Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Painting My Woes Away

On top of all that I have to do, our car had to go into the shop Monday...$$$,  Wilbur is missing and Sara is highly deficient with Vitamin D.  

She called me from school telling me she almost passed out.  Any mother's nightmare!  What if she had been driving?  Luckily she was able to lay down and it subsided.  I told her to get home.  Of course I prayed and called, prayed and called until she pulled into our driveway.  She barely made it up the stairs from being in so much pain....poor kid! 

 Now I don't know if you all remember or not, but back about 2 and a half years ago, she had something similar happen and had to be rushed to the ER in an ambulance.  We found out after numerous tests that she suffered with vasovagal, hashimoto's, hypothyroidism and her antibodies were high meaning her body was attacking her thyroid.   Well long story we go again!

I needed an outlet this evening!  So I made the commitment to "finally" paint this old cabinet.  I have loved it for over 10 years, but lately it has been bugging me.  I love wood for awhile but always end up painting.  I just love painted furniture!

It is a pretty piece...but maybe in someone else's home?  Nahh, I wasn't going to get rid of it...I just made it fit into my home!

Our downstairs has one window so I am always trying to make it light and bright.  This wood just wasn't working.

Now it feels more it belongs.  My eyes don't stop like they used just makes me feel easy breezy!

I couldn't wait to get it finished to see how my hodge podge of china would look.

Pardon the did look pretty but once the doors were closed, you couldn't see them.  And the doors have to stay closed or we'd end up killing ourselves going the the bathroom and our closet.

Now isn't that easier on the eyes? I still want to distress the cabinet, but Mike was asleep...don't think he'd much appreciate me sanding, lol.

I love it now!  It's got broken pieces, splits that have been repaired, legs missing, it leans back...but it has character now and you can see all the blemishes.  Something I love!  It'll look perfect distressed!

It just blends right into the wall!!!!

Now it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!  It blends with the office so much better!

And one thing I have to point out and I'll shut up...see how the wood bled through the paint making it creamy instead of white?  That wasn't planned, but a very happy mishap!  

Now I can go to sleep not so wound up with worry...Sara was feeling a little better when she went to bed.  But if you all will, I'd greatly appreciate some prayers for her.  She's had a time health wise.  I know it's one more thing God will get the glory for so I am praying and believing for a healing!


  1. WOW what a great improvement - it looks terrific. I can't believe the change - it goes so well with everything.
    I will including your daughter Sara in my daily prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. Your cabinet is gorgeous now! I just prayed for your sweet Sara.

  3. Hope your daughter feels better soon. I know very well how if something is can feel horrible!

  4. Prayers for your daughter, prayers change everything :). And your cabinet looks wonderful, as I always write, you are so talented with a great eye!! I love your blog, always lifts my day. xoxoxo

  5. Wow Melanie that looks fantastic. So pretty painted. I hope your daughter is feeling better. I suffer from the same thyroid disease and it is miserable when things are out of whack. Hope the meds help and she starts to feel better.

  6. That hutch looks amazing. What a difference! Glad that Sara is feeling better. Is Wilbur back? I have been praying for him. (and Sara too)

  7. Oh Melanie I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's illness. As a Mom I can relate.... prayers for her well being .
    The cabinet look wonderful. Luv when mishaps turn into design pluses :-). The creamy look of the wood bleeding through is darling.
    Hugs, Gee

  8. Hi... I came over from Cozy Little House...wanted to say, I like the redo on your cupboard; it's funny how things go with decorating. I'm finding I going the opposite way...wanting to see some wood rather than paint everything. I painted my kitchen cabinets last year---and am thinking some distressing would do them good right about now...letting some wood show through! :)
    So sorry to read that your daughter is ill and has had a time with her health. I'm believing God along with you for his healing and HIS GLORY.


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