Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've been a busy Gal

Last Sunday, I had to take our daughter Hannah to the DR.  She was super sick and running a fever.  After her being tested and diagnosed, while I was checking out....she almost passed out.  I had to grab a hold of her and as I looked into her eyes, her pupils were so small.  I yelled for someone to please get her a chair and they ran to get one.  She sat down and I grabbed her legs to keep them elevated.  The nurses were all so sweet and so concerned.  They ran to get her a soda since she hadn't eaten or drank anything for breakfast.  I had bought her a biscuit on our way but she just couldn't eat anything.  Her throat was so sore and we found out that her ears were really infected which made her stomach nauseous. 
So, long story short....I work when I do not feel good or if something is bothering me.  I was so worried about her, but I knew God had her in His hands.  

This is what I did....

 I made a canopy for the little roof we made last weekend.  I didn't want anything that was water repellent so I used some old outdoor fabric I had stored away.  Some really smart people even mentioned using a paint tarp...which I thought was brilliant!  Maybe I'll do that for the little roof we plan on making for the side garage door.

It's such a nice change to actually have a little shade for this door....the sun really shines bright back here!

We trimmed out the door which made a HUGE difference I think!

Hanging my wreath on the outside really did the trick in shabby-ing this space up!

This is where I bring in our groceries so it's a nice welcome for us to come home to.  Around the bend is the deck...I have more plans for a little something that I think will be adorable!  I want to be able to keep our neighbors dog from tracking his muddy paws all over my white porch, lol.

I finally found some beautiful hanging baskets at our local hardware store (Smith's Truevalue) that were so healthy looking.  I just couldn't resist!

Do you spot anything different to the built in seating?  I added some cute fencing (another way to keep critters off).

I love all white but anyone knows when you start doing it you need texture or it will all fade in together.  The fencing gives me that texture that I am wanting along with a little charm and protection.  I mean, we do have deer that walk and run across our deck which scares the devil right out of us...especially at night.  When I was in the hospital years ago, my aunt Judy was staying here at night and then coming to stay with me during the day.  When I woke up, she told me a story about sleeping in the back room and hearing something walk across the deck...I will never forget her eyes.  She was scared, lol!  

Anyway...I hung some clothesline with some pretty shabby clothespins.  I still want to hang some white Christmas lights all around the top.  See the scrolly piece at the roof line?  It used to be in the master bath.  I changed a few things in there...

I found this little shelf on one of the FB yard sale sites.  Can you believe I didn't have to paint it?

I'm still trying to decide if I want the large shutter in the corner or a smaller one.  It hides the yucky things for the toilette.  I cannot stand for yucky things to be seen!  The shelf fit perfectly in place of the scrolly piece and picture.  We all need a little change now and then don't we?

And here is one more thing I worked on.  Adding more ruffles.  After making the cornice for the columns, my ruffles that I made at the top were not seen once I hung the rods inside.  So I cut a piece from the bottom up above the ruffles and added it to the top. Which brought them down  to be seen.

Much better...but I have more plans for the cornice.  See how there is no texture on it?  I am adding some fencing to it.  I cannot wait to do it!  Have you all looked at Kris's upper cabinets when she did  at her's  Junk Chic Cottage?

I just love it!  

So there ya have I'm off to do some more things.  Oh, Hannah is doing much better! I can relax a bit.


  1. That looks so great, Melanie. I just love everything you have done there. So sorry your daughter was so sick. It sounds like she is on the mend now, though. Your deck is so GREAT. I just love it and I know you will love using it this year. xo Diana

  2. Oh. When a child is sick, our whole world is off. Glad she's feeling better.

  3. I don't think "relax" is in your vocabulary...WHEW! You might rest your body occasionally, but your mind never shuts down with ideas, even in your sleep.

  4. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for showing my kitchen when I had the fencing on the soffits. It was so fun to decorate up there with lights at Christmas etc. I love your deck it is so pretty. DId you make your umbrella. I want one like that for my deck this year. Did you paint the fabric and then add the ruffles? So sweet.

  5. Everything looks so nice. Love the ruffles, makes me wish I was more handy with the sewing machine. Trust your daughter continues to get better.

  6. Healing thoughts for your girl! I was wondering, do you sell your amazing goods anywhere or do custom work?

  7. Wow! and I do mean wow! You got so many things done! I love all your touches....but I would LOVE seeing the deer!!

  8. Very Pretty! You always have the neatest ideas. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

    Amy jo


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