Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sew Simple...Yeah I wish

A few weeks ago while playing with Louis, I noticed he had ripped through some spots on my slipcovers.  Coulda wrung his little neck...he loves to play hide and seek, but gets too rough sometimes.

Isn't he a doll though?  We love him to pieces!

That's when I knew I was going to have to make some new seat covers.  So one evening, I visited Home Goods and saw a beautiful king quilt for $50.  
I thought what a deal!
It was a diamond pattern, a little too modern for my taste, but how could I pass that up?  Then I turned the corner...and found the perfect pattern, same size and price.  That sucker was mine!

A few days later, after measuring and cutting out my pattern and lots of strips of fabric for the pleated ruffles, I started sewing.
I am so pleased with how everything came out!

Here's a close up of the pleated ruffles added to the quilted top...I love them!

One down and 4 more to was a long night, lol.

The next day, I sat and enjoyed what I had finished the "long" night before.

It's funny looking back at how these pieces have gotten better with each new seat cover I've made.  My sewing skills are definitely improving.  Thankfully the main slipcovers have worn well and I haven't had to make new ones.  

A set of napkins work great for the arm much easier that way...less sewing.

Two totally different sofas tied together with the same slipcovers.  Definitely way cheaper than buying new furniture!

The chair got a new makeover too.  Can you believe this chair has had 7 different covers through the years?   I used some quilted shams for the ottoman top and had to piece them together.   But I really am liking the quilted look.

I used some "Shabby Chic" sheets I had left over for the floral part.  It goes so nicely with the Bella Rose Blue fabric.  The pleated ruffles were added to these pieces also.  Cutting the strips to do them all were the longest part.  The sewing was the easy part.

See how they compliment each other?

I am so loving floral patterns this Spring!

  This is the chair we all fight over to sit in...but I always win.  Wink Wink...Mom's always do don't they?

With more of the quilt left overs, I made these round place mats. 

Adding the floral ruffles to the basket liners softened the look so much.

They were perfect for on top of the fridge.

I had just enough of the quit left over to make this ottoman cover.  I didn't, however, have enough of the strips for the pleated ruffles to add to the top.  I'll do something later to it to spruce it up a bit.  

Once I start sewing, I can't stop.  I absolutely love to sew but my knees don't like it when I have to squat and crawl around when cutting and fitting.  

I finally had to make myself stop and put my sewing machine up for awhile.  I went through  3 large spools of thread and countless bobbins. Now I find myself dreaming of what I can sew next....maybe some new shade covers for one of my chandeliers in the little floral pattern.  Oh well...a girl can always dream!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I'm Still in My Pajamas

Can you believe it is 1:30 on a Saturday and that I am still in my pajamas?  The past couple of days have been crazy!  I am resting today and enjoying my sweet family.  
The hubby had a scare this past week.  He had been having some chest tightness, some dizziness and his head had been hurting off and on...then Wednesday evening when he came home, he laid on the sofa all evening which is unusual for him.  He was complaining about his right shoulder feeling funny and it was going into his neck.   He wouldn't go to the ER, but promised to go to our family DR the next day.  Long story short, he was admitted to the hospital and they ran some tests to make sure it wasn't his heart.  Thank God it wasn't!  We have to follow up with a GI doctor, they think it may be stomach related.  Oh the medical bills we have, they just keep getting bigger and bigger.  But thank my Lord up above that my family is still alive and doing better!

So now I am sharing some photos of how I am longing for SPRING!
You'll be able to tell by all of the flowers I have scattered about...I am not usually one to do that though.

Just enough flowers to make me feel like Spring is here.

I love greenery and simple flowers like hydrangeas the most for inside but I bought these beautiful roses last week and thought they would be lovely in this box on the island.  The little metal bench came from a yard sale site and I painted it white.  It is so CUTE!

I found this beautiful little lamp on a yard sale site also.  It fit perfectly under our cabinets!

Isn't it so pretty?!  Perfectly pink too!

I have a storage room that I keep all of my lovely's's always fun to see what I have stored away.  I've been wanting more pink throughout the kitchen so these work well up against the cream walls.  Adding just the right amount of pink for me.

I put away a little cream cabinet I've had on the counters for years and years.  This little grouping is a nice change.

I found a beautiful arrangement at Home Goods the other day of some white roses.  They look so pretty on the table.  Just simple enough to not be so busy.

Here's where I put the arrangement that was previously on the island.  I really like it here for now.

Look at this darling candy dish with the little bunny!  Can you guess what is inside of it? 
Starbusrt are my very favorite!

Just look at how the sun was shining that pretty coming in the window.  After all of the snow and rain, this sure did perk me up!

I even pulled out some of my Easter decorations....

I hope this Saturday brings all of you many blessings and that you can stay in your pajamas like me!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is Almost Here

First, let me start off with some photo's of all of the beautiful snow we've had this past month.

I absolutely love snow!  I am a little sad now that it is all melted....but at least I can look at these beautiful photos and remember what it was like until next year....if we don't get anymore.

My little canopy has held up really well!

Oh how I adore Winter!

Just look at how the snow stuck to the trees...that is my favorite.

The views we have through each season are wonderful...all of the beautiful trees, that creek, the little country road.
 there is a road there under all of that snow, lol.

Even though we were without power and our generator was on the fritz, we had a wonderful time.  

We played games by candle light, had super yummy meals cooked on our gas range, stayed really cozy and warm from our gas wall mount stoves for back-up,  and we were able to stick our food outside because of how cold it was. No one had to work or go to school.  Now tell me that we weren't blessed!  

One of my favorite windows to look out and see this tree.  It is loaded with bloom in the Summer and snow in the Winter.  I see lot's of Cardinals and other little birdies eating from this makes me realize just how GREAT God really is.

We have a new addition to our family.  Meet Bella, she is a Newfoundland.  A friend of mine has them and breeds them.  She had puppies last Summer and Bella was one of them.  This sweet girl was returned to my friend due to the owner not being unable to handle her.  When my friend posted that she was needing to find a home for her, I jumped on the chance since I've always wanted this breed but could never afford the price tag.  I was informed that she was free and was a little over a year old.  I met with her later that day and picked Bella up.  She rode home in the back of our Explorer with Hannah giving her support all of the way.  We've had a few bumps along the way, but I am here to say that this dog has won our hearts!  She just needed some loving and freedom to be a dog.  She sits, shakes, plays fetch, knows what no means (finally), and loves to be hugged.  We purchased a wireless fence system and she caught on really quick, lol.  Being by a road, you have to be careful. I just love her to bits!  Come summer time, she'll need to be shaved down due to some serious matting.  Her previous owner evidently did keep her groomed.  We gave her a bath right away, groomed her as best we could and the whole time she just gave us was like she was saying "thank you for rescuing me".  Gabe and Louis like her too.  She is a great addition to our little family!

I've been dreaming of Spring flowers in the midst of all of the snow.  I went to Michael's and bought some flowers and added them to this metal basket.

They had some moss in a roll that I purchased too.  It looks so pretty hiding the foam and stems.

I had lot's of flowers left over, so I made an arrangement for my old metal bucket.

I am ready for the real thing now!

It seems that I am always tweaking things with our office.  I had made a ruffled piece to go on the door which hides our computer.  I wasn't thrilled. So I pulled out some beadboard and re-did it.

Adding an applique did the trick!

A cheap way to hide something ugly.

I love our office area!

I have been itching to paint or I bought this piece and re-did it.  I stayed up until 3 am working on it.  Once I get a vision, I will not stop until it is finished!

The applique' was one of  many I purchased from Dollar Tree a few years ago and have never used until now.

Every day is truly a gift!

I have so much more to chat about and share, but I'll save that for a little later.  I sure have missed you guys!  May all of you be blessed coming and going and know God's true love!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chairs and Doors

Chairs and doors seem to be a fetish with me...always something that makes me want one.  Maybe it's the lines, a window, the color...

This entry door has had many looks though the years.  I dabbled with pale blues finally making it permanent  with this shade.

I then wanted a lighter look since this a dark part of the room...I decided to go back to white.

But when I saw this door when I went in to get a door knob kit for our storm door, I knew my name was written all over it.  

I have been playing with the idea of adding a window to the other door so I could have more light.  After no luck finding anything that would work within my budget, I decided a new door would be about the same in cost and less work.

So, guess what?  I bought this door.

Of course I had to change all of the moulding that I had just done a few months back.  We had to rip out all of the old door jam to put this one in.  That was the hard part. Putting this in was easy once that was all accomplished.

Of course while we were hard at work, guess what Gabe was doing?

He loves his double layered bed and just out of sight is an electric heater blowing on him.  Sometimes we come in and see his butt right up against it.  We tell him he's going to burn his little hiney!

Now back to the door.  Isn't the window beautiful?!  It's so pretty with the light coming in.  I did, however, use a frost spray on the other side to ensure no peaking, lol.

You can see our bed area, so making it frosted was a perfect idea.  They sell frost film but I didn't want to spend anymore money, so I just used some spray frost that I already had.

I love it! 

Do you notice anything new in this photo?
The chair....

I have been shopping for a friend for a french chair when I ran across a pair of these for $20!  

The seat upholstery was spotted with water marks but the backs were in perfect condition and such a beautiful shade of blue.  I had intentions of painting the upholstery before I made the purchase.  Thankfully my friend found herself a chair and she never even blinked an eye at these beauties!

I made a slipcover for one but the other one has about killed me since I am sick with bronchitis.  I haven't been sick in years...I've had enough other health problems going on, lol.  I love sewing, so it's killing me not being able to go at it full force like I usually do.  Coughing and sewing do not mix when you are sewing a straight line....

After painting the frame and adding the slipcover, it needed a little something extra.  I found my "Martha Stewart" stencil and painted the bird on the back and front of the chair.  I love this stencil!  My sweetie really did too when he seen it.  That's always nice when he likes what I do.

Another little bit of exciting news is that I was featured in Creating Vintage Charm magazine!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved looking at magazines that had to do with decorating.  My Uncle always had JC Penny and Sears catologs, so I would flip to the bedding section and dream away.  Being in a magazine has always fascinated me and made me swoon  just at the possibility.  
Years ago, Romantic Homes Magazine contacted me after my Mother submitted some of my photos.  They were amazed at our home but sadly couldn't do a photo shoot because we live out of their network area.   They asked me to submit photos through email and I had a whole page dedicated to me.  I thought that was amazing!  Now to have all of these photos and an article written about me is making me think I need to pinch myself!
I can't wait to get my copy in the mail to actually smell and touch it with my own hands.  There is something about the smell of a new magazine that excites me....just the thrill of wondering what's behind the cover.

I hope you all are having a blessed weekend.  So many are being hit from all sides with bad stuff it seems.  I have been praying for so many, especially my Aunt. Praying for others is a gift that we should all cherish because they are still alive.