Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mothers Day to Me

My family knows I look forward to Mother's Day every year...because they always buy me oodles of flowers!

They take me to our local Farmers Market and let me choose what I want.  I got nuts every year!  We ran out of room so Sara had to sit up front on Hannah's lap as we took her to her car.  We all got a big laugh out of that!

The memories we make are priceless!  And the photos I capture will always tell the tale.

Of course work begins as soon as I get home....the possibilities of what everything will look like is so exciting to me.  My ex brother in law brought me the gorgeous bird bath, free!  My sweet hubby came up with the idea with planting flowers in it since the fountain no longer worked.  This is what I came up with....sitting a huge hanging basket on the very top to allow it to cascade down into the pool of water from all of the rain we've had.  The little birds love it!

Petunias always do so well, so I made sure to get plenty for all of my planters.  I love to mix in other flowers too.  This is some type of lavender bloom with the petunias, it smells so good!

This large hanging basket is absolutely gorgeous!  It has some type of potato plant in is huge!

We worked on cleaning the back deck on Mother's Day.  Now I need to paint!  See that gorgeous scroll piece above the windows?  I found that on one of the yard sale sites on facebook.  Of course I painted it white....

And what porch or deck isn't complete without a fern?

A few years ago, I bought the diamond patterned window grid and had the bright idea the other night at adding shutters to it.  I think this is my favorite decoration on the deck...besides all of my gorgeous flowers!

The window boxes all have white petunias in them.  I think it showcases the pretty pink on the boxes perfectly.  I can't wait until they grow!

See Lucie laying under the bench seat?  Thankfully that fencing keeps her out or she'd tear up all of my flowers!

It's now a day after Mother's Day and I think after all of the planting and cleaning.... I will sit on our swing and relax on the deck for a bit and enjoy how pretty everything is.

I hope each of you Mom's out there had a very blessed Mother's Day and the ones that we no longer have were fondly remembered with tender love.


  1. Everything looks absolutely beautiful, especially since you've been able to add your gorgeous flowers. I thought I spotted my little grand-doggy under the bench when I first glanced at the pictures. One of my favorite pieces is the "Sit a spell" plaque--that's one thing I certainly can do in this peaceful spot.

  2. Melanie, your yard is so lovely! Every time I visit I come away amazed at what you have done. Thank you for the inspiration!
    xx Jo

  3. So beautiful and romantic. Just love it ❤️
    Love from Me


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