Thursday, October 10, 2013

For a Dear Friend

A dear friend of ours was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease some time ago.  It was a shock to all of us...such a wonderful woman full of life and zest!

I know she must have been devastated with the news but has not shown any sign of sitting down and giving up.

  Her husband, Pat, is a co worker of my husbands and that's how we all met.  I fell in love with Connie from the beginning!  Her amazing blue eyes show you the love and compassion she has for others and the fire and determination of not letting anyone or anything to mess with her and her family.

She's a mother of two wild and crazy boys, Patrick and Andy that love her dearly!  They both have her amazing blue eyes...such handsome boys!

Recently, they had a walk for Connie in support of Parkinson's and Momma Jones. 
Everyone wore their shirts proudly.

When I was first taken to the ER two years ago, Pat and Connie were right by my side.  I will never forget them..the worry and love they had in their eyes was just something I will never forget!

They are having a fundraiser this weekend in support for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for      

I thought I'd donate something to try and help.  I have always been a huge fan on what Michael J. Fox has done.  This disease is awful for those dealing with it on a daily basis.

One of my pumpkins, lace jar tart burners and a picket fence frame all in a cute pink basket.  You all know how much I love pink!

So if any of you are in the area 7:00 pm Saturday October 12th, check out the fundraiser.  It is being held at Fraternal Order of Eagles, 402 Virginia St. Charleston, WV

  I know it would be greatly appreciated by so many! 


  1. Best wishes to your friend! Your donation is really nice :)

  2. Melanie
    This is so sweet of you. Love your cute donation gift. Prayers for your beautiful friend.


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