Sunday, May 29, 2016

~All Because Two People Fell In Love~

 We couldn't have asked for better weather or a more perfect day!
For weeks we've watched the weather forecast, it kept saying rain.  After having this day planned for many months and dreaming of an outside event, it was disheartening to see.  But I have someone in my life that created  the weather...GOD.  I prayed for a beautiful day and He answered.

This day was amazing!
I've always dreamed of having a spring/summer, outdoor wedding.  When we were married 25 years ago, it was in the Winter (my most favorite season of all).  I had wanted a cold, snowy day, but instead we got warm temps and lots of sunshine.  Kinda ironic isn't it?  But it was a gorgeous day then and it was another gorgeous day this time as well.

We used everything from around our home.  The canopy was draped with painters drop cloths to hide the bright blue tent.  Then panels were stapled to the ends to create curtains on the front.  Old louvered closet doors from the girls closets were used on the back ends.  Flowers were gathered from the back deck and the chairs were brought from there and inside.  Mike and I made the arch from some tree limbs and a column that we split in two.  Silk flowers came in handy to decorate the tops with.  A sign I've had for years was the perfect finishing touch representing our 25 (really almost 29 with dating) years together. 

"All Because Two People Fell In Love"

We kept it small and simple, only a handful of people were invited.  Not because we didn't want to share this day with others, but because we wanted this day just for us.

We had a very special photographer, her name is Sarah and is best friends with our oldest daughter.  She captured some amazing shots and I can't begin to thank her enough for making our day last forever!  I've had a blast editing them here is our day!
It really is a blessing to have a family that is so talented.   My sweetie DJ's in his spare time.
The song we walked out to was by Third Day called Mountain of God. The words represent us so well.

 The twists and turns, all of the bumps, the ups and downs....well they've not been easy.  BUT....through it all, we've clung onto God and each other.  I pray we make it another 25!

We've made a beautiful life together.  Our daughters, our love, our home....without God, none of this would be here.

Our pastor, Scott, has been right by our side most of the way.  He's seen us fight, love, and cry...but he's always been there for us.  There was no other that we would want to officiate our renewal.   

Telling our life story brought tears to our eyes.  It was truly the most special day!  Having our two daughters standing there with us made our life story visible to everyone.  Two of the most beautiful young women, inside and out!  

We wrote our vows to each other and let me say, we both cried.

This man has had my heart, he's always had it from the first time he said "I love you" to me.  That look of love and care, it just melts my heart over and over.

~True love at it's best~


Freindships, love and family....

And I was so happy to have my mother and Uncle here to celebrate this day with us just like 25 years ago!









Every ounce of our marriage has been worth it!  The smiles we smile are for real, the tears we've shed have turned into hugs and forgiveness.  And our lives have been a result of the commitment and hard work we give to each other.  Neither of us have been perfect, but we TRY....each and every day, we TRY!  And thanks be to the good LORD up above, we have made it this far.


Thanks for sharing in our day!


  1. I cried at your first ceremony and I shed tears at the vow renewal, too. How proud I am of you and Mike!

  2. Oh gosh, Melanie, I am crying! This is so incredibly sweet. Your entire family is beautiful, including your Mother Sara and Uncle Jack. May you blessed with 2 x 25 more - at least!

  3. Oh Melanie, what a beautiful tribute to your marriage. I loved seeing the most wonderful pics. May our God, our Lord continue to bless you!!!

  4. Oh Melanie, what a beautiful tribute to your marriage. I loved seeing the most wonderful pics. May our God, our Lord continue to bless you!!!

  5. Oh dearest Melanie 💖 This is so Fantastic and beautiful 😍 I've never seen so pretty wedding pictures, and you and your husband looks so happy 💑 I wish for you 25 more years of happiness ❤️🌹❤️
    Thank you for sharing this happy day with us ❤️


  6. What a beautiful, beautiful ceremony...held with those you love the most close by your side. Perfection! Congratulations and Blessings- xo Diana

  7. How very beautiful! Congratulations and wishes for a splendid future

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  9. Muchísimas felicidades mis queridos hermanos en Cristo Jesús, por renovar los votos matrimoniales.Que nuestro amado Señor siga bendiciendo vuestra hermosa familia. Muchos besitos para todos ustedes 😙😙

  10. Me encanta cada instantánea.Transmite mucho amor y romanticismo. Las niñas están radiantes ,al igual que su bella mamá. Las fotos con tu esposito,reflejan mucho amor, romanticismo,complicidad.Llevaron a cabo una renovación de votos muy romántica y muy encantadora. 😀😀

  11. Beautiful...I hope the next 25 years are filled with the same love that has sustained you thus far. We are looking at 48 this year---. Many happy years to gather...blessings, Sandi

  12. Dear Melanie, it is so refreshing to see that you are truly happy in your marriage after 25 years. Congratulations. Your story and pictures brought tears to my eyes. I was married for 35 years in an abusive relationship I finally had to quit I just couldn't hold on any longer. So you see why the tears. I so wanted life to be different, but I look at my 4 beautiful children and 11 grands and know that even though I don't have a man on my arm it's okay. Thank you for sharing your accomplishment, it is beautiful. Jo


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