Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to my Madness

Welcome to my madness...once I start on something, I will stay up until it is finished!

Recently I bought this love seat from my favorite site...Facebook Yardsale for $50.  I fell in love with the lines and knew it could be perfect somewhere in my home.  
Where...I had no clue yet, lol.

(Not My Photo)

The colors were pretty, but you all know me...not in my home.

So this is what I did.

The upholstery was still in perfect condition, so chalk paint it was.  I didn't do the seat cushion or the backrest though because I wanted to slip cover them.

You all really need to try this chalk paint on furniture.  It is absolutely amazing!  See how the fabric shows through?  
I love it!

I made the slipcover from a "Shabby Chic" quilt I recently bought on clearance at Target.  I knew it would come in handy one day. (wink wink)   Then I added the "Cherry Blossom" strips in between the white ruffles to give it some color and sweetness.

I used every ounce of this quilt which was a twin.  But I still just wasn't happy with how the bottom looked.

I loved the legs and still wanted them to be seen, so I added the ruffles all the way around but not covering the legs.  I have a secret, can you all guess what I did to add the ruffles?  Here's a hint....everything is easily removed for washing. 

Well, one thing led to another like usual and I moved the furniture around.  The two pink chairs just wouldn't fit, plus the pink slipcover didn't look right with all of the white on the love seat.  I remembered that long ago, I had started on a slipcover for one of the pink chairs but never finished it.  I pulled it out and all I had to do was add a ruffle to the bottom.  

Sorry about the wrinkles...they'll fall out with a little wrinkle releaser.
I had an old twin bed ruffle in eyelet that worked perfectly!

I found this lamp over the weekend on a pickin' trip.  Loved the detail, plus it was really old and heavy!

It got a paint job, can ya tell?  

It came with an old vintage lampshade that was dry rotted.  I ripped it all apart and recovered it.  It turned out beautifully!

I love using old things and giving them new life once again!  

So, you are probably wondering how I moved things around....

Everything fit perfectly!  The girls made sure I kept an ottoman in here for that added touch of 

It got a new slipcover too. I didn't have any cording to add...but, I kinda like it plain and simple.  Again, sorry for the wrinkles, lol!

I love this room...I can divide it up into two spaces.  I've had the bed on the seating side but I like it much better over there where it is.  

It's nice to walk in and see all of the brightness with the white.  
Y'all know how much I love white!

I even had enough room to add another little lamp that I had stored away.  

The little flower stand is being so patient with me...she's been all over the place here lately!  But I think she likes it back here.

You can see I have plenty of room between the bed and seating area....plus privacy for guests.

So there ya go...you've seen my madness and it has paid off once again!  
Now it's time for a NAP!


  1. Ohhhhhh Melanie these pieces turned out so sweet. I love them both. Who knew about painting the fabric with chalk paint!!! Wow that came out so nice. You deserve a nap this is beautiful Great job.

  2. Beautiful!!! Love it!!!!!! You're aaaaaamazing!!!!! Love me some hard work and then a NAP! LOL :-)

  3. It looks great. Your hard work really pays off. It's really funny- I saw the twin to this piece on a blog today and she was wondering what to do with it. I sent her a link to your blog. Love it, Melanie- xo Diana

  4. Hi Melanie! I'm Angela and I blog over at twelveoaksmanor.com! I'm the one with your twin love seat and I posted about it today wondering if I should paint or slipcover!! The decorating Gods are at work today!! I love what you did!! Makes me move towards painting!! ~~Angela

  5. Gorgeous Melanie, everything looks beautiful.

  6. That looks so gorgeous Melanie! You did a great job on that chair. I am glad you started a blog too. XO

  7. Your talent has no end Melanie! I love it all, but especially the sofa!

  8. Wow...it looks so dreamy! Can i ask how the paint feels on thecfabric. I have a chair i might try this on. Thanks for shaing.

  9. Can I come stay in this room? LOL It is beautiful. You are fab at what you do.

    Amy Jo

  10. This looks beautiful and you did such a fabulous job1 I would never have thought to paint part and slipcover the other! Great idea to use the bed covering you got on clearance! I get old bed linens from thrift shops and use them as fabric too. The whole room looks so bright and cheerful - very inviting! I bet that the person you bought the love seat from would be shocked to see it now! I'm not familiar with FB Yard sale - will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  11. I love your madness. That painting furniture is something I haven't tried yet. That little couch looks amazing! Do you use real Annie Sloan chalk paint, or what?

  12. You did a FANTASTIC job on that ottoman! It turned out so, so, pretty!!!

  13. I just love everything!!! This is the style I'm going with in my bedroom. I have to tune down the pinks, yellows, and light greens I like. But not in the bedroom. I told hubby that is my zone and he said that's fine. I will be taking some of your ideas if that's okay. :-)

  14. I love your work and am wondering if you'd be willing to quote a slipcover repair (or replacment) project I need to get done. Would you contact me via email? kim(at)livingvintageco(dot)com.



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