Monday, May 16, 2016

A Little Ladder and Some Flowers

I'm all for adding charm but it has to function and have a purpose in our home.  Space is not meant to be taken up by clutter in my book.  

Our counters and cabinets were raised from the typical height when the house was built.  I usually have to drag a chair over or a stool from the hall or have my oldest daughter  come and get it for me.   

So when I came across a little step ladder for sale at a thrift shop, I knew I could use it somewhere.  My first thought was add some charm to the deck and use it for flowers.  How quickly my mind changed that evening when I had to grab a dish and needed help.

I had brought it in and sat it by the refrigerator....and I thought how it fit perfectly there.  Immediately I knew I was going to paint it pink!

A pale pink that matches my walls.  I love how it turned out!

I have no clue how old it is but it has been gently used.  To be from a thrift store, it is definitely solid and sturdy!

Now, I can grab it pretty easily to finally be able to get what I need from the top shelves.

It fits perfectly in every little corner too!  I couldn't be any happier with how it turned out.   It's really cute and added some much needed function.   

As I was out watering my flowers the other evening, I noticed there were 4 yellow butterflies enjoying them.  I grabbed my camera (because I love to capture God's beauty) and began to snap away!  Isn't God just amazing?  Can you just imagine what Heaven will be like with the beauty we have here, how much more glorious it will be?!

How the sun glistens through the trees as it gently sets in the is so relaxing and calm to me.  Like God is saying sweet dreams and goodnight.

And there is something about sitting on a porch swing with a gentle warm breeze blowing during Spring.  I am truly blessed with beauty all around me.  I love it with every season!

No matter what we face in life, if we look, we will find beauty.  Even death has it for those that love the Lord.  What a glorious day that will be when we see Jesus!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mothers Day to Me

My family knows I look forward to Mother's Day every year...because they always buy me oodles of flowers!

They take me to our local Farmers Market and let me choose what I want.  I got nuts every year!  We ran out of room so Sara had to sit up front on Hannah's lap as we took her to her car.  We all got a big laugh out of that!

The memories we make are priceless!  And the photos I capture will always tell the tale.

Of course work begins as soon as I get home....the possibilities of what everything will look like is so exciting to me.  My ex brother in law brought me the gorgeous bird bath, free!  My sweet hubby came up with the idea with planting flowers in it since the fountain no longer worked.  This is what I came up with....sitting a huge hanging basket on the very top to allow it to cascade down into the pool of water from all of the rain we've had.  The little birds love it!

Petunias always do so well, so I made sure to get plenty for all of my planters.  I love to mix in other flowers too.  This is some type of lavender bloom with the petunias, it smells so good!

This large hanging basket is absolutely gorgeous!  It has some type of potato plant in is huge!

We worked on cleaning the back deck on Mother's Day.  Now I need to paint!  See that gorgeous scroll piece above the windows?  I found that on one of the yard sale sites on facebook.  Of course I painted it white....

And what porch or deck isn't complete without a fern?

A few years ago, I bought the diamond patterned window grid and had the bright idea the other night at adding shutters to it.  I think this is my favorite decoration on the deck...besides all of my gorgeous flowers!

The window boxes all have white petunias in them.  I think it showcases the pretty pink on the boxes perfectly.  I can't wait until they grow!

See Lucie laying under the bench seat?  Thankfully that fencing keeps her out or she'd tear up all of my flowers!

It's now a day after Mother's Day and I think after all of the planting and cleaning.... I will sit on our swing and relax on the deck for a bit and enjoy how pretty everything is.

I hope each of you Mom's out there had a very blessed Mother's Day and the ones that we no longer have were fondly remembered with tender love.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Inspired By a Gown

While trying to zero in on a style that my daughters would be happy with for a dress, I ran across a white, cotton,  summer gown that I fell in love with.    I've been working on my vow renewal dress and finally finished it.  The gown inspired me to make one from some scraps that I had left over from a shower curtain and some sheets.  

Here it is with my beautiful model....

I hand dyed the shower curtain and sheets to match my dress so that I could use pieces of it.  The embroidered lace with the scallops are what I used and had all of this left over.

I made it for me, so that's why it's so big on her...but it looks so cute frumpy.  I see a photo shoot soon in a field of flowers!

The sheer, gauzey fabric was sewn in on the gave some pretty detail.

You can see the button holes for the shower hooks here on the pockets.  I want to find some pretty ribbon and tie blousey bows to them.  

I'm pretty happy with how this little piece turned out....just like I saw in my head!

I have more fun making slipcovers and such rather than clothes...but I could do this type of clothing any day!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cleaning Windows

Some days are the absolute pits.  When those days come, I find myself working to keep my mind from dwelling on the negative.  I definitely talk to God the whole time too. 
We just recently got some news last week that wasn't what I wanted to hear.  Our youngest had some blood work done to test her for Celiac Disease and Diabetes.  Thankfully her sugar was normal but her celiac test came back fairly high and her endo said it pretty much confirms it.  But the only way that it can be 100% confirmed  is either by another blood test that tells if she has the predisposition gene or a biopsy of her small intestines.  She decided that she didn't want that and I have to agree.  She would have to eat foods with gluten before the biopsy could be done.  She feels horrible when she eats gluten, so there is no way I'm putting her through anymore.  Either way, she needs to be on a gluten free diet to feel better.  I'm still learning, so if any of you have this disease, I would love to hear your tale and what foods you eat.

So this is what I have been doing to drive the blues away!

Remember I told you all that I would figure out something else for this door?  Well, I did and am kinda proud of it!  I used some shutter closet doors that I took down to fill in the glass on the french doors.  This side of the door is stationary.  I also moved out the clunky chest of drawers too.

There's quite a bit of room at the foot of the bed.  Having the chest gone gives lots more of it! 

For awhile now, I have been wanting to try my hand at painting diamonds on a floor with pink and white.  This room used to have yellow walls and black and white furniture.  When we got the carpet, I picked it out to go with that color pallette.   The cutout was a dark wood linoleum.  It has been painted several times since I've went to pastels.  
My diamonds are free hand...not taped or drawn, so they are imperfect.  
But now I am in love!

This is a high traffic area, so I keep a rug down to catch muddy shoes and dirt.
Some day in the very near future, I am going to rip out this carpet and paint the floors!  I think pretty rugs would be perfect with this type of painted floor.

Then I added this old window to give a little division.  I love this even more!

This is where the cleaning windows part comes in.  I spent some time cleaning each pane of glass on this window wall.  Not an easy chore with keeping streaks at bay.  But it definitely kept my mind busy.

I added another window to our window wall too.

Now it goes all of the way to the ceiling.  I'm planning on adding some crown moulding to the top to finish it off and hide that the window wasn't quite straight.

I really am liking it!

It helps with the size of the large chair.

This is my chair now...I've since retired the other chair to the rest of the family, lol.  This chair fits my back and rump perfectly!

Today, as the sun shined, I sat and looked at how beautiful our home truly is.  The pastel colors, the brightness of it even when the sun is hiding and how warm and cozy it is.  It truly makes me feel comforted.  That's what a home is supposed to be...a comfort away from the rest of the cold, harsh world.  I feel God here...I've said many many prayers...I've cried many tears...but most importantly, I've felt love more.  I guess why I decorate the way I do, I am trying to convey that outwardly.  That's how shabby chic makes me feel....loved and at peace.  And who doesn't need that?!

Have a blessed Sunday and the rest of the week!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Always Something New

There is always something new going on here at our home....some hair brained idea I get in the middle of the night it seems.  My husband really loves it when I come up with something new to do.
(that was sarcasm)

Look closely and you'll see the doors that lead out to a bedroom/sitting room.  I always had to make room for the door to swing open and shut which drove me much wasted space!

Well, I wanted to do a sliding barn door but after finding out how much the hardware cost, I came up with a cheap version.  Let's just say, I saved hundreds!

I bought a sliding door track kit and we made the existing door into a was so easy and cost around $30.  

I filled in the holes from the hardware with wood filler and used some door pulls to fill in the handle hole.  Leaving up the cornice hid the track perfectly!  I painted the glass so guests would have privacy since I couldn't put the curtains back up with it sliding now.

See the difference?  Now I have so much more room!

I used a cabinet I had to store our trash can and trash bags since the trash can used to be behind the china cabinet in the corner.   I had to rip out two bottom shelves to make room, but I still ended up with more storage!  If you haven't noticed by now, I have a fetish with hiding the not so pretty things.

To make the doors look different in the back room, I added this post.  It wasn't quite tall enough, so I added a block of wood underneath it.  I love the added charm!

The other side got some sheers and ruffled panels.  I wish I had one more pink shade like I made for the 6 windows a few years back.  It would make this look like window number 7!

But for now, it'll do until I come up with something else.  At least privacy is still offered, lol.

Remember when I redid the stairwell?  Well, we had some spindles and a hand rail left over.  So once again, I came up with how to use them. (nothing goes to waste) 
We still have to build the rest of it, but this facing the yard, looks beautiful  It needed something and this did the trick!  Once the flowers start blooming, it'll be even more beautiful!

Now, to this little pup....she has stolen out hearts!  She's growing like a weed and is soooo SMART!

This is the first time she saw herself in a mirror...just look at her studying herself.  I think she thought she looked pretty, don't you?

She loves to play fetch.  Over and over and over but most of all, she loves to be right by our sides, in our laps and being loved on.  And something that is wonderful....Louis loves her!  They romp and play so well how's that for a dog and a cat being best friends?!  

He's the cat's meow!

I hope everyone is doing well.  I sure have been doing a lot of praying these past few weeks....more than normal.  Seems like so many are going through so much.  I do know one thing though....give it to God and He'll do the rest.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's about the Lamb

This time of year, the thoughts of what my Savior did for me and you really are amazing to think about.  The intensity of what He went through.
If you have never watched "The Passion", I highly recommend it.

We went to the movies to see it when it first came out and let me say, the house was full of bawling people.  Just thinking about the movie and how detailed it was, really makes you see and not just read, on how brutally Jesus was Treated.

Some of my favorite scenes of this movie were one in the Garden when He was talking to God.  How alone He must have felt while everyone was sleeping when He asked them to pray.  We've all felt that way at one point or another in our lives.  He's experienced what we have gone through...that's what He took on for all of us.

Can you imagine the heaviness He felt knowing what was about to happen?  And we think our lives are tough.

Another favorite scene of mine is the very ending as He is coming out of the tomb.  As He looks up, you see the intensity and the power in His eyes.  I cry every time and want to jump up and down for JOY!  He won!!!!  He took back the keys of death and gave us all a chance at everlasting life!

My God is an amazing God and I love Him so much!  Thank you Jesus for giving me life.  Thank you for carrying my burdens and my cross.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for giving me life again!

So you see...while many celebrate the Easter Bunny, I celebrate what Easter is really all about.  ~The Lamb ~

Happy Easter to you all and if you do not know who God is, I pray that your heart be softened, that  He speaks to your heart and you accept Him as your Lord and Savior.