Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Window Make Over

Years ago, we added a ledge to our bathroom window.  I loved it until we started to bump our heads on it when we sat on the stool.  Then I ended up hating the window after I had the bright idea on adding the shutters.  This bathroom gets dirty and hairy...yes, I said hairy!  With 3 ladies in the house, we all tend to lose hair.  Hairspray doesn't help matters either.  Another con is that it is adjoined to the laundry room.  So, I think you understand how  dirty this room can get.

Here is a before photo from my phone before we started on making the window over.

  Those topiary's needed to say bye bye too!  

Starting to add the trim...what a mess!
You can see what color the bathroom was before many many moons ago.  A dark green that looked almost black!

This window ended up costing about $45 to trim out.  I want to do the rest of our windows throughout, but I think I'll take it slow.  Doing one at a time.  It will add up fast if I'm not careful.

But it sure did make a huge difference, didn't it?  I still need to paint the walls and the beadboard, but a little touch up will have to do for now.  We all said the same it made the room look larger and the window definitely looks way bigger too.

I cleaned my butt off, washing down the walls, trim, shower curtains and window shade.  I even cleaned the ceiling fan and the ceiling.  Definitely a long over do list....but at least it's clean and pretty now.

Since we are in the bathroom, I'll show you the rest...

I love how big the room is...makes it so nice when there are 3 of us in here trying to get ready.  I put on my make up here because of the natural light.

People are always amazed at just how big it really is.  I'm so glad my mom planned it that way when she was building this house.  I grew up using a bathroom that was so tiny, your knees could almost touch the sink!  

I added the trim over the shower curtain awhile back.  It has grown on me...I didn't like it too much when I first did it.

Both ways were pretty, but the make over is more practical and cleaner!  No more hairspray build up on the shutters along with all that  hair.  My life as a mom just got easier!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

25 years ago, I married my high school sweetheart!

I want to share our story on how we met and fell in love.

The first time I saw him, I fell in love.  We didn't have any classes together until later in the school year.  I remember seeing him in the hall and he would say hi to me.  I can still remember how that made me feel...all bubbly inside!
Finally, we had art class together.  I had foods class  next door right before and would bring in my leftovers.  One day, he saw that I had some pizza and asked if he could have some.  Of course I said yes...but after that, I made sure I had "some food" for him every time I cooked in class. My classmates in foods class all knew that I was saving my food for someone special.

There were days in art class that he would come over to my table and lean down, put the side of his face to the side of mine and try to help me draw.  Oh, my heart still swoons when we shared those moments! 

He came up with a nick name for me which is our little secret to this day.  Whenever he would say it, it made my heart skip a beat.  Oh how he flirted, but I kept my cool because I thought he had a girlfriend.  Later, I found out that they had agree'd on seeing other people.  They were on the path to breaking up.  I would never let him know how I felt because  I didn't want to be the cause of a breakup.   So I waited patiently. 

He graduated and my life went on.  Dating, having crushes, but never like I had with him.  Then, a dear friend of mine was dating his best friend and we were going to go to a concert.  I asked if he were single and the answer was yes.  I jumped on that as fast as I could.  I made sure that word would get back to him on how much I had liked him in school.  He was shocked!  Somehow, he had no clue.  So he made arrangements through our friends to meet at this concert.  Let's just say "fireworks" went off that night.  I think we both were smitten with each other! We spent days together off and on, then weeks and then months.  My heart began to fall in love.  His hands were perfect, his eyes were such a beautiful shade of blue and his hair was long and silky.  Back then, long hair on boys was something girls loved.  The hairstyle was called a mullet.   I remember the first time he said he loved me...I had no response, lol.  It was when I was dropping him off at his house.  When I got home, I called him and said it back.  We've been together ever since.  

He is the person I love to spend my time with.  He is my very best friend whom I've shared my darkest secrets with and my biggest dreams to.  We've been through so much together.  I keep saying we should write a book because in our story, we've made farther than most other's  our age.

We're both heavier, grayer, older, stiffer, get the idea.  But when I look at him now, he is more handsome than when we first began our love story.

When he puts his face against mine, I still remember how he did that in art class.  And I still feel the same way as I did then...I get butterflies!

He made my heart feel something I had never felt before and it's still going strong 25 years later in marriage.  We dated for 3 and a half years, so in total, we've been together for 28 and a half years. That's over half of our lifetime!  And do you want to know our secret?  It has been our love for God, keeping Him in our marriage and keeping Him in our hearts.  Without God, we wouldn't be together because our flesh would have gotten the best of us in anger, hurt, and selfishness.

I love my sweetie to the moon and back!  I am so very thankful that we've made it this far....and I'm praying we make it another 25!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Everything is White

This weekend proved to me that I do love white!  
The hood over the stove has been an eye sore to me for years.  After my sweetie buying me white spray paint for a Christmas present, I decided today was a good day to put it to good use.  The sun was shining and it was warm...perfect for painting outside.

This is the before.  Stainless...I hated it!  It has never went with anything in this kitchen, even when the cabinets weren't painted.  

The isn't that much better?

It looks so much brighter and cleaner, not to mention, it flows right in with the cabinet above it.

I used a high heat enamel.  I have painted hoods before, so I knew that painting this one would work great.  As long as you use the right paint, it will stand the test of time.  Much cheaper than buying a new one.

And you may have noticed...I painted the cabinets a bright white.  They were an antique white before.  Everything looks so much better!

The bright white definitely fits my taste!

I added the corner pieces to the sink opening where the skirt is.  They came from an old mirror.  I love them more than the other two I had there.

I am thrilled with how the kitchen looks now....and that that hood is no longer stainless!

Onto other news, look at how beautiful my sweet daughters are!

I decided with all of the snow we had, it would be the perfect time to take their pictures.  

They turned out absolutely beautiful, don't you think?!

Now, I think I will relax and enjoy what little bit of the weekend that is left.  I hope all of you are well and that your new week about to begin, is a blessed one!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

That Beautiful Thing Called SNOW

We were hit with a snow storm, but thankfully we were prepared.  If you all do not know me by now, let me fill you in on how much I adore snow.  Growing up in a small town, we had lot's of snow during the winters.  Bundling up to go out sleigh riding, warming yourself by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, getting snowed in and reading books when the electricity was off, spending quality family time together, having sleep overs...the list can go on and on.  And as I grew and married, I loved snow just as much. After having our daughters,  I can see that I've instilled my love for snow into them.  To me, snow is magical.  Especially at night as the snowflakes come down in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  Those sparkly ones were especially pretty.  But the hush the snow does to make everything that's what I really love!

I was so excited to see the snow coming down when I woke up and opened the door.  

I felt like a child on Christmas morning!

It really was coming down and the weathermen were predicting a lot of it!  

So, I asked my sweetie if he'd take a walk with me to capture some pretty photos to remember it all by.  Of course he said yes...he loves snow as much as I do.  

I really love where we live.  We have no close neighbors, so it makes for wonderful privacy.

Nestled in at the bottom of a mountain, it is such a cozy place even though we have such a big yard.

My best friend and my I love him so!

Louis is an inside cat, sheltered from the cold.  His reaction to the white stuff falling from the sky was priceless.  I love this cat!

We decided to have a bonfire while the girls enjoyed the snow as they did when they were little.  I was inside cooking dinner as I captured these next few shots.

Sleigh riding, sitting by the fire and playing with Gabe, our old timer,  was definitely a great way to spend a snowy day.  I felt like my girls were little once again.  Sweet memories were made...and still are.

What we woke up to the next day was amazing...and the snow was still coming down!

I'm so glad I left up the Christmas decorations...they look so pretty with all of this beautiful snow.

Everything looks so pretty!

Well, maybe not, lol!  Being pretty while shoveling isn't a priority for me. The cars were completely covered!  We still have so much to shovel.  

The sun came out on the third day and the snow had finally stopped.  The total accumulation was 16 inches!  
(Imagine my hands slapping my cheeks as my mouth dropped to the ground)  
We haven't had any winters like this for years. And I love it!

The creek is all frozen, but oh so pretty!  I remember  skating on frozen creeks when I was little...I don't think I'll try that now.

The glistening of the snow looks like little tiny diamonds.  God truly made this world beautiful didn't He?!

I love the shadows that shine through onto the snow.  It definitely makes on feel special.

And the trees...I love the trees all covered in snow.  It is just absolutely beautiful!
I hope all of you have been blessed and if you were hit with this storm like we were, I hope you all made it through with flying colors.  Have a blessed week and tell God how much you love HIM. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sometimes Spring Happens

Even though I absolutely adore Winter, I love for our home to have a Spring-y feel inside all throughout the year.  Spring is my next favorite season because of the flowers...I love flowers!  Mammaw had a green thumb and could make anything grow.  I stayed away from plants for many years...why, I just do not know.  
However, inside, I still love faux greenery and florals.  

I finally made a shopping trip to Home Goods the other day and found a lovely floral arrangement.

The roses look so real!  I had an old silver plated tray that I painted many years ago.  Paired with everything, I think it turned out to be a lovely setting for the coffee table.

House guests always think these miniature pink roses are real.  Found these at Home Goods too many moons ago.   The only downfall to silk flowers are that they do not have that beautiful aroma of real ones.  There is nothing like the smell of a freshly bloomed peony!  Oh, I can't wait for the flowers to start blooming this year!

Baby's breath is another that I love.  The simplicity of it attracts me.  The delicate, tiny white flowers with the green are a  fresh and lively addition to any bloom.

Little touches of greenery and flowers are scattered throughout our home.  Some were cheap while others were pricey.   
While shopping,  I showed some interest in a piece and Hannah informed me that I could make it.  I told her that sometimes I just want to buy it instead of making it.  I do have my lazy days. 

Take this boxwood wreath...I could have made one, but instead, I opted to just buy one when I found out it was under $25 at Home Goods.   

The sun has been shining in all of it's glory this week...don't let it fool you because it is super cold outside!

But that's alright,  it's spring in our home and a nice 73 degrees.  What more could I ask for today because I am so very blessed to have my little family, a full belly and alive!  Sometimes spring a home and in a soul.  Give thanks today for what you've been blessed with and tell God you love Him.