Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gobble Gobble

I am very thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Last year, my sweet Hannah was hospitalized on Thanksgiving day and she didn't get to enjoy her favorite time to eat.  So, this year is a very special one to all of us!

May yours be blessed with family, friends and a great meal no matter where you are.  Oh, and the most important....LOVE!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snowmen Ornaments

This time of year, I love to craft!  I remember Mom and I sitting at the kitchen table making wreaths from foil.  They were absolutely beautiful!  Mom would save every little piece of anything that would look lovely on the wreaths and now I do the same thing.  

Saving hair things from the girls, the little delicate flowers on the hair bands, the ribbon and lace that Mammaw saved from dress making, even some of the pieces Mom saved back then too, are all apart of my crafting somehow.

Fond memories go through my head as I sit and paint the faces on these snowmen.  I think about how my Aunt Judy thought this was the cutest idea.  Sadly, one that I had made for her for Christmas, never got to be gifted. 

I know they are smiling down upon me from heaven as I sit and craft.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a photo of a light bulb made into a snowman ornament.  That's when the "light bulb" went off in my head!

This was the very first one that I made....

I was so excited!  And amazed that I could paint a cute face, lol!

I had a sweet lady ask if I could do some for her in these colors, so that's what I did.  My spare bedroom looks like a fabric bomb went off!  I save little scraps for this very reason...

Once I start crafting, I do not want to stop.  Just like when I sew...I look for things to keep sewing.  I enjoy it so much!

I saw where light bulbs were made into just the heads I had to make one this year to see if I could do it.  This one is mine!  Aunt Judy told me to always keep the very first thing you do...I'm so glad she shared that with me because it's nice to go back and look at how far you've come.

As I was looking for a place to hang this one, I sat it on a candle stick and fell in love!  Just look at how cute that is!  I had already had the fabric bow on it so it looks like I intentionally did it.  Perfect mishap!!!

Now Mom put hers in her candle holders too and look how cute they are!  See, a perfect mishap!

If any of you are interested, please check out ~Sweet Melanie Creations~ 

Thanks so much for letting me ramble on.  It's almost Friday and I see more crafting happening this weekend!

Have a blessed rest of the week and enjoy this weekend.  Don't forget that God has blessed you with all of it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Girl can DREAM

I am sick...great opening line, right?  Well, I am and have been playing around with some PicMonkey editing. I want snow so bad, so I thought I would make it!

This is where my dreaming comes in.

Spending the day outside two days in a row sure didn't help with this cold I caught from my oldest.  But I sure was happy when I was out there.  Finishing up with all of the Christmas decorations makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Wait, I'm in my warm and fuzzy bath robe...maybe that's it!

Wreaths seem to be something I am attracted to this year.  I wanted them on each window and thankfully I had just enough.  

I saw a photo on Pinterest that inspired me.  You know me...I love Pinterest!  It's my virtual magazine!

Dollar Tree ribbon and ornaments fit my budget perfectly.

You should have seen the hubby and I up on the ladder adding lights to these trees....and I'm scared of heights!

Maybe people drove by and said, "that Melanie, she's been at it again."  

I guarantee if they saw me out there like this, they would think I had lost it. 
(My girls caught me taking a break and my glasses were all fogged up)

It was just a tad bit nippy to be working outside at night, but that's how I roll.

I love Christmas lights, so working with what we had, I made them work.  I should have taken a photo of the pile I had to throw away that didn't work.  I think of that song about the 12 Pains of Christmas every year with those blasted Christmas lights!  I know it's a money market because the fuses do not EVER work!  The old lights used to last for years and years.  Not anymore!

King Louis loved watching me through the windows.  All warm and cozy while I froze to death, lol.  But he cuddled with me when I came in....oh how I just love this cat!

Well, I think the Nyquil has kicked in and now I must go to bed.  I pray everyone has a blessed week and stays healthy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A new LOOK

For some time, the cabinets above our refrigerator drove me insane.  Not being able to access them because they were too far back making storage a big fat "not"  just made me irritated, lol.  I dreamed of having an enclosure, but it was always on the last part of the to do list.

With them being wider than the actual fridge, it was a true eyesore.  I seemed to always be trying to hide the big gap at the top too.  

So, you all have to know the rest....I searched Pinterest and online for inspiration!  I found numerous kitchens that I fell in love with but my budget was under $100.  My original plan was to use ash wood, but it was $50 for a 4x8 sheet.  I needed two, so that was marked out quickly.  On to the next plan, using paneling and turning it backside out for a smooth finish.   The hubby just loves me when I come up with a "plan".  He says, "when are your plans going to stop?"  But we didn't argue or bicker on this project and I am still in shock!   Between paneling, paint, screws, and lumber, we spent $85 on this little upgrade.  Yes, I shopped at Lowes and used scraps too. 

He does such a good job with making things square, measuring correctly and cutting nice straight lines.  That's why he's my handy man.(smiling from ear to ear with love)

Once he does his magic, then it's my turn.  Painting, adding trim, adding a shelf and hanging the cabinet doors.  I used the doors from below the sink.  I had been wanting to add a curtain for a long time but always chickened out.  Now I had a good excuse to follow through.  But the squareness of it all didn't sit well with me.

So I added appliques that I made, to mimic the curve on the top cabinets.  It did the trick!

I love how it turned out!  Now I just need to paint the rest of my cabinets white and we'll be good to go.

But that's another story.  We have some students coming Sunday to film and I can't be in the middle of painting, now can I?

It actually makes the kitchen feel bigger.

More wall space was a nice added bonus.  Sadly I didn't have enough room for Mammaw's little desk.  I'll find another spot for it though. See the skirt under the sink?  I love it! 

Little feet were added to the kick plate along with the corner brackets above the skirting to make my dream kitchen a reality.  I just so need to PAINT!  I see so many scuff marks, and the distressed look isn't my cup of tea anymore with these cabinets.  One day at a time Sweet Melanie...Rome wasn't built in a day.

Tweaking takes time so until then, have a blessed week.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Don't call me NUTS

Christmas is coming a little sooner this year.  I blame the new Christmas tree!  

Even Louis knew something was going on. 

So here's the story....
The tree we've had for a few years just wasn't making me happy like it had.  My heart had been yearning for a flocked tree for some time.  Plus, with the addition of the window wall, this tree just was too tall.  I had to put it by the window last year when I wanted so badly to put it in front of our new creation.

So, if you all know me by now, I began searching online starting with photos of what I liked.  Of course we don't have hundreds of dollars to throw away during the Holidays, much less any other time of the year.  
Hannah and I went to Kmart first...nothing!  Then we decided to go to Walmart.

This is what we found:

It is a 6 and 1/2 foot tree...perfect for by the window wall!  We have 8 foot ceilings upstairs and down, so a tall tree has always been a must in the past.  But I am finding that I love the smaller trees now.
We could afford this tree for only $89.  Isn't it pretty?!
We had a little snag on the way home.  We smelled some serious burning and thought that it was a car in front of us.  Sadly, when we arrived home, we noticed that it was actually us.  A back driver side tire, maybe the brakes or a ball joint going bad.  The hubby has been working so much that we haven't had the time to figure it out and fix it.  I'm just so glad that we made it home safely.  God was watching out for us, I know.

Anyways, back to the tree.  It sat in the box on our living room floor for a few days.  It drove me nuts, so I opened it and then the next thing I know, I was decorating for Christmas.
Even Louis got in on the fun.

  He had such a fun time hiding in all of the pine.
So far, he hasn't messed with anything.

He seemed to enjoy the tree....I caught him checking it out then he caught me snapping his photo, lol.  I simply love this cat!

The next day, I pulled out the new camera and experimented.  Oh how my heart pitter pattered when I saw how I could get the back ground to be blurry with the long distance lens.  

I lay in bed at night thinking of how I can take photos.  Always thinking....

You see those beautiful photos of the lights in the background, all aglow with the focus on something else?  Well, now I can create those myself!

What fun I am having!  

I'm still decorating a little throughout our home and am quite content decorating this early.  I love having our tree up during Thanksgiving, I always have.  I have never been a fan of Fall colors inside the home, so I have never really decorated for Halloween or Thanksgiving too much.  Always ready to decorate for Christmas since that is my most favorite holiday ever.  It stands for something that is miraculous!  Baby Jesus was born and God blessed us all with a miracle!  I'm thankful for the Pilgrims, but who can top Baby Jesus?  No one, not even Santa!

Now I can sit back, relax, bake, shop and spend time with my family.  What a peaceful feeling it all is.

And of course have crazy ideas at 7 pm in the evening and be able to do them!  

A little project that I've wanted to do for years...add feet under our cabinets.  Well, it's done and we love them!  So there you all have it...a few peeks at our Christmas decorations.  I want to enjoy the holidays and this is how I do it in our home.  Thanks for visiting and I hope y'all have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Little of Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Boy, what a past few weeks we've had.  First, I would like to say thank you to the kind hearts for praying for Bruno.  Sadly, he passed away a day later after requesting prayers for him.  We have no clue what took him so quickly.  Such a sad day for me...I cried when I should have been celebrating.  It was our oldest daughter's  birthday.  It just put a funk on the whole day. 
This photo was taken the day he had a little upset tummy and the next day, he was at deaths door.  

~I will definitely miss him~

We were all able to scrounge up a few smiles as we watched Sara open her gifts on her birthday.  We had two birthdays in the same week...her's and Mike's.

Where does the time go?  I am getting older by the minute!

Hannah giving her big sis a birthday hug...
sniff sniff

And the birthday boy.  He's growing so fast, lol.

I am so very blessed to have this little family of mine. And to be able to celebrate special moments like these along with every day living.
God has truly been good to me.

Just look at where I live....the beauty is all around me and I see God in it.  His beautiful and talented artistry just amazes me every day!

Now, I want to talk a little about some make up.  I have a red face that is getting redder as I get older.  It drives me insane!  Especially after going blonde.  A red face and gold hair do not go well together.  Thank goodness for photo editing but Lord, help those that see me in person, lol.  I have good moments and bad with the red.  
After seeing a photo of my gold hair and red face, I decided it was high time to do something about it.  I do not have rosacea, acne trouble, dry skin or oily skin.  I do not know why my face is red, but I do know that my Dad's face is red just like mine.  It must be hereditary.

I googled what I could do with make up and this is what I found.   Bye Bye Redness correcting creme. I was amazed at the videos and reviews, so I knew I had to get my hands on some.  I found that our Ulta store sold it and was off the next day to buy it!

Fair warning...I look like a beet farmer!  These photos are not edited at all.  They were taken with my cell phone, so the colors are a bit off anyways.  But you'll see the difference!  Just look at how the red disappeared!  This is with no other make up on my face other than the Bye Bye Redness Correcting Creme by It cosmetics.  Let me add that I absolutely hate thick make up, that caked on look and feel.  I will not wear foundation.  This stuff is amazing!  I barely used any because it is thick.  A little goes a very long way and that's good with it being $32 for .37 ounces.  But it works and is definitely worth the price.

 The left photo is with a green primer, a loose powder, blush, some eye shadow, lip gloss and of course mascara.  I always wear mascara since my lashes are blonde.  The right photo is just with the Bye Bye Redness correcting creme.  Still no editing in either photo.    Now, I can have my photo taken inside without looking like a red faced goofball!  
And as for my hair, well, I used an ash blonde to tone down the gold and I love it!  The hubby said to me that if I had never colored my hair, then this would be my natural hair color.  I'm sure glad he remembers what it looked like way back when...because I almost forgot, lol!

Now, on to what I've been doing around the house.  I bought some beautiful antique china and finally had the time to rearrange my china cabinet.  I absolutely adore old china, especially with pale pink and blue flowers.

I also love to mix patterns!  See how everything looks so pretty together?   3 patterns are in there....

For the larger pieces that wouldn't fit in the china cabinet, I set them around the kitchen.  Some candy will look great here for Christmas!  I can't wait to start decorating!

Can you believe I changed up the photos here?  The girls have been begging me to do away with their old photos.  I can't wait to decorate this for Christmas!

And I changed this photo as well.  It's pretty nice to be able to do your own photography!

One last thing...Look what I was finally able to buy?!  These gorgeous Poinsettias are a pale pink covered in sparkly snow.   They were 40% off too! I will say again, I cannot wait to start decorating for Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by....
I pray that all of you have a very blessed week to come and that it's full of joy, love and peace!