Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My last few days have been busy

It was really cold last week so all of my flowers died except the mums.  We were letting Gabe and Oliver in the garage to sleep but knew it couldn't stay that way forever because of Sara's allergies.

So we moved Gabes doghouse to the porch since he wasn't going to use it under the stairs.  This past summer we built in under the stairs and added a doggy door for him, but he wasn't about to go in there because he wants to be on the porch with us.  I think he thinks he's gonna miss something.

The porch looks so bare!  We had to take the swing down to have room for his HUGE doghouse.  The girls aren't too happy about that...and eventually Gabe will figure out his swing is gone too.  He loves laying in it!

But for now I think he loves his house!  He even had a little spring in his step today....something he hasn't had very much of lately.  He's 10 years old and our big baby!

I did manage to bring this little table set up the stairs with the hubs help.

And put out a few of my inside Fall decorations out there to spruce it up a bit.

We had a Halloween party to go to.  We thought long and hard and didn't want to spend money on costumes.  So I went as a geisha girl.  You can figure out what the hubby went as...I think he had wishful thinking with that shower cap!  It's so nice to make your own costumes from things we have laying around the house.  I always made the girls costumes...so much more special!

We lost Wilbur and Oliver and has became a whole new cat.  He is an absolute lover now, wanting to be held and loved on.  It's been so hard losing Ozzy and Wilbur...it makes me sick not knowing what happened to them.    

You all know how much I love to sew...so I started making Christmas stockings to sell for some extra Christmas money...something everyone is in need of I'm sure.

Love these pink ones!

I am getting really excited about Christmas!  I think I'll start decorating after this weekend so I can actually enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas without feeling rushed.


  1. OH! i am sooooooo sorry to hear about your kitty!!! i have lost so many to coyotes over the years i just have to keep them inside now. your stockings are darling! you sewing skills simply amaze me!!!
    happy, happy week!

    m ^..^

    1. It is either coyotes or someone is taking our little babies....I so wish we could keep them inside. I just love having them around and I love being able to get the to talk to me. Thanks so much!

  2. I am LOVING your stockings - I am sure they will sell. I am so sorry about your kitties. I hate when that happens and you don't have any answers. xo Diana ps- You wer a cute geisha girl!!!!

  3. Your porch looks great and your sweet dog looks cute poking his head out :) So sorry about your missing kitties :( Your stockings look great--I am not ready for the holidays but ready or not it is coming!

  4. love gabe peeking out of the doghouse. so sorry about your kittens. such darling stockings. your blog is just so lovely!


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