Tuesday, September 2, 2014

As if I need More Furniture

I always find some of the prettiest furniture (that I don't need) but have the vision of it being painted white and distressed.  As if I need more furniture, I make sure they are pieces that I love just in case I want to swap them out with some of my older ones.

Here are 3 that I bought this past week....I just couldn't resist!

I still have plans for that chair...but the two chests have a new lease on life!

One of the drawers needed repaired so it is still drying.  But you get the picture.  I have no clue on where I am going to put it yet...but I love it!

This little chest called for glass knobs as soon as I seen it!  It was a great deal too!  

Remember this chest?  It stuck out too far and made it kind of tight for passers by, not to mention knees, lol.

So this little chest fit perfectly!  I love the openness of it.  The legs match my coffee table too.

I love how it turned out and did I mention I love to paint everything white?  I still want to make some small appliques for the half moon on the bottom front and sides. 

It fits in so well with everything so much better.

See the difference?   

Of course I wasn't going to part with this beauty...Hannah got it.  Doesn't it look lovely with her bed?  Plus she has more drawers to hide her "junk"....and she has plenty of it!

I had these book ends that came off of the cornice above my bed once we made the canopy.  They were a little too much with the chandelier and all of the frills.  I found a new spot for them....the shower!  They just give a little something to hide the shower rod.  Plus, they look pretty with the shower hooks, don't you think?

I just wanted to share my sofa...I love this thing!  Hard to believe it is red, green and yellow underneath isn't it?

Oh when I look back...I am so happy to be all white now!  It makes my heart feel calm....

I have a little fella wanting to play hide and seek...guess who's doing the seeking?  So I must go hide....

I hope you all are having a blessed week!  I know I am so far...God has been so good to me! 


  1. Melanie,
    I love the new furniture re loves. Beautiful job on all the pieces. Good to see your little kitty is doing good and adjusting to being part of the family. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I wish I had your creativity, design, style and TALENT! (oh and vision)... Everything looks so SWEET, Melanie :)

  3. Love your new pieces! Your couch looks lovely also. Did you sew the couch slipcover yourself? All white with pastel accents make such a difference. I am gradually transitioning to all white decor also...

  4. I just adore your style! Wish you lived down the street so I could go junking with you. Although I don't think the pieces you got could be called junk! Love them all... but the chair is the style I have been looking for... some day I'll find them! What do you paint your furniture with and how do you finish it... wax??? I'm painting an old table and chairs (found on the curb of a neighbor) with a home made chalk paint (Plaster of Paris) and want a hand waxed look without all the work... I guess you could say, I'm cheap, lazy labor, but want high end finish! (hehehehe)! Would love to know how and what you use to paint your gorgeous pieces with??? Well gotta go get that second coat of paint on that table!

  5. More lovely additions to your beautiful home! Great finds! Hugs, Leena

  6. I adore everything you do. I am wanting to try sewing slip covers and wonder what type of material did you use? Cotton, or a blend? Would appreciate any advice as to type of fabric you use. Thank you.


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