Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just a Little Office Update

I told you guys the other day that I was thinking about doing something different with the other computer, and I did it!

The girls come down and play Mine Craft here.  One plays on their laptop and the other plays on this computer.  I had a trey stand Mom had bought me for my birthday that they would use,  but it was too low and would make their backs hurt.  

Being the good Mom that I am, I figured out a way to have the desk and the China Cabinet to both be accessible for them to use.

I came up with the idea to make it into a computer china cabinet.

And with that, there always comes a big mess!

We took out one shelf and the two drawers.  I bought a keyboard shelf and hardware to add, but the shelf itself was too deep.  So we used a piece of wood I had stashed in the garage.

We already had the computer and printer in the bottom of the cabinet.

It worked out perfectly, and all for around $35! Now the girls have two spots to play and guess what?  I am so thrilled that  the black monitor is now finally hidden!

I wanted to keep everything that we took off, in tact so if I ever want to make it back into a china cabinet, I can.  So we made a faux drawer front with hinges and I added an applique and the old drawer pulls.  The drawers and shelf are stored away for now.
I loved how the baskets were seen so I decided to only do curtains up to the bottom of the shelf.  

Not too bad...I'm sure I will be changing something up soon with it though, lol.  But for now, they can have their space and be comfortable side by side!

On another note, I had an editor from Weranda Country Magazine contact me wanting to use a photo of mine for one of their publications.  

Here's the article:

Here's the translation.
Behind the curtain
Put away her kitchen equipment and utensils, dressing room or bedroom. It gets warm and romantic!

The wall, under the sink, behind the bed.
Install the shelves in the drive Bay, on the stick hang patterned fabric and wardrobe ready. Top Velcro under the sink trailers on the self-adhesive Velcro, and this under the sink on the line or a curtain rod to cafè curtains. If a thick curtain you can hang clothes on the front door, will act as a windscreen. And tulle Ethereal curtain will replace the bed headboard.

It's exciting to think about being in a magazine in another part of the world.

So that's how I've spent the past few days and nights, lol!  
I hope all of you are doing well and are happy and loved!


  1. Another amazing transformation! I love how it still looks like a china cabinet and the curtains on the door are perfect. You've become international--WOO HOO!

  2. Congratulations on the magazine photo. That is a amazing compliment. Love what you did with the computer. I am trying to find some way to hide my TV. Have a great weekend.
    xx Jo

  3. Very nice, it amazes me here the amount of gorgeous cabinetry---shows up in the thrift stores for a song. Really no excuse to not be able to make every computer station hidden in cabinetry. Love this solution, and the pull out key board thing, I'm going to try and do on my desk Grins, and what a great post, Sandi

  4. Hola mi querida hna melanie. Te ha quedado muy encantador el mueble con el ordenador oculto, me encanta. Muchas felicidades por salir tu foto en la revista veranda. Quiero decirte, que en el face ponen muchas fotos de tu hogar en páginas de shaby que tengo agregadas. Tu romántico y encantador hogar, traspasa las fronteras de Estados Unidos 😀😀.Muchos besitos, preciosa hermanita en Cristo, Dios los continúe bendiciendo 😙😙

  5. Very beautiful! I like the transformation. Thank you for the idea.

    - Gustavo Woltmann

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