Friday, August 2, 2013

Learning to Paint

You see...I can paint an armoire or an upholstered chair without blinking an eye.
for years I have yearned to paint roses and here lately, birds.   

My aunt Judy is one talented lady when it comes to painting.  She never gives herself enough credit though.  I finally convinced her to teach me how to paint what I've always wanted to!

First I am going to share just a few of her practice pieces when she learned years ago.  She's going to kill me for posting photos of her stuff, but she'll get over it.  WINK WINK

This was a reverse piece she did on 
plexi-glass...isn't it beautiful?!!

This is on wax paper...I love the pinks and creams!

And I love these flowers! 
 She said this was a trash item she decided to paint on to see if she could..I think she did perfect!

Now, Aunt Judy is a very humble person.  She's the type that would much rather be behind the scenes instead of being in front of people having the attention all on herself.  I think I am a lot like her.  I've said I would much rather be cleaning bathrooms than being in front of people giving a speech.  My girls are just like me...however, their Daddy loves being the center of attention! 

We took the girls to Kings Island this past week and I had my Mama come and house sit for us.  So Aunt Judy came down and stayed with Mom while we were gone.  
The day after we came back,  she and I sat up after midnight painting.  This is what I did...

She was so proud of me..and I have to say that I was too!  I didn't think I could do it!  She then told me I didn't need any more lessons....GULP!  

So the next day, this is what I painted after she left.

Can you tell it's getting a little better?

Now this is what I painted the night after she left...let me say this one was a learning experience.  I hate the leaves and that tree was meant to be a frame of some sort and I messed it up. I do love how the purple lilacs turned out though.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make my paint more it'll just take time.

This is what I painted after the last one....and I love it!  I am so hooked on birds right now...heck with the roses!

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and start on something else!

Thank you Aunt are one amazing teacher!!!


  1. How sweet! I think you did a fantastic job Melanie.

  2. Congratulations. You are already doing a good job and you will get better and better and better. LOVE those little birds! xo Diana

  3. You are one AMAZING woman!!!!!!!! Now paint some birds and roses on a piece of some kind and
    let me buy your first PAINTING!!!!! I'm in awe of you, sweetie, you are SO inspiring!!!!! <3 Judy aka JudyBug

  4. Melanie, you are doing a fantastic job - keep up the good work. Love the birds, they are soooooo cute.

  5. I am not the least bit surprised. You've been artistic from the time you were a toddler--I still have macaroni pictures and pieces you painted in vacation Bible school to prove it. This kind of artwork is just another way to express that talent. The progress you've made in only two days might amaze others, but your mama knows the zeal you have when you discover a new passion. And you couldn't have had a better teacher than Judy. That sister of mine is awesome! Mike needs to be warned, though--if he stays in one place very long, he might end up with a rose painted on his belly! (By the way, don't forget that those fat little bluebirds are my absolute favorite.)

  6. Her painting is beautiful, and so is yours! I tried painting roses on a cradle my then 4 1/2 year old daughter just "had to have". Yeah, she didn't play with it once, so I donated it. BUT, the point is, I painted roses for the first time, and by gosh, didn't they turn out pretty good?! It is amazing what talents we all have that we just don't know we have, until that is, we give it a try!


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