Saturday, August 10, 2013

~It all started with a little table~

I have a lady that I love to deal with from one of the Facebook yardsale sites.  She had a table for sale and when I saw it, I knew it had some great possibilities!

Now most would run from something like this because of the top being so rotted....
but those legs just made me drool!

My mind began to ponder...and I bought it!  I knew I was going to make a desk, but for who was the question.  To sell or keep?

Then one night before I picked it up..... my oldest daughter (Sara) said she would love to have a desk.

That's when I knew!

So I brought it home, took off all of the old planks of wood and sanded the legs down to paint.  Bought wood for the top and went to town.

There was another idea that sparked while talking with Sara.  She had said if she could just have a desk with a mirror up above it, then that would be perfect.  I remembered that I had found a dresser mirror at a sale and didn't have anything for it to be added to.  
It fit perfectly!    
Everything got a new paint job and some distressing.

Sara kept coming into the garage asking when it would all be done.  I have never seen her so excited about me finishing something like she did with this.
So, her dad and I carried it up before it was completely finished so she could use it.  You can see the storage unit we put underneath it to hold all that came out of the drawers from her old dresser.

And here she is...all done...skirt and all.
I think she really turned out perfectly for what Sara was wanting....More Space.

I added an old handle for that extra little touch.  You can see the crackled paint peaking through the new....which I absolutely love!

And just look at how the legs stand out from the skirt...perfect!  I added tension rods for the curtains so she could easily open them for her things.

Isn't this mirror gorgeous?!!  It really makes her room seem bigger even though this piece is way larger than the dresser.

Now....Hannah wanted Sara's old vanity I had more work to do.

This is what she had...

And this is now...with the vanity dresser.  Years ago, we made a "top" for this to act as a desk.  It fits tightly over the existing dresser drawers and can be taken off easily.  But no one has ever wanted to take it off since...too much space would be wasted.

It fit perfectly by the window and still left plenty of room even though it was a bit bigger than her old desk.

I asked her why she wanted it and she told me because it was so pretty.  She takes after me when it comes to being drawn to certain old things with curves and lots of detail.

However...she is now wanting to do a beach theme and I am on a mission at creating her desire.  

But of course it has to be a "Beach Cottage" theme....and my mind is racing with all that I want to create!  We're still debating whether we will keep the floral or do away with it.

I love the floral though...

These "Bloom" blocks will get a beachy makeover...all Hannah's idea!  And the corner will have something I have never made in my life!

I am hoping that I can figure out exactly what to put on top of the armoire too.  So you can see how much work I have ahead of me.... and it all started with a little table.  


  1. I was thrilled to see Sara's finished desk in person--and you're absolutely correct that it makes the room appear bigger! I know that Sara will put it to good use. And I'm sure that Hannah will love having the vanity in her room now that she's all grown up and in high school. I DO hope that you can incorporate most of the beautiful floral pieces into her new "beachy" room, especially that chair. I still have to shake my head at how quickly your home changes. Just when I think that it's perfect, you do something else to put it over the top. I'm SO proud that you're getting to live your passion!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ... congratulations on your creativity. I am thrilled with your blog. Greetings from Serbia.

  3. Beautiful redo, Melanie! I love it all finished with the skirt. How great that you were able to move the other one into your second daughter's room. It sounds like it worked out all the way around!

  4. Wow Wow Melanie. You reloved that little table into a beautiful desk. AMAZING! I would keep your florals when you do the beach room. It will look beautiful when you are done.

  5. Prekrasni radovi i super blog!!!!
    Pozdrav iz Hrvatske.

  6. the vanity remake was perfect, what a gorgeous room! I know it will be a beautiful beach theme though!


  7. You made that table into an absolutely beautiful desk!! The beach themed bedroom sounds so nice...but then again, the florals are nice as well. Could you possibly work both in?


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