Tuesday, December 6, 2016


What a wonderful (unexpected) early Christmas present we all got!  If any of you know me, I find some wonderful things on the facebook yardsale sites.  
This is one of the best!

His name is Bowser and he has a story.

I saw an ad for 3 puppies that were a Great Pyrenees and Boxer mix.  I am a major lover of big dogs so I was smitten right away.  I sent the seller a message to see if any of the puppies were still available.  I got a response the next morning stating that 2 were.  I immediately asked my sweetie if we could get another dog, his response was "you're gonna get one whether I say yes or no".  That was my answer!  I called and made arrangements for me and my youngest daughter to go and see them.  We were so excited in anticipation of these sweet puppies.
As we came to the address, we saw that it truly was a farm as I was told!  We saw geese, cats, dogs, puppies, chickens, peacocks....we were in absolute awe of all that we saw!  A friend of mine was there to pick out a pup too, so we didn't get a chance to talk to the seller right away.  While they talked, my daughter and I were having so much fun saying hello to all of the animals and then as I looked down, there he was.  I squatted down and Bowser waved his paw and that was all I needed to know...he had picked me.  I picked him up and it was nothing but kisses!  

We took him to Pet Smart on our way home and bought lot's of stuff he would need.  Everyone was "oooing and awwing" as we strolled through the aisles.  All the while Hannah and I were falling more and more in love.  

We had to go by my oldest daughters place of work to let her see him and she fell in love too.  Now, when we finally made it home, my husband came out to meet him.  He couldn't believe the size of this sweet pup!  We took him in the garage and the next thing I saw was my sweetie on the floor, wollering with Bowser and giving him kisses.  
This was the man that wasn't thrilled with the thought of a new pup when we still have one that has been chewing up all of our stuff and digging everything up, lol.  But my thoughts were that this pup would help Lucie to be focused on him besides being so destructive.

We swear she's ADD!  But she's absolutely beautiful and sweet.

That night, Bowser slept with us!  I know...in my white bed of fluff, he slept with us!  Of course after a bath.

Our oldest has severe dust mite allergies so we can't have inside animals.  Our cat, Louis, lives in the garage and comes in every now and then.  Our garage is attached to our downstairs, so I am always in there working and playing with him.  He loves our Christmas tree...so I am glad he's in the garage, lol!

He and Bowser get a long great!  

We are all so in love with that sweet face!  He reminds of us so much of our sweet Gabe that we lost back in March.

We called him our gentle giant...the absolute bestest dog we have ever had!

Bowser is so laid back and lazy!  He army crawls across the floor to get to the other side, lol! He and Lucie got together today and played.  We have to keep Lucie on a leash because she doesn't know her own strength and we know she'll accidentally hurt him.  But so far, so good.

I took him out to pee and took my camera.....he's a perfect poser!  We've had him 2 and a half  days and not one mishap!  He lets us know when he needs to go and he doesn't howl or whine when we put him in his kennel at night.   I asked the seller if he'd been house trained and she said none of the pups had ever been inside....she said she knew they'd be good pups.   

Smart and handsome...what a sweet combination!
Our days are going to be consumed with all of our animals, making sure they'll all get a long and are happy, but having them makes me so very happy!

I see Christmas morning being super fun!


  1. Oh how wonderful - he sure is a cutie. HE sounds like he is going to be a great dog and a lover to boot. Enjoy your time with him.
    I love big dogs too.

  2. Oh my God he so beautiful ,Boxes are one the best family dog and good training tomorrow is been one months I loss one of my Boxes our babe Lala we rescue her at that time 8 year a go we had 2 and them we lost one she's was my love now we has Bella she miss her a lot I haven make any diction for aotherone we need to recuperate from her lost but for now we has Bella and Kitty cat another rescue
    Enjoy your new Christmas percent they love to slipping in bed Boxer are bed haven enjoy
    God bless you for been so nine person and animal love

  3. I cannot wait to meet my grandpuppy!

  4. What a handsome man you have adopted Melanie. His face is precious. You can tell in his eyes he is a gentle guy. He is going to be a big one by the looks of those paws. So happy he landed in your family. I know he will be soooooo loved. Happy Holidays. So excited for you.

  5. Hola mi querida hna melanie. Una entrada muy encantadora y agradable, me encanta. Que ricura de peludito, tiene una carita preciosa, de seguro que va a ser muy feliz, mimado y querido, al igual que tus otros peluditos. Muchos besitos, Dios los continúe bendiciendo 😙😙

  6. Bowser is going to be a BIG boy. Those paws...

  7. Bowser is definitely a cutie pie - what a wonderful Christmas gift. Looking forward to many Bowser posts!

  8. I am a dog mom to many. How adorable this guy is and well he ain't no farm dog now..lol. Your other dog looks like a Flat coat retriever. High energy kinda ditzy dogs but total gentle lovers. I had one years back. I also am partial to BIG dogs and have done Rottie rescue for decades until I moved into my tiny 570 ft vintage farmhouse and not enough room to keep my fav breed. I live in Western NC and we have red clay that lives on the bottom of all of my dogs paws. I have given up on having a clean home. The dogs rule.lol How do you manage with all that lovely white and dogs using the furniture? I am jealous.


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