Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Porch

This is long overdue....but here is our porch during the summer months.  Between the dog hair, all of the rain, pollen, and saw dust from making the window wall,  I have had my hands full with trying to keep it clean.  I have to admit, I gave up for a month!  Isn't that awful?  I was telling the hubby yesterday that our home is beautiful on the inside, but the outside was beginning to look like Sanford and Son.  So....I rolled up my sleeves, pinned back my hair and got to work!  

I don't know why I've  always had my chairs facing the stairwell, go figure.  It came to me to face them the other way facing the why didn't I ever think of that before?!  Now it's perfect for sitting on the porch!

I really need to wash the house down.  It is filthy and that drives me insane!

Most of my flowers are dying off because of too much rain, so I rescued what was left and put them all up here.

Maybe I can keep my cushions out for awhile since the sun is shining beautifully today.

See how perfect this is for visiting and relaxing?  I am still scratching my head on why I've never done this before.  Oh well, I guess it's one of those senior moments I hear everyone talking about....

One of my ferns died...always a sad day when that happens.  I love ferns!  Mammaw did too...

You may be surprised...but this is where I do the girls hair coloring.  They pull up the stool and this is where I mix everything and work from.  Those fumes will kill a person if you're not outside!   Can you imagine what people think when they are driving by?  

I love to come out and swing....there is something about having a swing on a porch.  I grew up with one on Mammaw's front porch and I have so many sweet memories of sleeping, playing and courting. 
(don't tell the hubby that I courted before him)

It's a great day to enjoy the sun!

So there is our I must go play with this little booger because he is climbing the walls and ready to pounce!

It's almost Friday...I can rest then because the girls can play with him!


  1. Your porch is lovely and what a great place to relax and have a sweet tea. So sorry that your fern died and your flowers are not holding up. Mine are in bad shape since we have no rain at all in 2013/2014. Hope we get some soon during our rainy season.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your porch looks so shabby and romantic...i love it! How sweet your little cat!

  3. It looks gorgeous Melanie!! I certainly have let mine go this summer and even had a desk sitting on the front porch until yesterday! My mammaw had a porch swing too so that mak me think of her:-)

  4. What a pretty porch ! Your entire home is AMAZING!

  5. A porch is my favorite room of the house.....I sold my farmhouse last year with a three sided porch...Oh how I miss my porch!! Yours is so lovely, I get heart sick when I see porches but I keep it in perspective! Love the touches of pink on your porch and of course, the beautiful wicker......a porch isn't a porch without a swing!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  6. Oh, I just love your porch. I can just see myself sitting there with a cup of hot tea and a book. You are very lucky to have such a beautiful place to sit and visit with someone. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Melanie,
    Always soooo fun visiting your blog, and, of course looking at your new pretties and makeovers !!! Everything looks sooo charming, and love that you STILL love everything white, splashes of blue, and pink roses !!! A lot of what I have in my home and NEVER tire of the romantic look !!! I wanted to ask you tho, if there is any wonderful, cute little shops near your home town. I will be visiting one of my friends in Maryland the beginning of October, and am try ing to search out some sweet places to go for lunch and some fun, charming shops. I'm doing my research.....last year when I was there, we went everywhere from MD. PA. WV. VA, and Washington DC......and it was so difficult finding "our" kind of stores. I look in the back of Romantic Homes and Romantic Country magazines looking for places, but, thought I would ask a few of my favorite blogger friends. Here in California we have soooo many in EVERY city, I could go shopping somewhere different everyday. I want to find somewhere new and fun to "explore" ....... IF you know of any, and can send me some info, that would be wonderful !!! I am soo excited to get to the East Coast in the FALL !!! My favorite time of the year ........ hope I'm not getting there to early for all the turning of the leaves ...... we sure don't get much of that here ....... beach weather 24/7 it seems :(:( ...... okay sweets, any info would be wonderful,and, soo appreciated ...... hoping your day is wonderful and restful ........ Blessings and love to you and your family !!! your home looks glorious and again, always fun to peek inside xoxo ~Tanza~

  8. Beautiful summer porch Melanie. You have gorgeous property too. Cute kitty, so happy for you.

  9. Beautiful!! I know what you mean about keeping the outside clean. It is a chore I don't relish.

    Amy Jo


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