Wednesday, April 9, 2014

~Bath House~

I always seem to come up with ideas on how to make things look and function better in my sleep.  Ya our master bath, there was a pipe that ran up the wall on the outside of the drywall that drove me nuts.  I cannot stand for things to not look finished when everything else in the room is.  I could never figure out why the builder didn't enclose it.  Was it just an afterthought?

I tried camouflaging it with a shutter but it just wasn't working perfectly.  For years, I wanted to build a cabinet on top of the base beside the sink which hides the plumbing.  But we all know how that is...time flies by and I seem to be ADHD with ideas, jumping from one to another.

So finally, one early morning when I couldn't sleep too well, this came to me.

 I scowered the garage and my storage room for wood, moulding and the drawers that came from my old sewing machine cabinet that was Mammaw's.  I worked all day long figuring, measuring, cutting, nailing, and gluing.  I had no plan, I just made it up as I went along.

Sorry for the bad was late and I was tired.

Originally, I had visioned a door so that I could store shampoo, toilette paper and so on, but the outlet made that impossible!

Don't judge me with the drawers....evidently the drawers weren't square and the top of the base cabinet wasn't level.  I still need to sand them down to fit properly...but you get the idea.  I had already painted them a pale blue years ago and decided to leave them that color since they were blue.

So I thought I could then store my cotton ball container in it...but it was too wide at the lid.  I just left it here for the time being.

I knew a trip to Home Goods was a definite.... to find a slim and tall glass container to fit was the goal.

But until then, I did this.

Loved how the topiary looked. But not too crazy about the hand towels.

So off I went today and found this.  It was a an old timey straw container that was the perfect size!  I just had to take it apart to remove the guts that held the straws.

Perfect!  And the drawers hold the hubby's shaving stuff and toothpaste, tooth brushes ect.  All the little stuff....

I had a time with not being able to make ithe cabinet flush against the wall.  So I re-hung the moulding and then added the tin plaques to kind of hide the gap.  

But doesn't it look so much better than seeing that old pipe?  Plus it's more practical with it's use.  Not just clutter...

Well...then one thing led to another.  I had bought a shower curtain with the plans of not using it that way.  I was going to use it for new curtains.

Here's what I did have....

Now this....
Sorry for the wrinkles...but I like it that way.  The steam will eventually help release them...but I really do like wrinkles.

Ruffles are always prettier too! 

I added another tin to the bottom of the mirror since it is one of those cheapies to spruce it up a bit.

I love I thought this looked cute here after I found a new cotton ball container.

And I love my "Shabby Chic" rose hooks!  

And of new/old door!  The other door is one that we made years ago when we made the space into a closet.  This bathroom didn't have enough storage back then...but now it definitely does!  Every little bit of space we could find, we've used.

This photo was a card my Aunt Linda gave to me years ago when she moved away to Florida.   She has since passed away, but her humor lives on.  I sure do miss her giggles...

When I remodeled this bath, I knew I didn't want towel bars.  I wanted hooks.  This picture and metal scroll piece were the perfect size for the bare space in between.

 I love a lamp in the bathroom.  A very long time ago, I visited a beautiful home and she had a lamp on her sink...I fell in love!  So ever since, I've had one in each of our baths.

This bath may be small to many...but I love it!  It functions great and is pretty at the same time!

Sara bought this little sign for me one isn't that just the cutest sign?!!  But we don't skip baths on Sunday....

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Garage Got a Facelift

I had a dear friend show me a photo of her son's new home and how they did around the garage.  She thought I may like it and she was right!  It got my mind pondering how I could make the bare looking garage look nice and tie it better into the rest of the home.  So I began pinning photos on Pinterest, searching Google and just dreaming of how I could do it.

Last year we enclosed the stairs in...which I was so pleased with!  But there was something missing even after I added the brackets to the door opening of the garage.

My sweet I miss him so.

It just wasn't giving me that "ahhh" feeling, you know, contentment?!

Don't get me wrong, I love our home!  I just have a vision in my head on how I want it to look but money stands in the way most of the time.  
But after thinking about the easiest and cheapest way to get the look I was wanting, I figured it out when we did the door!

We still have to frame out the windows, but I am really getting into sprucing up the outside!

So here it is....I couldn't be any happier!  My welcome sign that I had above our entry door looks great now above the garage.  I didn't want to break the bank with this project, so I decided to just frame it out with the vinyl moulding I found at Lowes when we did the door.  This project cost under $120!  

Way cheaper and easier than adding a ledge like I've seen, kind of like a mini pergola.  Plus we didn't want to drill into the brick.  We used a quick adheisive....which worked great!  

Now I can't wait for all of the pretty flowers, my ferns, and the sunny warm weather to come!

I have my planters ready!

And here's a look at our neighbors dog that has been coming over to visit.  He's such a doll...I think he likes us because he has swam a high creek to get to us, lol.  After all of the rain we've had, our creek has been really high.  Gabe usually goes over to play with him but he's not quite as brave as this little fella.

He just stares a hole right through you....

So there ya have what I've been up to the past couple of days!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out with the OLD

We finally tackled the old fluorescent lighting...YAY!!!

Here's what I had to deal with on a daily basis....Bleh!!!

Not to mention the color of the lighting no matter what type of bulbs we bought.  Believe me, I've tried them all!

Look at the difference in the color between the two.

The light in the back was installed the other evening and became a longer job than anticipated since it was tied into another light in the closet.  Thankfully, it was no big deal other than having it wired a little wrong...OOPS!  My brother in law came to the rescue and showed me the error. 
Easy peasy....

The next light was up in about an hour...not too bad after the other one.

After a little bickering between the both of us with the other light, we worked out the next one with ease and even had a little bit of fun.  

If you look at the photos, you'll see the fluorescent light was up high so we had to come up with some way to brace the light and bring it down to the ceiling tile.  The metal braces are wonderful!  Safe and easy to install!  I attached  two pieces of wood to the floor joists  then attached the metal brace along with the electrical box down on top of the ceiling tile.  Then brought the electric wiring in on the side and secured it.  Then that's where the hubby stepped in and finished the rest.

I normally do not like showing the ceiling, but the lighting is so much better.  I bought a 2 pack light kit at Lowes for under $22.   My kinda deal!!!

I think they are pretty!

Not bad for the price are they?

And so much brighter!

I had originally planned on leaving the fluorescent light in the closet, but now I have changed my mind with how much brighter these lights are.  So I have one more to do then I'll be done!

Next up is to paint the ceiling and put up crown moulding.  Shhh, I haven't sprung that one the hubby just yet so let's keep that a little secret for now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little Trim Goes a Long Way

This weather we are having is crazy!  We have snow on the ground from a white out we had yesterday and last night.

You all know how much I adore snow, but this is getting old.  I am so ready for warmer weather!

Now on to what the hubster and I did the other evening.....we added some trim to our front entry door.

Here is the before:

It looked so plain and generic no matter what I did to try to spruce it up.  And the brass hardware wasn't helping either.

I looked at many photos on Pinterest trying to get some idea as to what I could do without spending a fortune.  I am a thrifty gal at heart so spending too much money really bugs me.

We went and bought some outdoor molding at Lowes to trim the door with after I came up with this design.  No mitered corners to match up was my goal!

This was after we finished it...the screw heads hadn't been patched yet and the door hardware had a fresh coat of silver paint which I didn't like.

And here, all finished the next day.  This project cost right at $50.  I spray painted the door hardware with white Krylon Fusion paint.  Much better and it seems like it will wear really well.  I'll have to wait until warm weather to paint the brass strip at the bottom of the door because it will not come off.

I loved my welcome sign, but it didn't fit anymore after adding the molding.  The applique' was the perfect size and a last minute purchase as we were leaving Lowes.
I really should get some form of pay for advertising for Lowes shouldn't I?  

I love this easy to work with and no chance of rotting or needing paint!

The new hardware made a huge difference from that old brassy stuff and the boxwood wreath adds simplicity with a pop of color no matter the time of year.

One more thing added to my ever growing list...add trim to the windows now.

I know my hubby just loves me.....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not the Right Size

I found an old solid wood door at Habitat that must have been a waiter door at one time that was in excellent condition.  The paint was in perfect shape, actually the perfect color but the brass plate up above where a door knob would go made me scrunch my nose.  I have spent lots of money trying to replace door hardware from brass to nickel these past few months...I sure wasn't back tracking!

Not to mention the brass plate on the bottom.  But other than that,  it was the perfect measurements and least I thought so.

When we got started to replace the old master bathroom door, I measured it and found that it wasn't what the sticker had stated.  I didn't have my trusty tape measure with me so I had to rely on it being accurate.  Next time I will have my tape measure!
So our brains began to up the door jam!  So off to Lowes I went for a piece of door jam.  SIGH....It turned into a project that took 2 days!

But worth every second of it!  Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the original door.  It was a mobile home door that we had given to Mom's husband to use  here.  The garage was supposed to be his work area so it didn't really matter to him I guess.  Many years later, a divorce and us buying the house from my mother, I couldn't stand that door any longer!

We have six panel doors throughout the house so this made sense to me, plus it being solid and old had me there too.  It looks perfect!

Well...if that wasn't a headache enough to fool with, I then thought that the make-shift closet area that I made for the hubster's stuff looked plain.  See the cornice to the right?  That is our walk in closet.  I wanted to make another piece to tie into it but sure didn't want to ask my sweetie for anything else after that goofy door...but I did. lol   So I got some wood from the garage, measured and sweet talked him into ripping it for me.  I can do simple, short cuts, but a skill saw on a long piece intimidates me a little.

Tadah!  Not too shabby is it?  I took down the metal bird brackets I had hanging a little further out and put them here.  I made the curtains and put them up, not puddling in the floor as bad as they were.

I wanted something up above, so I decided on tea cups.  I know, not really what most would think of for a closet.  But remember, my china cabinet is right at the entrance so it ties in nicely.

I am quite to replace that fluorescent light!  I'll be working on that this week hopefully.  I bought two to do the other one also.  You all say a prayer for me that I can sweet talk you know who into hopefully helping me and that we don't bicker.  wink wink