Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Always Brings Organization

It seems like after Christmas decorations are put away, I tend to do some much needed organizing!

We had let our desk area go to pot.  Not throwing away mail, laying things down in places they didn't go,  all because of laziness.  Laziness....something I can't stand!

I had been staring at this mess for far too long, and let me tell ya...no one else was going to straighten it up besides me.

It may not look like a big mess, but what you don't see is all of the junk in those drawers and baskets.  And not to mention, that dirty four letter word 

I finally bit the bullet and dove right in!  Oh my, how much better it all feels and looks now!

And let me add, there was so much garbage taken out of here.  One large trash bag...can you believe it?

I love this space...even more now with it being spotless and pretty again!

We have two computers and I'm thinking about doing another layout soon along with ripping that carpet up and laying down wood floors.  Wide, white planks!  That's all I have been dreaming about for the past few months.  I can see those gorgeous floors making this space look way better than that creamy carpet and linoleum. That'll come later when tax season is over, lol.

But until then, I am going to enjoy this clean space for however long it may last!

Do you do any purging, organizing, throwing stuff away, getting rid of junk after the holidays?  

Boy, I sure do!


  1. What a delightful work area. I can see why you would love a new floor. We are finally sans carpet in the house after last year's remodel, and it is wonderful. Sad thing is, we had no idea how much regular dirt, fuzz balls and crud---is on the floor, but a quick mop and it's all gone. And I really don't miss the constant vacuuming, LOL. Lovely space, SIGH....., Sandi

  2. I love the idea of white plank flooring, will be beautiful. I usually do my deep clean after all the Christmas stuff is packed away, however, I have been sick with this bug, goes away and comes back, so I have not had the energy to clean. Second round of antibiotic's starting today, pray that this will kick this bug! Love your work area, you have such a wonderful home, and I love to linger over all your post. Hope all is well, Hugs

  3. Hi Melanie, I love your wonderful place to do office work. Everything looks so beautiful. I do know that it can all get out of control at times and we keep things that we think we need. I have become a dejunker to take care of that problem. So far it works out great. Have a marvelous afternoon.
    xx Jo

  4. Plank flooring would look dreamy in your home. I love how organized everything looks while being practical, too.
    Too bad you live too far away to help me declutter. My craft storage is totally out of hand. However, my office
    is pretty good since we replaced our office armoire. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Yep- That is exactly what I did when I put Christmas stuff away. I did a lot of purging and clearing out. Your desk area looks so nice all cleared up and re-organized. I know it makes you FEEL GOOD, too. I am like you- if there is one thing I can't stand it is laziness...just drives me nuts. I can put up with a lot of character flaws but laziness really gets to me. xo Diana

  6. Hola mi querida hna melanie. Muy lindo tu rincón de escritorio, me encanta. Y ahora con la limpieza que hiciste, queda más encantador. De seguro el suelo de madera, va a quedar precioso. Muchos besitos, Dios los continúe bendiciendo 😙😙


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