Sunday, April 27, 2014

More Work on the Deck

Happy Sunday everybody!
It's a beautiful day here today and I have lots left to do on my "to do" list.  But I am slowly marking things off (and adding more) every day.  

You all know how I've been working on the back deck, right?  Well, the entry was driving me a little bonkers because of all of the straight lines.  I had said earlier that I was thinking of moving my scrolly piece that I had in my "laundry room" to it and I did just that.  Of course it sparked all sorts of new ideas for me...which is usually how it goes.  I tell ya, I am ADD when it comes to focusing on one task at hand.  

So here's the scrolly piece in the laundry room...

I loved it but we all know that lint and dust gathers especially in a room like this so it was no fun trying to keep it clean with all of the little scrolly pieces.

So this is what I did in it's place....I love it!

You all should know by now just how much I love china....

Much easier to keep clean too!

And here is the scrolly piece over the entrance to the deck which can bee seen from our yard and driveway.

It is much prettier in person.  I've had so much fun hanging all sorts of iron work back here.  I found some old bracket hangers from last year that I had stored away and added them to the corners.

Don't they add a little more charm?  I am loving my deck!  Mom came up the other day and she said "it's so nice back here."  We both really hated it back here years ago...always so hot and you couldn't walk on the deck barefooted without burning our footsies!  The white floor has really helped and the roof we built sure has too!

I made bench cushions for the bench areas....they sure feel nice on the fanny.  (grinning in comfort)

I found this little birdhouse stored away and it got a new paint job.  Hanging it on the window sure did add some pretty pink color....

And here is a project we finished on Saturday.  One of those "honey, can we do this?" as I was working on other things.... lol  Like I wasn't busy enough!

Of course I will be painting it in a little while.  I think it'll add that charm and character I am wanting so bad this year.  We are making another one for our other door by the garage.  I am planning on trimming out this door also...I think it'll look better once I do that.  Please excuse the dirt...the pollen has been awful so I am not cleaning the floor or washing the house down until it dies down a little.  Until then, I think I can stay busy don't you?


  1. Meraviglioso tutto!Buona domenica!Rosetta

  2. Everything looks lovely. Your laundry room is so pretty and I wouldn't mind doing the laundry in that lovely room. Thanks for sharing all your projects = great job.

  3. Great job, Melanie - as always!

  4. Everyone can take it from me: the back deck feels like an oasis! It's peaceful, quiet, and even more beautiful in person. It amazes me at how much cooler it is with the roof. I'm a porch sitter and the front porch always was my favorite. Not any more! You've succeeded in creating an outdoor space that not only is functional but beautiful as well. The old windows frame the space perfectly, and adding all of the scroll work gives it your signature touch. I know that those built-in benches always have been a problem area, even though they were designed to provide extra seating space. The spindles from the salvaged baby bed make a perfect back support at the benches and the cushions beckon guests to "come sit a spell." The only dilemma you've created for me these days is that it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite spot!

  5. Oh Melanie. This is awesome. How sweet and gorgeous. I love all the vintage touches with hanging the old windows. Love the scrolls too. Great job.

  6. I love how pretty and cheery your home looks..


  7. Everything so romantic and sweet

  8. Your back deck is looking awesome! I love how you put that frame around the plate in the laundry room too. Your laundry room is so pretty I wouldn't even mind doing laundry in there!

  9. It looks absolutely beautiful back there, Melanie. I love how it has turned out. Your laundry room really looks great with the plates and frame up in there. I love it- I always just love coming here to visit and see what you are up to next. lol Have a wonderful week in your sweet spot! xo Diana

  10. Glad you're still working on keeping these in good shape. It's easy to take this task for granted. Yet with the proper motivation and tools, we can really get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Weston Adams

  11. Simplesmente encantador! 😍💖😍


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