Monday, April 25, 2016

Inspired By a Gown

While trying to zero in on a style that my daughters would be happy with for a dress, I ran across a white, cotton,  summer gown that I fell in love with.    I've been working on my vow renewal dress and finally finished it.  The gown inspired me to make one from some scraps that I had left over from a shower curtain and some sheets.  

Here it is with my beautiful model....

I hand dyed the shower curtain and sheets to match my dress so that I could use pieces of it.  The embroidered lace with the scallops are what I used and had all of this left over.

I made it for me, so that's why it's so big on her...but it looks so cute frumpy.  I see a photo shoot soon in a field of flowers!

The sheer, gauzey fabric was sewn in on the gave some pretty detail.

You can see the button holes for the shower hooks here on the pockets.  I want to find some pretty ribbon and tie blousey bows to them.  

I'm pretty happy with how this little piece turned out....just like I saw in my head!

I have more fun making slipcovers and such rather than clothes...but I could do this type of clothing any day!


  1. You do such clever things....looks great!

  2. Sweet Melanie, you are so very talented. I adore your style and to bring it into your wardrobe is fabulous. Thank you for your inspiration. Jo

  3. This is so beautiful! What a great job! It's romantic with a touch of Bohemian and Nordic style.
    Love it.



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