Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pink Hearts

I've never really decorated all out for Valentine's Day nor any other holiday other than Christmas.  I've done a little, but never like this.    After taking down the Christmas decorations, everything seemed so blah.  
I ran across some hearts I had bought many years ago from Dollar Tree and thought, "I might as well use them."

These hearts are  more of a bright pink than I'm used to, but they are glitter-ey so that makes me happy.  The paper hearts match perfectly and add a nice lovely hue to all of my white.  The Christmas cherub looks so cute with the hearts, don't ya think?  I can just see a little cherub with her bow and arrow ready to shoot someone full of love.

I added some to the topiary that lights up.  They just add a little whimsy....

It definitely makes the winter blahs more fun since we haven't had much snow.  As long as I have snow, I am happy...but all we've been getting is warm temps and rain.  Bleckh!

It all started with the window wall with the pine and lights.  I really didn't want to take them down and have the space look bare.  So....I added the paper hearts to the window panes and then stuck the foam hearts to the pine.  I found my pink heart wreath and added it to the top.  It's just so pretty to look at...the picture doesn't do it justice!

This wreath usually adorns the front door, but until winter is over, I think it'll be prefect right least for Valentine's Day.

Being able to stick the hearts right onto the pine made this decorating pretty easy!

More hearts were added to the candles.  Notice the little cherub laying on it's belly?  She got a paint job last night, she's all fresh and new again!

I've tried pink silk flowers, but they just don't look right.  The white makes it easier to pair things together nicely.  The pale pink heart pillow was found at Home Goods back a few months ago.  A nice little touch, I think.

I have this wreath hanging on a mirror.  It looked a little boring, so I added the foam hearts...and I liked it!

I love this corner of the room...that chest is one of my most favorite pieces.  

These pink "I love you" candles were the right fit for this bird bath.  They add just enough pink too.

They add to the Valentine's feel along with the frame I've had for years.

Now totally off topic, I found this peony at Pier One at Christmas time and couldn't pass it up.  Doesn't it look real?!  I added it to the vase with roses in it.

On the back side of the window wall, the paper hearts look more like a pale pink which I LOVE!  I had the white rose wreath and thought that it'd look perfect here.  And I was right!

Years ago, I made the heart bunting from some cardboard, paper I printed out with some floral images and glitter.  I had all of this stuff in a drawer....can you believe it?

The pink ornaments were just too pretty to put up, so they found a spot hanging with the bunting.

 I'm really pleased with how everything turned out and to not have to spend a dime, well that makes it even sweeter!

I'm ready for Valentine's Day, are you?


  1. It is all just beautiful, Melanie. I love the additions of pale blue and pink to your frosty white. You'll be enjoying Valentine decor for a long while and it fills in where the Christmas decorations left blanks. Perfect!

  2. Melanie--What a pretty transition from Christmas to Valentine's Day....I love all your sweet hearts. It is the perfect touch of color for your home and it makes me smile. Blessings- xo Diana

  3. Beautiful!!! You have such talent!!! Prayers for your success!!!

  4. Hi Melanie, your Valentine decor is so darling and just perfect. Your home is so romantic. Have a lovely day.
    xx Jo

  5. Hola mi querida hna melanie, me encanta como ha quedado tu hogar después de esa linda decoración por el día de los enamorados. Resulta muy romántico y encantador tu hogar. Muchos besitos, Dios los bendiga 😙😙


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