Friday, May 8, 2020

Dyeing Silk Flowers

Dyeing flowers when all of the craft stores are closed when you don't have pink that's creative, lol!  It's also called desperate!

I recently painted one of our guest bedrooms a pale green.  I didn't have enough touches of pink and wanted more, so this is what I did on a Thursday evening.

I had some cheap white silk roses, way more than I wanted, really.  So I took my Rit dye and dipped them into a bowl of the mixture.  Simply hot water and Rit dye.  Then I let them dry upside down with a fan blowing on them while on an old towel.

They turned out the prettiest shade of pink!

I already had the Peony.  The roses match it perfectly!

I love how they look up against the pale green walls.

A cheap and inexpensive way to add color is through flowers.  

I used a paint brush dipped into the dye for the flowers on this wreath.  They were white paper roses that had seen better days.  Instead of throwing it out, I decided to try the dye on them.  My youngest daughter was with me while doing all of this and she fell in love with how this wreath turned out.  I have to say I agree!  

Now my heart feels at ease with the fresh touches of pink.  I hope this may give some of you all ideas on how to change things up a bit without breaking the bank.

And I hope all of you are doing ok with this quarantine junk.  I'm naturally a homebody, so I'm doing great.  

Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, February 7, 2020

A Little Valentine's and an Anniversary

Well would you lookey there...we just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary!  

It's definitely a proud moment that we've made it this far in life together....and still in love.  Even more in love now!
We spent our anniversary weekend dancing.  Let me tell ya, this ole gal was tired when Sunday came around, lol.  But we had a blast together celebrating!

Love was definitely in the air so I did a little Valentine's decorating with some hearts I found packed away while putting up the Christmas decor.  Yes, I recently just took everything down in our home, but the stuff is still up outside, lol.  

That's ok though, I'm in no hurry since we've been getting rain and snow.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying how lovey dovey everything feels inside.

This cabinet was originally a wine rack.  Personally, I don't keep wine long enough to store it, hehe, so I took the rack out and added an old window to the back.  I added some bright pink foam hearts from Dollar Tree that I had  packed away.  They're a little too pink for me, but hey, they're a perfect addition for that special day.

My daughters got me the green vine and I've had a ball putting it in so many different places.  It added some color after taking the Christmas trees down....everything looked so blah.

This heart wreath is an oldie but goody.  It usually adorns the front door, but like I said, I still have my Christmas decorations up outside.  I'm kinda thinking this wreath may end up staying here though, wink wink.

See the pine wreath on the front door?  I have some red hearts adorning it.  Anyways, the pink felt heart is another I had packed away.  I think I bought it from Michael's years ago.  I use fishing line to hang things up on the mirrors a lot.  That way you don't see it and it's heavy duty enough to handle some weight if need be.

The Christmas tree was where this white chair now is.  It's so hard making things feel cozy when it's first gone.  But I do love the feeling of spring when I put out all of the other decorations.

I had pine garland that I had made, hanging on the tops of the windows.  When I took it down, it was all way to bland so I hung some of the green vine in it's place.

It's not too bad, I managed to make things look pretty.

See that little block of wood that says "Home is where Mom is"?  That was a Christmas present from my girls and it caused quite  a few tears....sniff sniff.  Little white paper hearts on the window panes are just enough to make you think about love.

The island got a few hearts I had made a looooong time ago.  I had so much fun making them. 

Here's some more that I made into garland and hung on the mantle mirror.  Little pink glitter hearts are everywhere!

Just little touches add that charm as a reminder of sweet love.  

I had just enough to add to all of the floral arrangements.

See the twinkly lights?  I couldn't get rid of them all....

This sweet wreath was another present from my girls.  I had it on my wish list on amazon...I think I'm going to have to order another one because it's so daggone cute!  

And one last heart to brighten up this sweet room.  I love hanging out in this's so cozy and it's nice to watch the birdies from.

It's just a nice cozy room!

As I took photos today, with the gorgeous snow making everything nice and bright, I thought to myself how very blessed I am.  God has really blessed me with a great life.  Oh there has been whoppers of crazy stuff that I've had to endure, but they've all made me appreciate every ounce of  good!  The love I feel every day of my life from the people in it, the contentment I have, and just waking up every day and getting to enjoy what the day has to's all enough to make me tear up.  Well, it actually makes me cry because I honestly count my blessings on how good I have it.  It may all end tomorrow, but today, I have it all!  

God is who we all need in our lives to make it a great one.  Any day without Him, is just, well, a ho hum day.  I'm by no means perfect....but I know without a doubt WHO is in charge.  The GRACE He gave me is enough to make me want to go on even when I fail. 

Happy Valentine's day to you all!  If you have a honey, enjoy them.  If you're single or alone, talk to God.  Put on some music, do some dancing, have a glass of wine, love on your pets, take some time out to enjoy life! It'll all be over one day....enjoy it while you can.