Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chairs and Doors

Chairs and doors seem to be a fetish with me...always something that makes me want one.  Maybe it's the lines, a window, the color...

This entry door has had many looks though the years.  I dabbled with pale blues finally making it permanent  with this shade.

I then wanted a lighter look since this a dark part of the room...I decided to go back to white.

But when I saw this door when I went in to get a door knob kit for our storm door, I knew my name was written all over it.  

I have been playing with the idea of adding a window to the other door so I could have more light.  After no luck finding anything that would work within my budget, I decided a new door would be about the same in cost and less work.

So, guess what?  I bought this door.

Of course I had to change all of the moulding that I had just done a few months back.  We had to rip out all of the old door jam to put this one in.  That was the hard part. Putting this in was easy once that was all accomplished.

Of course while we were hard at work, guess what Gabe was doing?

He loves his double layered bed and just out of sight is an electric heater blowing on him.  Sometimes we come in and see his butt right up against it.  We tell him he's going to burn his little hiney!

Now back to the door.  Isn't the window beautiful?!  It's so pretty with the light coming in.  I did, however, use a frost spray on the other side to ensure no peaking, lol.

You can see our bed area, so making it frosted was a perfect idea.  They sell frost film but I didn't want to spend anymore money, so I just used some spray frost that I already had.

I love it! 

Do you notice anything new in this photo?
The chair....

I have been shopping for a friend for a french chair when I ran across a pair of these for $20!  

The seat upholstery was spotted with water marks but the backs were in perfect condition and such a beautiful shade of blue.  I had intentions of painting the upholstery before I made the purchase.  Thankfully my friend found herself a chair and she never even blinked an eye at these beauties!

I made a slipcover for one but the other one has about killed me since I am sick with bronchitis.  I haven't been sick in years...I've had enough other health problems going on, lol.  I love sewing, so it's killing me not being able to go at it full force like I usually do.  Coughing and sewing do not mix when you are sewing a straight line....

After painting the frame and adding the slipcover, it needed a little something extra.  I found my "Martha Stewart" stencil and painted the bird on the back and front of the chair.  I love this stencil!  My sweetie really did too when he seen it.  That's always nice when he likes what I do.

Another little bit of exciting news is that I was featured in Creating Vintage Charm magazine!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved looking at magazines that had to do with decorating.  My Uncle always had JC Penny and Sears catologs, so I would flip to the bedding section and dream away.  Being in a magazine has always fascinated me and made me swoon  just at the possibility.  
Years ago, Romantic Homes Magazine contacted me after my Mother submitted some of my photos.  They were amazed at our home but sadly couldn't do a photo shoot because we live out of their network area.   They asked me to submit photos through email and I had a whole page dedicated to me.  I thought that was amazing!  Now to have all of these photos and an article written about me is making me think I need to pinch myself!
I can't wait to get my copy in the mail to actually smell and touch it with my own hands.  There is something about the smell of a new magazine that excites me....just the thrill of wondering what's behind the cover.

I hope you all are having a blessed weekend.  So many are being hit from all sides with bad stuff it seems.  I have been praying for so many, especially my Aunt. Praying for others is a gift that we should all cherish because they are still alive.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A little cake decorating

I have had this piece that came off of an old china cabinet in the garage.  I loved the lines, carried it everywhere in the house, looking for some place to use it.  It just never hit me, so it's been stored for a few years until the other night.  Hannah and I were the only two home and I was itching to do something.

So this is what I did.

The bottom piece was the cornice I had over a guest room window.  It matched up perfectly to the top piece along the bottom.  I just had to cut the top piece sides down to fit.

Hannah helped me hold it while I cut it with the chop saw.  Then using construction adhesive and some screws, I attached the two together.

This where my so called cake decorating skills came into play.  I'm still learning, lol.

I really should have done this before hanging the would have made it so much easier, rather than standing on a stool playing a balancing act.

I free handed it all the way across....which I am still amazed that I was able to keep it pretty level with the scallops.

Rather than trying to make roses, I used cake flowers found at Michael's in the cake decorating aisle. I had some left over from when I had made faux cupcakes.

See the difference in the colors?  The roses are cream while the spackle is a light grayish white.

I planned on painting all of it once dry from all of the construction adhesive.

See how much prettier it is painted?

With the two cornices attached and then taken to the ceiling, it allows the window to actually look larger than it really is.

Of course, one thing always leads to another.  I made some new pillows and curtains.  The panels I had here for the closet weren't gathered enough, so I put them at the window and then made these.

Hanging the little cabinet on the wall gave some free space on the chest of drawers.

I switched lamps and the mirror over the chest too.

  It's little touches like this that make a big difference to me.

I have had this wall grate for many years.  Very heavy, but beautiful!  It originally served as a headboard until I found this one.

This bedroom used to be Hannah's before we moved down stairs so she could have our room.  So now it is a guest room and where my Mother loves to sleep.  It may be small, but it has everything a person could need...a place to sit, a place to store clothes in two chests along with a closet and a full bed to sleep comfortably.  

One last thing...I found this cute crystal lamp at Home Goods the other day.  It was the perfect height for our office desk.  I bet you all can tell I made the shade cover, can't you?  I have to have my little white ruffles!

So that's it with my cake decorating and sewing.  Have a blessed week!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shabby Chic Love

We were greeted by snow this morning which covered every branch so perfectly.  The kind of snow you can still drive in and not worry.  It is absolutely beautiful!

Every window view is so lovely today and the light coming in makes for the perfect showcase for my Shabby Chic love.

I love snow!

Just look at how it makes everything so soft and cozy feeling.  I think today is a perfect day with snuggling and watching movies or even taking a nap.

I know some think that white is cold...but in reality in the Summer, the white keeps the feeling of a cooler home.  While in the Winter, it makes things feel nice and bright when everything is dead and drab outside. It is so versatile with any style.

Just look at how the back room glows from all of the light bouncing off of the snow....gorgeous!

I truly love our home...the things we've done to make it special, really make it wonderful to live in.  But of course, the little family I have makes it perfect!
God has truly blessed me with love and contentment.  Not many have that in life, always struggling to get more, be better, and are never happy with the little things.  My sweetheart and I are coming up on our 24th anniversary.  How blessed am I to have that now a days?!

I made some new slipcovers for the bar chairs in a floral fabric with blues, greens and pinks.  A nice little change for now instead of the white.

I also cut down the flowers in the pitchers which look way better to me.  I love the baby's breath with the white hydrangeas.  I've tried pink ones, but it is just too much for my taste.  

And I'm still loving this little chair slipcovered in the same fabric.  It seems that I am slowly adding touches of blue throughout the house...a color that my Mother adores!

But of course I still have all of my little touches of pink which I could never part with!

So for me today, I am enjoying the snow and our Home Sweet Home!
I hope you all are having a very blessed day.  And remember, no matter our circumstances, God is always there waiting for us to let Him help us.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fabric Roses

I hope you all aren't getting tired of me yet!  I finally finished the cornice and think it turned out better than I ever thought it could.

First, let me say this:  I had the brilliant idea of making fabric roses to add to the curve as trim because I get so impatient.  I just couldn't wait to make a run to the hardware store, the next day,  to buy sandpaper for my sander.  The uneven lines were driving me nuts. 

So here's what I did.  I made over 130 fabric roses and used construction adhesive because I sure wasn't using the hot glue gun and getting burnt like I did last time!

After the adhesive dried, I then Mod Podged them all so they would be hard as a rock and protected.  

This was a no cost project for me because I had everything on hand, so that was a WIN WIN for me!

I am so happy with how it all turned out.  I made some curtains from voile panels adding ruffles to the bottom and then tying back with a large fabric rose and tulle.  I love how it frames the two spaces and gives division without cutting back on the area space.  Cutting the curves makes it feel like you have more head room even though our ceilings are 8 feet.

Sometimes, it takes me awhile to get it right after thinking a bit, but I finally did it!  When you have that "yes, this is it" moment, you feel at rest then.

From both sides, it looks so pretty!  I love waking up to this view.  So soft on the eyes....

And I just love how the curtains came out!

I worked on the office area too.  Remember those boxes being brown and cream?  I couldn't take it anymore, so I painted them.   
Here's the before:

Here's the after:
Now don't they look better painted?

I found a neat little board at Home Goods too that is perfect for hiding those post in notes that my hubby has everywhere.  Now he can't blame me for losing them when I clean up.   
Tee Hee Hee 

Adding the iron brackets  under the desk was one of those late night "ah ha" moments.  Like why didn't I ever think of that before now? 

 I  also lowered the office sign and moved things around a bit.  For being under the stairs, this little office area really functions perfectly for us!

It was such a sunny day here today so I wanted to take a photo of the circus bed as we are calling it.  Even though we "have" to have the drop ceiling and carpet for our bedroom in the basement, I am quite content and pleased with it all.  It is a dream and I am blessed to have what I have! 
If you are noticing that my watermarks are in the middle of my photos, it is a precaution due to blogs stealing my photos, cropping out my name and pretending like it is theirs.
We've worked hard at what we've done to our home and when someone tries to take credit for our hard work, well I could spit nails!
Okay, rant over.

So what do you think about the cornice?  Think those little fabric roses would work on anything of yours?  I know I am going around looking for places to put them now, lol.

I hope this week is going well for all of you and know that I appreciate each of you for following me.  Be blessed and have a great hump day!