Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Angel made from an old porch column

I bought 3 columns over the summer and have had them stored away in the garage.  

I had planned flanking them on either side of our bedroom opening but they didn't look right and I felt were too big.

Plus I like my chairs there and I would have had to move them.

This is my husbands buddy and he wanted to pose by the 2 can see they are pretty big.  I had bought 3, one was in worse shape.  But I knew I could do something with them all.....eventually. 

So tonight as I was working in the garage, sleep deprived I might add...another idea hit me!

Make an Angel!

I remembered I had some old Angel wings from costumes from when the girls were little.  They were perfect!

Then I needed a head...what the heck was I gonna use?  A Ball!!!!

I found an old beach ball blown up laying in the garage and then painted it white.  Put it on top, added some berry garland and here she is...ready for Christmas!

I am in love with it!!!  The cross finished it perfectly!

Now, hopefully someone will want to buy the other 2 once they see mine!


  1. Oh ....I love your angel, Melanie! I don't know if I have told you already....but I LOVE your bedroom..gorgeous! Hugs, Penny

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. You are so very talented and have such insight.

  3. You just told me your idea last night and now it's finished! I LOVE it! You put the Energizer Bunny to shame!


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