Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Chandelier

You all know the drill by now....when I get something, it's getting a paint job!

I found this pretty gem on a FB Yard sale site for $35.  I don't think I could possibly have enough chandeliers!

Some of the gems were missing, but I knew I could replace them after I painted it.

She turned out perfect!  Can you guess where I hung it?  I didn't want to hard wire it, so I made it into a corded light that has a switch for on and off.  That way, if I ever want to move it, I can.

I carried it all throughout the house looking....I am bad about not having a place for things when I buy them.  But in my defense, I seem to always find a spot. (snicker)

Don't you think it looks nice over the bed?

Kind of romantic, right?  I think a medallion would look nice with it, don't you?

Not too big either....

And such a pretty view from the kitchen!

Life has been busy around here.  Lots of testing still going on with my health.  It looks like I will be having an endoscopy and colonoscopy done sometime in the near future.  I thought for sure my gallbladder was a mess but after having a HIDA scan, it proved all was working properly there.  So we'll see.  Prayers always appreciated in that area. (wink wink)

I've played hairdresser yet once again with my oldest daughter's hair.  

Her roots were growing out, so she decided to do an indigo blue instead of purple.  This kid cracks me up....not afraid to be different either!

Here is a picture my youngest drew of her for art class when Sara had purple hair.

I think she nailed it!  

And here is the artist...

One day she came home from school and I made her smile so I could take a photo of her before I let her in.  My girls, for some reason, won't let me take photos of them.  Think me posting them on here might have something to do with it? lol

Me and Louis have been hanging out a lot and playing.  I swear, I think he can read my mind when I pull out my phone or camera.  He knows he's about to get his photo taken and he poses every time!

See that little bell?  I love hearing it ring first thing in the morning...he makes me smile.

So far, Sara hasn't had too many problems with her allergies with him staying inside.  As long as we keep him out of the bedrooms and the back room, she should keep doing fine along with taking her allergy meds.

And as for this man saying that he's never been a cat person, well he sure can't fool me.  Just look at him laying there snuggling with Louis!

Now isn't that just the sweetest?!!

I hope all of you are doing well and that your week has went great!  I know without God in my life, I could say that mine was awful.  But thankfully, God has been right there with me through it all and I have been blessed!


  1. I like the picture with your cat, you look pretty.

  2. Good Morning Melanie. Ohhhhhh love the chandelier over the bed. Very pretty and love it white. Great job on that one. I get things too and never really have a certain place in mind when I get them I just know I need it and will find a place for it lol! Louis is too adorable. He does seem like he is posing. What a cutie. Love the pic with the hubby and him. Too cute. Hope you get some answers soon on your health. It is so frustrating when they cannot find the problem. Keeping good thoughts for you.

  3. The chandelier over the bed is so beautiful! The bedroom is so shabby and romantic...just adorable.

  4. Very pretty chandelier! Your daughter looks just like you.

    Amy Jo

  5. Great chandelier, really nice size! Your girls are beautiful! Blessings, Cindy


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