Saturday, November 30, 2013

And Here She Is...Another Angel

Well, she's all finished!

I think she turned out better than I expected!

I made the halo from some iridescent wire ribbon and strips of fabric.  The bow was a last minute idea....
I think she turned out better than I expected!

My First Pair of Wings

This weekend has turned out to be so much fun with ideas and crafting!  I am working on making another Angel Column to sell.  
I am the type of person that works with what I have so I had to get creative with making angel wings.

Of course I always go to the web for inspiration...especially on Pinterest.  But I didn't find anything like what I was thinking about.

I found some paneling I had in the garage just big enough to draw a wing pattern twice and then I cut it out with my jigsaw.

I drew a black line for the wings so you could see.  My idea at first was to use them this way after painting...but then I had an amazing idea to use chicken wire!

I added two wood strips so I could attach it to the column and for them to hold the wings together sturdily.

Then I added the chicken wire and folded it to the back side and stapled.  Then trimmed with my metal snips.

I am planning on trimming the backside out because the chicken wire will poke the heck out of you!

Then the fun began!  Cutting all of the strips of fabric and then tying them on....but oh, just look at them!  So worth the legs going to sleep, being poked and my back hurting.
(Rolling my eyes in the back of my head)

I had the hubby hold them up to one of the columns I have (not the one I am using) to see what they would look like.  I am so happy!  And I didn't have to order or buy anything...I had everything here to make them!  

Not too shabby don't ya think?

Friday, November 29, 2013

First Lightbulb Snowman

I've been wanting to make a light bulb snowman ever since I saw them on Pinterest. 

Of course I wanted to make mine "Shabby Chic"...but aren't these darling?

So I pulled out my sewing machine, made a toboggan and then started painting a burned out light bulb instead of throwing it away.  I think it's a little goofy to go buy new ones.

I wrapped a trash bag tie around it and hung to dry on my kitchen cabinet knob.

I am by no means an expert at painting faces...but I think it turned out kinda cute!

I found the perfect little spot too!

So grab those burnt out light bulbs, some paint and fabric and go to town!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Is Coming

I am excited to announce that Anita from Far Above Rubies and I are teaming up for this Christmas with some of our "Most Favorite Things" starting on the 6th of December.   
I am so excited!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shabby Vintage Skates

Back in June I went to a place a friend told me about.  I found lots of really old vintage pieces and one of them were these skates.  They were black leather, very worn and stiff. 

 This photo isn't mine, it was found on google...but these are what they looked exactly like.
 (I always forget to take a before photo)

I immediately came home, whipped out my pink spray paint and went to town.  
Oh the visions I had for Christmas!
Well, they sat in the garage, unfinished.

I just wasn't feeling the pink...

So the other night I was in the garage painting...grabbed them and slapped a coat of white flat paint on them with a brush.  So much better!  And they weren't even finished.

So tonight, I pulled out my glue gun, lace, pearls, white ribbon and little rosettes.


~My Shabby Vintage Skates~

Just a Few Quick Peeks

I have been working on getting my Christmas decorations out.  I started with my tree a few weeks ago because the forecast was calling for snow.  What better time to put up my tree, right?

The tree made that first snow perfect!  My two favorite things !

Just a little peeky poo...I'm trying my best to wait until after Thanksgiving to do a Christmas tour.

I am loving the small touches of blue this year!

I will say that I do not follow trends, the popular things that everyone seems to be into.  While I absolutely love whites and creams or what some call natural, I just can't do the switch!  I love my pink way too much to get rid of I just love pastels!

This beast is one of my favorites with just simple pine wreaths.  A little pop of color goes a long way sometimes too.

There are so many things that mean a lot to me.  The little white lighted Victorian house was my Aunt Linda's.  I painted it white last year and added silver glitter.  You'll see that I love so many different things....that's why Shabby Chic is my favorite way to decorate!

I try to use what I have...just giving it a new spin each year with a little paint or using it in non traditional way.

My new/old china from Goodwill and bowls from Dollar Tree are certainly looking good with my colors this year.  I love the pink and blue!

I started decorating downstairs....I wasn't going to put up this white tree this year but I couldn't resist!

Actually I put up 3 trees....I just love this time of year with decorating for Christmas!

And I am loving this vignette!  I thought of using an old bucket that I painted for this tree last year after I took down everything.  So this year I remembered to do is so cute!

I bought these really old skates over the Summer and painted them pink, then white.  I still have some more work to do on them, but I think they are gonna be beautiful when I get them finished. 

So there ya have a few little peeks at what I've been doing.  I hope you all come back after Thanksgiving for the Reveal...I hope I can wait that long!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missing Loved Ones During the Holidays

This time of year is rough for many people that have lost loved ones.  Especially when someone loses that person around the holidays.  I still cannot believe Mammaw isn't here anymore....I miss her everyday....

Everyday I see her in so many ways.  Hannah has her slender feet and her gentleness, Sara has her twinkle in her eyes and smile, and I just noticed the other day when looking at my hands that my nails were starting to look like hers.  When she used to read to me at bedtime, I would play with her hand and study it.  Oh how I wanted my hands to look like hers....they were so soft and gentle but so strong.  I miss her hands, stroking my hand, patting me as I would sit beside her.  
I know it's tough on so many.  

So, I had one of her sweaters that I loved her in, packed away.  There were a few stains on it that I could not get out so I saved it knowing that I could do something with it as a remembrance of her. 

The colors weren't the perfect match but close I decided to make some stockings.  She loved Christmas and giving gifts...she loved surprises too!  What better way to remember her through the holidays than a stocking by the mantel where we spend lots of time?

I had enough of the sweater to make 2 of them and some leg warmers to wear with our boots.  I know Mammaw would  shake her head in amazement....she was always so proud of what I did.

Before she passed, I spent the weekend with her and bought this floral arrangement behind the angel.  She fell in love with it! 
I added some blue and pink ornaments to it and have it by the door.  It's funny how little things like the stockings and this floral arrangement make Mammaw feel like she is here with me.....her Sweet Memories will live with me until I get to be with her again.

Friday, November 15, 2013

A New Look for an Old Dress

I was scrolling through fb the other night and saw a coat that I really liked.  It was white with poofy sleeves, fitted and had a mid thigh skirt for the bottom.
That's when the idea hit me!
I had a blue jean dress coat that I have held onto for some time but knew I wouldn't be wearing it because it was so out dated.  I started googling photos of blue jean jackets with ruffles and this is one that I really liked!

I love how it was fitted at the waist and had the two layers for the skirt.  Wish I was that skinny!!!

So I pulled out my dress and started fooling around with it.

About 10 years ago, this was in...can you believe it? 
I like hanging onto things for costumes or extra fabric or for whatever I can think of.  
So glad I did!

This is what I came up with....

I wanted lots of ruffles...making it look similar to a petticoat.  I found some fabric that was Mammaw's and some lace for the trim.  I cut off the cuffs and half of the dress.  I ripped off the pockets on the chest too.  I knew I wanted ruffles in their place.  I tried making it more fitted....that took me a few tries.  I added darts to the back and then added the cuffs to the back around the waist.  I really liked how it was turning out.

I then added ruffles to the sleeves in place of the cuffs, then added lace above them.  I cut the skirt in sections trying to make it lay right.  Then I added lace to finish it off.

Pardon the mirror...I didn't realize it was a little dirty.  I added  ruffles to the collar, to the middle button down part and then I rounded the front to show the ruffles underneath.  I left the cuffs around the waist open in the middle for a belt but then decided to not do one.  But hey, I can always do one later.  Wink Wink

I felt like it needed a little something extra for the back so I made a lace bow.  I love it!  
I feel like a pirate! lol

The hubby really likes it because he says that my 
"ba donka donk" is highlighted by all of the ruffles...he's a butt man (thank goodness because I definitely have one!)

I love reworking clothes...I do it for the girls too.  They bring me things and say can you do this like I am some miracle worker!  But I try and they seem to like them.  I did this when I was in school too....I kinda was like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

I know many won't like this because it may not be their taste...but I loved it and wanted to share what I've been working on.  

Thanks for stopping by,