Monday, September 15, 2014

Another New Piece

I just couldn't pass this armoire up when I saw it's beautiful detail and lines for $50!  I knew painting it white and distressing it would make it look new again.  
This was the seller's photo...the drawer was busted up and needed major work, the inside had no shelves and a few drawer pulls were broken and needed replaced.  See the big scratch on the front?  It was a deep scratch!

Needless to say, the hubby and I drove to get it and boy was it solid and heavy!  Worth every penny of it in hard work!

This is after we did the work on the drawers, making them into one large drawer and replaced a few of the handles.  I had some pulls from another project that fit perfectly.
Now to start painting!
Here's the inside of the drawer.  We adjoined the two together and then lined the inside with left over beadboard.  The picture doesn't give it justice at just how big and deep it is now.

This is what the inside looked like after I cleaned it up and started painting it.  I didn't want to paint the inside so I left it alone.  But I still needed shelves for all of the junk I had to store in it.

This is the armoire it was replacing and how it looked inside.  I wanted the shelves to be similar to accommodate all of our stuff.

And what it looked like on the outside.  I've had this beauty for many years, adding the crown moulding, appliques, glass knobs, painting it white and I even hung a piece above the doors making it look even more beautiful! was time to move on when I found this beauty!

Isn't she just beautiful?!  She's just an inch smaller than the other one.  

And she is holding all of our stuff with the added shelves.  I love armoires!  They hide all of the yucky cords and electrical junk so nicely making a room look less cluttered in my book.

I love the side view too...she's pretty on all 3 sides!  My other one was a plain Jane since it was meant for book shelves on each side as a unit when I bought it new.

I love how the detail really stands out with a little distressing.

I think she really turned out great!  All of the junk is hidden neatly in those drawers too....and easily accessible.

Sorry for the dark photos...I never can wait until daylight to take photos, lol.

And I played hairdresser again.  This is Chrissy...she asked me to make her hair look like Hannah's.  At first I didn't want to since I was scared that I may burn her hair, but she really wanted it done so I said yes.  Didn't it turn out beautiful in color?!  And it felt like silk once done...such a relief!

Now Hannah wants her hair to be white, lol.  So it looks like I'll be playing hairdresser again soon....

I hope you all are enjoying this new week!
God is so good!


  1. That armoire turned out beautifully! And wow, what a lot of work you put into it!! And you are right, cords do look yucky, lol! I'm dealing with that myself right now, ugh!

  2. Hi Melanie,
    What a beautiful piece. I turned out so pretty. Great job on the armoire and the hair!

  3. very nice !! you are a lady of many talents!

  4. Really nice armoire! You do very good work! Love it! Blessings, Cindy

  5. Gorgeous job Melanie! Where did you find the mouldings, knobs, etc?

  6. The armoire looks great--love the transformation pieces have when dressed in white :) Good job!

  7. I am catching up today and loving it !! Just went through the new posts too - so very happy your Aunt Judy is home and doing well!! God's blessings to all xoxoxoxox


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