Friday, April 18, 2014

Adding a Little Character

The deck needed a little character I thought...and what could I do?  And cheaply....

The first thing that sparked the idea was adding an old door to the back of this make shift bench we built last year.  The old door did the trick and made me want to do more.

So I added a window in the open space above it.  Perfect...but then I wanted more!

So I came up with the idea of building an open frame around the uncovered part of the deck.  I knew I wanted to add more old windows, so this idea was perfect!  The frame only cost a little over $20.  I already had the stain and the door.  
My kind of project!

Mom had found an old crib by the road that someone was throwing away.  I've used parts of it in different places.  These spindles have been in the garage calling to me to do something with this is what I did.  I can't wait to go to our Farmers Market and buy some HUGE hanging baskets of flowers to hang on the brackets.  I think that'd add the finishing touch, don't you?

I left a window out of this open space on purpose and on the other side of the other two.  Trying to not get it too busy looking....I am not a fan of that.

I pulled out all of the cushions I made last year and the umbrella cover.  The smelled so good!  My cushions all faded from the sun, but still were in great shape.  So I seen no need to make new ones....easy peasy!

I also painted my table white from the pink I had done last year.  It just looks better with all of the white I think.

I made the sign over the entrance...but want to find a large scrolly piece.  I may take the one down that I have in the laundry room and put here if I don't find one soon.  Things like this drive me crazy...

I cannot wait for the petunias to get all nice and bushy!!!

Flowers make everything look so much prettier!  They fill in bare spaces and add a cozy touch....

This deck is still in a "work in progress" I'll be posting more photos of the updates, and when my flowers grow. (Happy Face)

I've held onto this wicker chair all Winter long in the garage....I am so happy I did!  It used to be in our Master Retreat.

I had to buy some ferns....I love how they soften up surroundings and give that beautiful green pop to blah colors.

Last night, I came out carrying my cushions and knocked over my petunias here....I have to replant them with more dirt since most of it is laying on the ground, lol.  I was so mad at myself for being so clumsy!

And to think, this all started from an old door....


  1. I just love your sense of whimsy and style! Where do you get the time and energy to work on such thing?!? You inspire me for sure!


  2. Melanie- It looks just beautiful! I love it. It is open and airy and yet feels intimate. Great idea with those old windows and that door. Did you do a tutorial on making that umbrella cover? I need to check back and see it again. I remember when you did it. IF you get a chance pop by my blog and sign up for my giveaway- I know it is not your "color" but it is a nice giveaway! xo Diana

  3. Hey Melanie- Just a quick note to let you know that I got your comments. You are a No Reply when you leave a comment so I can't comment back. Oh, yeah- I hope to meet you if you get up here this summer. I just love Tina. I think you know she and my daughter are BFFs and their daughters are good friends, too. Have a blessed Easter- xo Diana

  4. It's just beautiful.. I love all of it.. with love Janice

  5. Really impressed Melanie...everything looks just amazing!!!

  6. aggggggggggggg.....don't change my pink laundry room! lololol ...i have an idea to toss out there for your entrance/sign area, instead of changing one iota of my pink laundry roooooooooom........hahahaha.....FIRST THOUGH: .you know it goes without saying that I LOVE THIS!!.....and i totally agree that it looks beautiful in the one framed area where you decided to leave out the window to keep it ''not so busy''....i too think that just adds the perfect opening there to keep it fun and cozy and decorated, yet have that open airy feel to the vista of your pines......i love how you acknowledged them with those 2 iron tree thingies in that photo.....also, somehow i missed your pink flower boxes! how i did that, i do not know!.......BUT I LOVE love looooooooooove.....<3 and even though it does sound funny to prefer any color over pink, i think it was a wise decision to paint your table white now to accommodate all the new details of this new white framework and windows........NOW, back to my beloved pink laundry mommy!! takie from there!! lolol......seriously though.....i did have an idea come to my brain when i went into the traumatized zone of the possibility of you changing what is now myyyyyyyyyyy pink laundry room in any way :) about building an arch outta lattice and attaching it to the framework of your ''cottage sign'' entryway to this deck? .....OR: another idea was to ask if you have any more of those archy brackets you used on the front porch that you could add there underneath the sign on those frame pieces to form an arched entryway there instead taking from my perfect laundry room ?? really like the idea of lattice out there for some reason i think it would just add something so charming and ''garden room'' to this mix....But, i forget if you like lattice, i think you have it underneath your front porch? no? you made an arch outta lattice and put it on that deck's entryway framework, then added that little sign inside of the lattice, it could beef up that sign & be so adorable AND most of all: leave my pink laundry room of perfection as is :)........lolololl.......isn't it funny how pink is perfection, and yet the table looks better in white now that you added all this new dreamy the windows.....can't wait to see it when the flowers all come into bloom.....all joking aside, I LOVE IT & it's such a fun post for Spring ~ susie


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