Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Cheap Fix to an Annoying Problem

Years ago, we had an electrician come in and do some work.  One of the things he did was center the light in the stairwell.  But it left a little problem that annoyed the heck out of me.  

Not to mention the wood and brassy ceiling fan. 

A few days ago, Mom and I went to a rummage sale at a church.   They had a foam ceiling medallion that I fell in love with....and I paid only $2 for it!!!

I had no clue how I would use it, but I knew I would figure out something.

So, this is what I did.  I cut it in two, and painted it white.

Then my hubby had the pleasure of figuring out how I was going to be able to get up high enough to attach it.

Now isn't he sweet?  He's my Hercules!  Our oldest stood by nervous holding the paint can for me as I painted the ceiling fan with a brush.  All the while I felt like I was walking a tightrope.

Have I ever mentioned that I am scared of heights?
The key is to not look down, lol!

 Now isn't that so much better? 


  1. THAT is SO MUCH better, Melanie. I love how it looks now. the white medallion is a great finishing touch. xo Diana

  2. Yes, that is definately so much better!!

  3. Very pretty! You are braver than I! I could not have stood there and worked!

  4. SO happy that you were able to correct another one of those pesky things! The medallion looks so much better than a plate to hide that hole, and painting the ceiling fan white finishes the look.

  5. Wow Melanie what a great solution to your hole up there. It looks great. Those things are the greatest glad you found it to for only $2 what a great score.

  6. Wow very worth the trouble.. perfect now glad you didn't fall thought. Yikes...

  7. That looks great! What a great deal on the ceiling medallion. My heart skipped a beat just looking at that picture of you getting up there!

  8. Ola! amiga, amo vir aqui no seu espaço.
    você é criativa incentivando todas nós a fazer o mesmo, até já copiei
    algumas ideias. PARABÉNS e obrigada.

  9. That looks a hundred times better! But Good Lord, girl, please be careful while making your improvements! And I can relate to the fear of heights issue.

  10. Your a brave girl! It looks a thousand times better. That was a great price on the medallion... I bought mine at Lowes and it cost me 30.00 dollars...

    Amy Jo

  11. So much better!!!!
    What a good idea!
    I'm a belgian fan of your blog...

  12. Супер! У вас очень красивый дом! Я люблю белый винтаж и шебби-шик! Желаю удачи! Анисса.

  13. Brilliant looks amazing! Great job and done on a budget too!


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