Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just a Little Office Update

I told you guys the other day that I was thinking about doing something different with the other computer, and I did it!

The girls come down and play Mine Craft here.  One plays on their laptop and the other plays on this computer.  I had a trey stand Mom had bought me for my birthday that they would use,  but it was too low and would make their backs hurt.  

Being the good Mom that I am, I figured out a way to have the desk and the China Cabinet to both be accessible for them to use.

I came up with the idea to make it into a computer china cabinet.

And with that, there always comes a big mess!

We took out one shelf and the two drawers.  I bought a keyboard shelf and hardware to add, but the shelf itself was too deep.  So we used a piece of wood I had stashed in the garage.

We already had the computer and printer in the bottom of the cabinet.

It worked out perfectly, and all for around $35! Now the girls have two spots to play and guess what?  I am so thrilled that  the black monitor is now finally hidden!

I wanted to keep everything that we took off, in tact so if I ever want to make it back into a china cabinet, I can.  So we made a faux drawer front with hinges and I added an applique and the old drawer pulls.  The drawers and shelf are stored away for now.
I loved how the baskets were seen so I decided to only do curtains up to the bottom of the shelf.  

Not too bad...I'm sure I will be changing something up soon with it though, lol.  But for now, they can have their space and be comfortable side by side!

On another note, I had an editor from Weranda Country Magazine contact me wanting to use a photo of mine for one of their publications.  

Here's the article:

Here's the translation.
Behind the curtain
Put away her kitchen equipment and utensils, dressing room or bedroom. It gets warm and romantic!

The wall, under the sink, behind the bed.
Install the shelves in the drive Bay, on the stick hang patterned fabric and wardrobe ready. Top Velcro under the sink trailers on the self-adhesive Velcro, and this under the sink on the line or a curtain rod to cafè curtains. If a thick curtain you can hang clothes on the front door, will act as a windscreen. And tulle Ethereal curtain will replace the bed headboard.

It's exciting to think about being in a magazine in another part of the world.

So that's how I've spent the past few days and nights, lol!  
I hope all of you are doing well and are happy and loved!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Always Brings Organization

It seems like after Christmas decorations are put away, I tend to do some much needed organizing!

We had let our desk area go to pot.  Not throwing away mail, laying things down in places they didn't go,  all because of laziness.  Laziness....something I can't stand!

I had been staring at this mess for far too long, and let me tell one else was going to straighten it up besides me.

It may not look like a big mess, but what you don't see is all of the junk in those drawers and baskets.  And not to mention, that dirty four letter word 

I finally bit the bullet and dove right in!  Oh my, how much better it all feels and looks now!

And let me add, there was so much garbage taken out of here.  One large trash bag...can you believe it?

I love this space...even more now with it being spotless and pretty again!

We have two computers and I'm thinking about doing another layout soon along with ripping that carpet up and laying down wood floors.  Wide, white planks!  That's all I have been dreaming about for the past few months.  I can see those gorgeous floors making this space look way better than that creamy carpet and linoleum. That'll come later when tax season is over, lol.

But until then, I am going to enjoy this clean space for however long it may last!

Do you do any purging, organizing, throwing stuff away, getting rid of junk after the holidays?  

Boy, I sure do!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pink Hearts

I've never really decorated all out for Valentine's Day nor any other holiday other than Christmas.  I've done a little, but never like this.    After taking down the Christmas decorations, everything seemed so blah.  
I ran across some hearts I had bought many years ago from Dollar Tree and thought, "I might as well use them."

These hearts are  more of a bright pink than I'm used to, but they are glitter-ey so that makes me happy.  The paper hearts match perfectly and add a nice lovely hue to all of my white.  The Christmas cherub looks so cute with the hearts, don't ya think?  I can just see a little cherub with her bow and arrow ready to shoot someone full of love.

I added some to the topiary that lights up.  They just add a little whimsy....

It definitely makes the winter blahs more fun since we haven't had much snow.  As long as I have snow, I am happy...but all we've been getting is warm temps and rain.  Bleckh!

It all started with the window wall with the pine and lights.  I really didn't want to take them down and have the space look bare.  So....I added the paper hearts to the window panes and then stuck the foam hearts to the pine.  I found my pink heart wreath and added it to the top.  It's just so pretty to look at...the picture doesn't do it justice!

This wreath usually adorns the front door, but until winter is over, I think it'll be prefect right least for Valentine's Day.

Being able to stick the hearts right onto the pine made this decorating pretty easy!

More hearts were added to the candles.  Notice the little cherub laying on it's belly?  She got a paint job last night, she's all fresh and new again!

I've tried pink silk flowers, but they just don't look right.  The white makes it easier to pair things together nicely.  The pale pink heart pillow was found at Home Goods back a few months ago.  A nice little touch, I think.

I have this wreath hanging on a mirror.  It looked a little boring, so I added the foam hearts...and I liked it!

I love this corner of the room...that chest is one of my most favorite pieces.  

These pink "I love you" candles were the right fit for this bird bath.  They add just enough pink too.

They add to the Valentine's feel along with the frame I've had for years.

Now totally off topic, I found this peony at Pier One at Christmas time and couldn't pass it up.  Doesn't it look real?!  I added it to the vase with roses in it.

On the back side of the window wall, the paper hearts look more like a pale pink which I LOVE!  I had the white rose wreath and thought that it'd look perfect here.  And I was right!

Years ago, I made the heart bunting from some cardboard, paper I printed out with some floral images and glitter.  I had all of this stuff in a drawer....can you believe it?

The pink ornaments were just too pretty to put up, so they found a spot hanging with the bunting.

 I'm really pleased with how everything turned out and to not have to spend a dime, well that makes it even sweeter!

I'm ready for Valentine's Day, are you?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Our First Snow of the Year

You all have to know how much I adore snow by now, right?  I look forward to it every winter, but sometimes I'm a little let down when we only get a dusting.  
Last night, we got 4 inches and I was one happy gal!

We intentionally left up our lights for just this very glow in that gorgeous white stuff!

It was like Christmas happened all over again, but with a present that I didn't get for the actual holiday.  I did however, get some snow for my birthday but it was only a dusting.

Now isn't this just beautiful?  Look at how the lights glow under the layers of that fluffy gorgeousness!

 I truly love being outside at night as it comes down.  The quiet and stillness that it brings is something truly magical and calming.

To have a nice warm home,  in weather like this,  truly makes you count your blessings. 

This is Bowser's first snow and he truly loves it!  Of course having a buddy like Lucie,  makes it that much funner to frolic and play in.

He's grown so much and is almost the same size of Lucie...and she's not a little dog.  So we definitely have our hands full with this soon to be gentle giant.

He is just the sweetest pup.  And I have to say pretty handsome!

I'm so glad we left up the decorations.
The red bows and green pine just pop with the all white backdrop.

This is what I wanted for Christmas!  Now I am finally content and will be taking down the lights on the first pretty and dry day we have.  I may leave up the pine and bows though...perfect for Valentine's Day.  

Maybe I'll find some little red hearts to add to the pine...wouldn't that be pretty?

Mom brought this to us on Christmas Day from her new love.  Yes...her new love!  She's been reunited with an old flame from way back when and I have never seen my mom any happier.  It was a jolt to us all, but to be happy and feel special in this day and age is a true blessing.  We haven't met yet in person, but I already feel like I know him so well and he truly hit a sweet spot with giving us this gift.  We are so proud to be West Virginian's and if you know anything about us...we bleed blue and gold baby!

So our new year has started out pretty great!  New love, health, happiness...that's pretty good, right?!

Oh, and I was contacted by two different magazines overseas wanting to feature some of my photos.  Now if that isn't a great way to start out a new year, then I don't know what is!  

Happy New Year to you all!   I pray you are blessed with 
and plenty of 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

 I usually never make a big ta-doo about my birthday, but this one seems kinda special.  This past year has been very unpredictable for all of us, but I have to say it has been a year that has blessed me.  I love the fact as I get older, I get wiser, lol.  I've learned so many new things about myself.  I've noticed that I see things differently about life and am holding tighter to the things I love.  
That includes my camera!  
I absolutely love learning about how to adjust the settings and all of the editing options on Lightroom.  In the beginning, I had no clue that there was "noise" in a photograph.  Noise?  What?  I noticed one day, as I was editing, that there was all of this little tiny grain looking stuff all in my photo.  Well, lo and behold, I figured out that was what "noise" is, lol!  And I am still figuring out how to edit it out.  But I am also learning that different lenses and your ISO can cut that please bear with me as I share some photos I'm learning with.

I want that sharp, soft look without making it super sharp and crazy looking.  I think I'm getting it slowly.  It'll just take time and practice.  Taking photos in low lighting and inside definitely makes for a harder time capturing the right mood too.  The lighting and shadows on this photo look exactly what I was wanting to convey....what I see in my home at night.  

My sweet little family all chipped in and bought me the new Petticoat bedding from the Shabby Chic line.  It's still wrinkled straight out of the bag, but I love it!  Those ruffles are gorgeous!  

The bedding I previously had was from the same line and has worn so well....definitely worth the price!  I started putting away the Christmas decorations downstairs last night, and I am ready for some pretty changes.  It seems that I always change things up a bit after everything has been put away.  I bought some really pretty floral arrangements from Home Goods, so I am excited about adding them to this space.

Another new mirror was hung in the stair well.  My sweet husband bought it for me for Christmas but it was brown.  He said he knew I would paint it and it would do well with how I distress things.  He said he's been trained well, lol!  I love that man!

Overlook the quality of the's from my cell phone.  The day after Christmas I painted it and hung it up.  
No grass grows under my feet!

We all had a very blessed Christmas!  There were lot's of laughs and plenty of good times had by all....and the food was pretty good too!

We decided, at 3 am, to take a family photo on Christmas Eve.  We stayed up all night long and opened presents around 4:30am.  Had a huge breakfast at 6 and were all in bed at 7.  Now that's what I call having a great time! lol

So this birthday is a blessing, even with the aches and pains that go along with it!  

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and have a very Blessed New Year!