ornaments.  

I just added pink roses, ornaments, pine and a few poinsettias.  I didn't want to have to move anything out so I worked with what was in the room already.

I kinda liked how it turned out.  The little cherub came from a wreath Mom made back when I was about 12 or 13.  I loved watching her do crafts and sometimes I would even join in on the fun!  She taught me well....

Right beside it on the wall is an angel I keep hanging all year long.  I added the little pink roses years ago because it needed some color.  I love this little doll angel!

I love this corner by the window.

Just a small little piece of pine garland added to the dress form along with the pink daisy garland gave a Winter feel with a touch of pink.  

This is how I feel when I am in this room...all sparkly!

Usually this room gets the leftovers that I can't use anywhere else.  It always seems to come together pretty well.  My wooden angel got a little makeover this year.  I painted her wings white and added some ribbon and a white jingle bell.  

The letters over the door were once red and primitive.  I love painting things and giving them new life!

A tinsel tree I bought at Krogers a few years is adorned with Mammaw's pink gimp and Aunt Linda's star painted pink of course.  A thoughtful reminder of two very precious people that I miss dearly.

I know many are missing some loved ones this time of year.

The sign got a new coat of pink and looks perfect in this room!  That's why I moved it to this room instead of the kitchen.

Now the hall...

Again, I didn't want to move anything out or put anything away...so I added to this arrangement too.

Just simple little things to give it all a Christmasy feel.

I'll be sharing the outside Monday, so I hope you all will come back for a look.  

Now I'm going to sit back and watch some movies with the family, eat some good food and relax.  Remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Nest at Christmas

This year, I made up my mind to not spend any money on Christmas decorations.  I know so many are having it tight this year along with us.  I really have plenty of decorations to supply to a couple of houses so it made no sense to buy more.  I did however buy 3 ornaments for upstairs.  Not too bad considering Christmas is my weakness...

So, I decided to do almost the same thing as I did last year in our master which I like to refer to as "Our Nest."
A few things are different though, beginning with the stairs...

I added the mason jars over the summer in anticipation for Christmas.  The candles give such a warm welcome as you come down the stairs.

I love the tree here this year with all of the mirrors...the reflections are absolutely beautiful!

I added the skates I made to the landing grouping and really liked them here.

They were so much fun to make!

At the bottom is our bed....I fell in love with this concept last year and HAD to do it again this year.  It is so romantic and dreamy.  Everyone can use a little romance in their bedroom, right?

Our nest is an open concept which I absolutely love!  The Christmas lights give a glow about the whole space when all of the lights are off.  It definitely takes you back in time to a simpler day with warm feelings and cuddling.  

From our bed, we can see the tree.

So simple but with a HUGE effect!
It's nice laying in bed at night and talking about our day and about our tomorrow.

Just a few touches of pine, pine cones and snowflakes worked in with my normal pretties were just perfect to me.

Close to the bed area is a fireplace that we built years and years ago that made a wall mount gas stove function and look so much better.  

I love decorating the mantel for the holidays, especially Christmas!

Our lounge area is definitely warm and cozy...

The church plaque was a present from Mom a few Christmases ago...she knows how much I love churches.
The family photo is a dear one to me...it shows how my little family has grown.

See how little Hannah was?  And I was as tall as Sara...now she's taller than me!
I love my family...the best presents God ever gave me to take care of!

A simple pine wreath with snowflakes was all that I needed on the wall grate.

I know many love to flock their pine, but I really love the greenness of it especially in the Winter when things are dead and dreary.

My Manger light that Mom bought for me that I painted white.  
How blessed we all are with God's absolutely best present He gave to us all!  My heart fills with emotion and my eyes overflow with tears for this tiny, precious miracle!  
Thank you JESUS!

Our little tree with birdhouses and birds...a simple reminder to take no thought for tomorrow and how God takes care of the little birds...so I know He'll take care of me.

And my families are forever plate....they truly are!

I love my little lighted church...the lights are so pretty with how they change colors.  

Now off to the office area...

I made this star  without measuring and really didn't think too much about the size until I couldn't find a spot for it anywhere, lol.  So it ended up here.  My little doll was a precious gift from Hannah one Christmas...she holds a snowflake and Hannah knows how much her Mama loves snow.

Our tree is white....not loaded down with ornaments but kept it it's simplest form.  I added tulle to soften the branches and lights.

I love how the lights reflect on the glass of the old china cabinet.

I like to hang stockings in places that they normally do not go.  Little touches like this make things seem nicer sometimes...more of a festive feel.

And one of my favorite gifts from my Mom..."The Greatest Gift Of All" plaque.

Isn't it beautiful with all of it's glitter?
I know it's hard to see...but it really twinkles.  Glitter makes everything better!


We can see the tree from almost every angle of our nest.

Little wings I made...the perfect touch for our office chair!

Maybe we can pretend we are little angels working away, lol!

Not a lot to adorn the shelves but the smallest of things make the biggest of impacts.  The little angels were a gift from Sara one year.  She said it was her and Hannah.  Now how sweet is that? 
(I think she was about 8 at the time.)  
My two little angels!

I wanted something on the door but not a wreath.  I found my angel that I had painted white last year and added the blue bow and some pine.


This photo was blurry, but I fell in love with it.  Sometimes mistakes can turn out to be the best thing, ya know?

Thank you so much for coming...and I sure hope you enjoyed "Our Nest" as much as we do for Christmas!