Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Very First Photo Shoot

I still cannot believe it!  
Not quite a month ago, I was contacted about doing a photo shoot here in little old West Virginia! I'm still keeping that hush hush so I don't jinx myself, but I can tell you about who came to do the photo shoot and what a pleasant experience it was!

For years, I've been a fan of Miss Mustard Seed.  Her blog spoke to me at a time I needed it...when the health problems were at their worst.  I remember one night reading her post about having a gall bladder attack, driving herself to the hospital all the while thinking it could possibly be a heart attack.  I realized at that moment, I was not alone.  Fast forward to years later, I finally had a diagnosis with Celiacs Disease. 

So to my surprise, when I received an email on the possible photo shoot, I was told if I was interested, the photographer would be Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed.  Let's just say, I did a huge gulp and responded "yes, of course"!!!!  

For years, I've dreampt of and have been let down a few times about the possibility of being featured in a magazine.  There was one time that I had actually signed a contract only to be notified that they had decided to go a different way.  Talk about being let down.  But the passion with making our home even better didn't stop though.  Ever since I was wee little, I've loved creating and decorating so that wasn't going to kill my passion.  Being in a magazine doesn't define who you are, but is sure is a dream of many with the same passion as me.

So, I'm still thinking in the back of my mind, that this still may fall through.  But the fact that they paid someone to travel to our home and spend 2 days to photograph our home is thrill enough!  And the added bonus of meeting some precious ladies!

Marian and her Mom, Kim, came to our home the evening before the photo shoot to get a feel and to see what type of flowers and props to buy.  I was so excited that I didn't even introduce my family to them, lol!

They were so nice and I felt so at ease...making the thought of them coming back even more exciting!

I had heard some horror stories from other blog friends about their photo shoots and thankfully, I had some great advice on what to do.

Having Marian was a blessing...she saw things in our home like I did and she really captured shots that I adored!

When I came downstairs and saw the flower arrangement in the tray with my angel...I knew this was going to be a good day!

Watching her make flower arrangements with my hydrangeas and ones that she brought made me smile.  She whipped arrangements together so fast and with such ease.  

And to take the time to teach me a few things with Lightroom was even better.  Years ago, I downloaded a free trial and was immediately overwhelmed, lol.  So I've stuck with PicMonkey because it's so easy.  

I stayed up all night after they left and fooled with my camera and editing with Lightroom once again....and this time I knew what I was doing thanks to Marian!

Of course my camera isn't the top of the line model, but I'm really happy with seeing improvements with my photos.  I love photography because it conveys what I see and what I feel.  I used to sit and study photos as a little girl from the Penny's catalog, the bedding section,  and dream of the rooms being mine someday.  Funny thing happened!

My hydrangeas bloomed a few days before she came so that thrilled me because I was hoping she would want to use them.  When I told her, her eyes got big and she asked if I minded snipping them.  I could see the excitement in her eyes too!

She brought some paler blue hydrangeas that paired beautifully with mine.  I just adore blue!

My hubby asked me if my eyes and fingers hurt because I had been sitting at the computer editing all day, lol.... it thrills me to no end doing it!

I had a few hours of sleep the night before but it was the best day to me!  I so enjoyed talking with her mom, Kim...she was a sweetheart and can see where Marian gets her sweetness from.  I could see so many similarities with their relationship and how my mom and I are.  Mom did come up and our Mom's talked and talked while Marian took photos and I watched.  God really did bless me with the best experience for my first time with a photo shoot! 

Now,  to sit, wait and watch to see if and when they will use our home....that's going to be hard!  May was the given I sure am hoping my dream does come true all of the way.  So far it's been really amazing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

One Last Fling

First I want to talk about how  very blessed I am to have the best husband ever.  There are times I get so irritated (I'm sure I'm not alone) with him and I know he does the same with me....but to have someone that is always there to have my back, to help me with my projects, to pray for me,  there for me when I am down  or not feeling well.  To have someone that I know without a doubt that loves me no matter what...well, that's really rare in this day.  We've had some really difficult times lately, but no matter what happens, as long as we have each other and stay focused on God, then we will make it!  I wouldn't be who I am without the support I've had from my sweetheart!  

We have a major event happening here at our home this week.  More details coming later....but we've had to do our Fall cleaning and sprucing up a little early.  I've had plans on painting the railing and stairs outside but the heat has put the damper on those plans. So bleach was my friend until I can get to paint.  We always clean the house in the Spring and in the Fall, cut back the flower beds, throw away all of the dead flowers and so on.  But we take our time....we haven't had that option this time around.

Our downstairs needed painted so I bit the bullet and did it.  The nail holes alone were the hardest to take care of!  Between moving all of the furniture, taking things off of the walls, filling and sanding all of the holes and then painting....I thought I'd never get done!  

 The blue I had mixed is Skywriter by Valspar.
The original blue we had was more of a gray blue.  I wanted something a little brighter to go with all of the British Rose and white.  

It's a little bit of an adjustment, but I do this with all of my paint.  I even did it when I painted the living room I love it and wouldn't change it for nothing!

Sorry I didn't take a before photo before we made this vent cover.

I had wanted to make this for a long time!  The metal air return vent was a true eyesore and a hazard to our toes since it was slanted at the bottom.   This is so much nicer, takes up less space and is pretty!

 The house got washed along with the porch.  I took up the rug for Fall....I'm kinda digging the floor this time around.  I've honestly hated this floor from the beginning.....either I'm softening up and my tastes are changing or I am just not caring anymore, lol!

What's left of my flowers after the major heat we've had, is a true miracle!  They're hanging on!

While everyone is decorating for Fall...I am having one last fling with Summer and enjoying our porch!

There is no better after a hard days work than sitting on this swing and relaxing.  There is something about a porch swing to me that gives a sense of slowing things down a bit.

Life is short and bad things happen to good people...but God is the answer to it all and with Him we will all this life or the next.  

Have a blessed week!!!