Thursday, October 31, 2013

One way to make a sign

When I was a little girl, my Mom saved every card and calender that spoke to her .  She would cut out what she loved and would make gift tags, adorn a package or make a picture.  I remember watching her carefully cutting around delicate edges with so much patience.

Well, I don't have that much patience!  

I had a sign that I had bought over the summer because I loved the shape of it.  

I hung it over my stove, but if you all know didn't go with anything in my kitchen.  

So, I've had it in storage for a few months and decided to make a new sign with it...

So of course I get on the internet, start getting ideas and it came to me!  I know it has to do with me only having 5 hours of sleep in 3 days.  But that's how I usually get my ideas...sleep deprived!

I found this on Pinterest under Printables.  Loved the old look of it!  I planned on painting it since my printer never gets the colors right.

Then I found this printable of roses...aren't they pretty?!

Then I painted my sign a flat white...3 coats to be exact.

While it was drying, (this is where I thought about Mom and her patience), I cut out the Merry Christmas and the rose printables.  I was seeing double by the time I finished!

Then I laid everything out on my sign and then modged podged the back of it, not the top since I still wanted to paint.

I thought the blue was perfect until I finished it....YUCK!  Definitely didn't look right with those roses.  The color of the roses were purple, so I started painting over them with some of my hot pink watered down paint so that it wouldn't cover it up...just add some color.

I added some green and definition to the leaves then made the whispy vines to make it more like I had hand painted it all.

That's when I started trying to change the blue Merry Christmas and adding more pink to the roses.

Here you can see it's starting to shape up.  I kept adding to get more definition.  I just played around with things until I liked it. 
Then I sanded the edges on the sign to make it look worn.

And here it is...all finished!  After everything was painted and dry, I went over the whole sign with modge podge to seal it all.

Didn't it turn out pretty?!!!  
I love how it turned out looking really vintage!

Here's another sign I did the other night but it is all hand cheating here.

So there ya have how I cheated on making my Merry Christmas sign.  Really, the hand painted one took less time than it really cheating wasn't that easy! lol


  1. That is amazing Melanie!! I love both of them. I'm not a painter at all, but my grandmother was always making things like that and used mod podge way before it was trendy, lol. It makes me smile thinking we have some parallel aspects with our moms and grandmothers:-)

  2. That is SO pretty! You put one PILE of work into that!!!

  3. I have to smile when I see your handiwork, especially the unique "Merry Christmas" sign. I guess a few genes DID get passed along. ;) And who says that Christmas colors have to be red and green? Your trademark pink and white are perfect!

  4. They are both beautiful but that rose Merry Christmas sign wins the contest! WOW! I absolutely LOVE it. Great job. xo Diana

  5. Wow Melanie they are both pretty but I love that nest sign how sweet and beautiful is that!!! Great job.

  6. They are so pretty - great job. Thanks for sharing how you accomplished this project.

  7. love the hand painted sign, but, great decoupage idea for those who can't paint:)


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