Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Photos and a Thank You

First, I want to thank each of you for your kind and thoughtful words concerning my health.  You don't know how they all made me feel when I read them.  I even cried...thank you so much!  I am a "hugger" so I wish I could give each of you a 
(((BIG HUG))) 
in person.  But the cyber hugs will have to do.
I do know one thing though, God has definitely blessed me with all of you!

Now on to more photos that I've taken with the new camera.  I still haven't fooled with the other lenses, just still shooting with the one.  I didn't feel too hot today, so I kept them all inside.

I took them all in natural lighting (no lights) and I am quite pleased with how they turned out.  There are settings that allow me to adjust the brightness, but I am still just using the "auto" setting for now.  Not bad being in a basement, huh?

I did add some softness to this photo...it makes me sleepy looking at it, lol.  

I'm like that kid who got their first pair of glasses and seeing things in detail for the first time with this camera!  It's how the lighting looks, no editing other than lightening the photo up a bit.  I mean, the colors are dead on!

If anyone who's edited a dark photo, they'll know that the colors get distorted and whacky.  Not with this!  The green stays green, and the details stay crisp!

I am so very pleased and my mind is going 90 miles a minute with all of the possibilities!  I have always been fascinated with photography, but have never been able to afford a really good camera.  Watch out world, Melanie is on the loose and I am going to capture God's beauty in everything!

Can you tell I'm excited?

I love how it captures the room like I see it.  Now that really makes a statement when taking a photo.  You see it with your eyes, but some cameras just don't pick that up and it's disheartening.

I moved some chairs around today.  I'm liking the layout  a bit better.

I can't wait until Christmas...to capture the twinkling lights and all!

Louis helped me with being my subject...he's so cute!  He's spotted a bird, can ya tell?

He loves coming to this room and lounging by the window.  I've taken him outside, but he's definitely an inside cat, lol.  He claws me to death trying to get back in.

I think he's quite happy just being a spectator.

He didn't have a clue I was behind him...see how his hair is standing up?  lol

I love this cat, he's my little buddy that follows me everywhere.

And last but not least...my sweetheart posing for one last photo for the day.  Wonder what he's thinking?  

Well, that's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I pray you all have a blessed week full of good health, peace and lot's of love!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

God is Always the Center

Life hasn't been very fun here lately.  I've caught myself getting so down and worried.  I know it's the devil, but sometimes it's so very hard to fight negative thoughts.  So today, I took out my new camera that I bought back in March.  When I first got it, I was a little intimidated with all the bells and whistles.  So I packed it all back up until today....

I couldn't believe the photos it took!  My other camera did good, but just look at the difference!  And this is no editing other than lightening the photo.  I always had to do some major editing with my other camera.  The new camera is a Nikon D3200.  It was a stretch for me to purchase since we live on one income.  But we had a little left over with income tax so I went for it with the hubby's encouragement.  From all that I read and studied, this camera is great for beginners.  It came with 5 different lenses...which that's what I was interested in in the first place.  
I'm so excited!

I had a lady contact me a few weeks ago about being on the cover of a Shabby Chic magazine and after communicating back and forth,  I decided to go for it.  I found out it was for Harris Publishing Company and it would be a one time book like you see at Lowes and such.  I was so excited!  I sent in the photos she requested and she replied that the Editor loved them and one had been chosen.  I was then sent a contract.  We were in the middle of dealing with car trouble with our oldest daughter's car.   So when I finally had time to sit down and fill it out, I sent a message asking a few questions.  I was then informed that it had been decided  due to my photos being just a tad off with the pixels after being blown up, that it couldn't be used.  Talk about a bummer! Maybe with the new camera, I'll have another opportunity.... 

So after all of that, we went on an overnight trip for a concert for our daughters.  Mike and I fought the whole time basically, lol.  Neither one of us like to travel and with traffic being crazy and streets being shut down...it didn't make for a great time for either of us.  But the girls has a great time and that is all that mattered.  When we came back, I had a health scare and went to the ER.  Nothing to wince at and stick you head in the sand about.   Tests were done and I was sent home with more tests scheduled to come.

A few days later, it happened again.  I think that's when I really lost it.  I cried myself into oblivion.  Dealing with out youngest daughter and all of her health issues, car trouble, trying to take care of all that goes with daily living and dooless DR's, just about broke me with what was happening with my health.  So back to the ER we went.  More tests were done and large cancer masses were ruled out in my upper abdomen.  I am having bleeding in my lower abdomen  somewhere. I have to wait almost 2 weeks for a colonoscopy.  I don't think I've ever wanted something so bad in my life like a colonoscopy, lol!  I just want answers and a remedy.  I have pain in my abdomen, but thankfully, it's something I can deal with.  But the bleeding is just so scary!

This man is my very best friend in the whole wide world!  If it wasn't for him and my daughters comforting me and giving me hugs, I don't know if I could handle all of this. I know God blessed me with them as my angles.  God knows how much I can handle and that I love Him dearly.  If it is my time, then so be it.  God will always be the center of my very being because without Him, I wouldn't be here today.  He brought me out of a coma and septic shock, He can certainly handle this issue!  So for now, I am going to enjoy my family, my new camera and make new memories of laughter and enjoy life.  And once again, I ask you all for your sweet prayers for me and mine.  Thank you all so very much for being a part of my life and allowing me to share it with you.  May God bless each and everyone of you with health, peace and love!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Decks and Porches

I thought I'd share what our porch and deck are looking like with all of the blooming flowers.  I think this is the best year for them to be doing so well!

Welcome to the porch....where we sit in the evenings and talk.  It is well worn and used, but that's how things are supposed to be in a home you love.

I think every porch should have a swing, don't you?

The ferns are thriving and the double impatiens are doing well in the shade.

Now for the deck....

This area of the deck doesn't get much sunlight, so the impatiens do well along with ferns.  have I ever told you how much I love ferns?

These petunias were in a window box but weren't doing well at all.  When we went to the beach, I took them out and set them out in the open so they would get some rain.  I came home to see them like this.  I was so happy they made it!

I grew up with rocking chairs and swings on porches...always a relaxing way to sit.

Just look at how good all of the flowers are doing!

I really am loving the purple...think I might add them again next year.

I made this birdhouse many years ago.  It's been painted many colors, but I think I am liking the white better than anything.

The window boxes on the deck are booming with blooms!  All of my petunias have done great this year.

And the gates we have everywhere keep the deer and dogs out so my white stays white and the flowers don't get eaten, lol.

I just love it on the deck.  One day, I am going to enclose it all and make it into a sleeping porch.  I remember sleeping on Mammaw's porch as a little girl...what sweet memories.

It truly is a magical place to come and escape to.

One thing is for sure...there are plenty of seats for everyone!


And the covering I made for the overhang is still holding strong.
I sure do wish Mammaw could see all of my flowers...how she loved them so.

I hope all of you are having a blessed Sunday and may the coming week be blessed as well.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

More British Rose

We have been so busy outside, with making fencing and gates.  Not to mention... me having to paint them all.  

Here's the gate we made a few days ago, all painted.

See, I even painted part of that pesky water hose that has to be seen.  I added a drawer pull as a handle instead of having to buy one too.  Still no money spent and doing it's job at keeping the dogs off of the porch.  I have so many photos to share of everything...but they will have to wait.

Bruno is becoming braver and venturing a little further each day.  Thank goodness we have an Invisi fence.   But that doesn't keep him from chewing up our pool.
Man, I had forgotten what puppies do! 
We had to put up a fence around the deck to keep him out.  Let me add, we are not rich.  I dream of an in ground pool one day...but this one has served us well.  It's going on 6 years and the size has been perfect.  It is an 18 x 48 pool that cost us around $500.  I highly recommend if you are on a tight budget as we are, this is an amazing pool for the price and quality.

My sweet Louis has been neglected while we have been working outside.  No one has been playing with him.  See how he's looking at me?  He loves to play fetch.  He's definitely no ordinary cat!

He's such a gentleman too...he doesn't get into anything.  

He just lays on the bed waiting and watching, lol.  I love this cat!  We had a good day playing while I did some inside work.
So now to our master bath.  A dear sweet friend I met online, sent me a message asking if I wanted to buy a British Rose shower curtain and window panel.  If you all know me...I jumped right on it!
She sent me an extra shower curtain she came upon...no extra charge!  Now how sweet is she?!  Of course, my brain started thinking on what I could make with them all.  I kept one shower curtain as is, but added some ruffles to the top and bottom.

I think it turned out pretty good.

And of course, I had to make a commode cover.  With some left over quilting, I lined the fabric to give it a more padded look.  I am learning how to make them better as time goes.

Then to top it off, a new shade cover was made.

It all added the perfect little touch to go with the rest of our Master Retreat.  

This has been a little down time today for me.  Since it was raining, sewing did the trick to keep me occupied.  I am not a big fan of idle time....I have to be doing something.

Just think, the week is almost over!  I hope it has been a good one for all of you.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A New Gate

We have a new addition to our family...

His name is Bruno.  He is part bloodhound and part walker.  Just look at those ears!

He's such a sweetheart and so much fun to play with at 3 am, lol.  
Here is a little short story on why we had to make a new gate.
 Our dogs had really messed up our porch, chewing on the rugs, the wicker furniture, making messes and the hair...oh the HAIR!  So I decided to clean it all off and lock the gate that we had at the top of the stairs.  Well, Bruno could fit through the spindles.  I attached some fencing to the gate trying to keep him out but he just tried eating the fencing and yelped and whined for two nights straight.  Our oldest was so upset because she works two jobs and wasn't getting the proper amount of sleep due to his whining.  Now, mind you, he has a nice doghouse, lots of chew toys, plenty of food and plenty of company.  

So, after brainstorming, we decided to make a gate for the bottom of the stairs instead.  And so far, so good!  No upset Bruno.

My ex brother in law gave me a piece of fencing that he was going to burn.  It sure did come in handy with making the gate.  No money was spent on this project.  We had everything on hand...always a win win!

We had to account for the water hose and spout to the bottom left when we attached a 2 x 4 to the brick.  

My sweetie is such a great carpenter.  He will tell you that he hates it, but he sure is good at it!

And our dog, Gabe, can't open it with his paws.  he's our super smart dog!  You can just look at him and see his brain wheels turning.

I plan on painting it all white once this rain goes away.  It has been raining for weeks on end, every day!  But my plants are definitely loving it!

Thanks for stopping in.  I have so much to show you guys, but haven't had the time to sit at the computer for long periods of time.  

Have a blessed week!