Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sweet Memories of Christmas Past

This year I decided to put this white tree in here instead of at the bottom of the stairs in our master.  I have always wanted to do it up in pink ever since I bought it.    I think it'll be here next year...
I had the little tree skirt but then added a bed skirt made of tulle along with it.  It matched perfectly and gave it that softness I was wanting.

The Merry Christmas letters were done in a red from years ago.  So last year I done a lot of painting....trying to reuse instead of buying new.  I have two little churches in between that I absolutely adore!
I had to move the chest into here for the tree to fit into the living room.  So this ended up being a hodge podge of the leftovers...I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  The angel in the middle was a gift from my Mama years ago.  I bet you know what I did with it....yes...I painted it!

I found this little angel years ago at Home Goods.  I added the little pink roses and berry garland.  She hangs by the door all year long.
Mom bought me the angel and she actually lights up and sparkles.  She is so pretty!  I had to move this lamp and stand also into here.  This room always ends up getting all of the leftovers and is one of my favorite rooms.  Do any of you all have a room like that?
My youngest gave me this angel as a Christmas present years ago...she knows how much I love snow and angels....and she bought it from my favorite store, HOME GOODS!  She knows Mommy so well.
It sits on one of our guest beds ready to greet a nice little slumber....
And last but not least...this little angel used to be my Mama's.  She had painted the wings blue years ago.  It looked like a real angel with eyes and peachy skin...but I didn't like that look.  So I painted it all white then painted the wings pink.  So as you can see...I love reusing all of the old stuff and revamping it someway.  A lot of memories, too special to cast away.

Friday, December 14, 2012

~Our Christmas Kitchen~

I thought that I'd share with you my finished slipcovers and our kitchen for Christmas.
   This is where our girls will be making the Christmas cookies, soon!
Recently I made some white slipcovers for all of the chairs.  I had pink, but was wanting white since it seemed to be the theme for Christmas.  I loved how they turned out!
The table was made simple this year....leftover ornaments with little touches of some clippings from our evergreens.  And of course the centerpiece is my absolute's all about Jesus!
This little china cabinet was my grandmothers....I called her Mammaw.  She passed last Christmas, so this piece will always be special.  The story about how she saved to buy this along with the dishes(which I have stored away in a special place) is just so dear.
And my kitchen window....

I found this little joy plate at Home Goods....I didn't get it on my first sighting.  But when I went back, there was only two.  It really means a lot to me since the husband was laid off from work.  When I cook dinner, I really think about how much Joy we really have....we have each other!

My oldest daughter had this bracelet that was just sitting in her jewelry box.  I loved it so I took it!  Doesn't it look lovely on this candle?

I didn't buy any of this except for the pink ornaments.  It's just simple this year....and I love it!

Last year I painted the "Merry Christmas" in pink.  The little tree holds gingerbread ornaments and personalized snowmen.

Old jars are wonderful for making these jar lights.  Not a penny was spent there! 
And there ya have it!  I'm loving all of the white and I sure am hoping that my little "Let it Snow" signs that I have everywhere will do the trick!  I am so wanting a white Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our Christmas Tree
Lots of snowflakes, white and silver ornaments, handmade garland, silver ball strands and lots of tulle in white and pink.  I have always had a lighted topper, but this year I found this star and knew it's home was at the top of our tree.
 I've had fun decorating with more white this year...last year I had oodles of PINK.

I found a free printable online of a Christmas song, put it in a frame with a cream matte and then set it on a scrolly easel.  Then I made a slipcover for one of my floral lampshades, added some pine and poinsettias, added my oldest daughters favorite nutcracker, ect.  I've moved the shutter though to another corner(down below)...but I loved how the table setting turned out.

I hung two pine wreaths on our armoire and then added white bows....I fell in love with the look!
I love doing things that aren't the hanging a bar shutter.  I added some pine and a white bow along with some glittery pinecones and curly sticks for added height in a small corner.
Last year I painted the little tin "Letter's to Santa" a pale pink then added some silver sparkle.  The girls have outgrown their believing in Santa, but I could not handle getting rid of something that had so many wonderful memories attached to it.  It now sits in with some pine and ornaments.  And did you notice the white poinsettia at the top of my lamp?  Made those last year too out of felt and sparkly buttons, then tied them around the lampshade with white wire ribbon.
 Lots of white poinsettias throughout the livingroom and kitchen. 
Last year I bought this sparkly angel at Home Goods.  Actually I bought another one blowing a trumphet but cannot find it anywhere!  I was so bummed that when I saw the huge sparkly ornament,  I haven't worried too much about it.  I know I'll find it sooner or later...
I used a mirror that was damaged and sprayed it with frost spray for the center piece on our coffee table.  I knew I wanted it to look icy and cold....I think it turned out great!  Some dollar tree snowballs, a painted sleigh, glass garland, ornaments in white and pink, and my beloved reindeer.  I love it!
My windows were looking a little bare so I made some stockings and added some dollar tree snowflakes.  Can't wait until it snows!

Now you can see all three windows...the stockings added just the right little touch....
So as you all can's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  My favorite time of the year!!!
I still have more rooms to share with you guys, so stay tunned!

Friday, November 30, 2012

How to make a dining chair slipcover


This is what the slipcover will look like when fitting.  It is easier to fit this way when it's inside out.
And this is the finished product...Hopefully!  I recommend studying photos and look up "How to make a slipcover" on youtube.  Ther are many to choose from that will suit your needs.  If you have a slipcover already, turn it inside out, study it, get a concept of how you'll be piecing it together.   You could even rip it all apart and use it as a pattern for different fabric if you aren't  using it anymore.   I've made many slipcovers through the years, so to me, this is easy...but it took some guts to finally start doing it instead of procrastinating about it.   I hope I haven't confused you any and I hope this will help a little.
Now go make a time like the present!