Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Is On It's Way

As I sit and listen to "Baby, It's cold outside" on the tv, I think about how Christmas is truly on it's way.  

The cold weather, the snow, the cozy warm feeling I get just thinking about it...makes me smile!

I started decorating early as usual, before Halloween.  It's my most favorite time of year so I want to enjoy the twinkling lights and the pretty decorations for as long as I possibly can.

I love night time, when the lights are all aglow...

Pine is a staple for me and of course snowflakes.  Something I love using to make bows from are ripped strips of sheets.   I'm all about simplicity and a tight budget.  The little snowflakes were found at Dollar Tree.   I bought every package they had. Each package had 6 snowflakes, making a total count of 60.  
I could have used more!

I decided to do all white this year.  At first, it felt a little odd with the tree.  But then I visited Pier One one evening, they had all white decorations on a flocked tree and that's when I knew I had done the right thing.  I actually saw our tree in a whole new light when I came home.

We've had this star ever since our oldest was little.  It finally bit the dust, so I took it apart and just stuck it down over the tree top putting the tree lights inside.

I found some new ornaments at Home Goods and Goodwill.  Using them with some of our old ornaments did the trick with not costing a fortune.

The flocking on the tree looks gorgeous with the all white theme!

This lantern came as a set of 3 from a yard sale site on fb.  I painted them white of course!  Lanterns and snowflakes seem to be a theme throughout our home.  It's funny how things aren't planned, but end up coordinating nicely together.

I've debated adding lights to the window wall, but am a little hesitant thinking it will take away from the tree.  I do love how the tree glows behind it looking from the kitchen.  The reindeer head was one of those finds that actually made me giddy!  Adding the wreath and white bow to the window wall was one of those brilliant mishaps, lol.  

The little lamps that are attached to the window wall look so pretty with all of the decorations and lights.  

 I think one of my most favorite things is this armoire with the wreaths.  The green pops against the white and the white bows and snowflakes give them enough "umph".

I've loved spreading touches of lights all around the room. The mirrors reflect the soft glow at night perfectly.  

But the most important staple to Christmas is little baby Jesus.  Can you imagine what Mary and Joseph felt?

Their first little baby...that would give us all HOPE.  What a true blessing!

I pray my girls always know the true meaning of Christmas.  It's a fun time, but in reality, what was given to us was truly the best gift of all.

Our home is filled with memories, sweet memories.  The flower arrangement was bought the last weekend I spent with Mammaw.  She thought it was so pretty.  The last days I spent with her are tied to that arrangement.  When I see it, I see Mammaw smiling and laughing.  Talking about buying Christmas presents, making plans.  I am so thankful the girls and I had that time with her.  

The little pink "Letters to Santa" tin is full of sweet memories from my little babies long ago.  The dreams they wrote down and put in it makes me wish they were little once again.  Maybe one day I'll have sweet little grand babies that will fill it with their dreams!

I've bought tree toppers through the years but have never used them for their true purpose.  This angel is so pretty paired with a poinsettia and some pine.

My sweetheart still has no job.  But you know what I keep telling him?  Just enjoy the holidays.  Enjoy Christmas.  The valley will come soon enough.  Let's enjoy the mountain top for now.  I love having him home.  No amount of money will ever take the place of having him with me and our daughters.  I am enjoying the blessings God has given us, no matter how small they may be.  

We have a warm home, food in the cabinets, this months bills are paid and presents are under the tree.  We are fairly healthy (giggles) and happy.  Honestly, how many people have that?  We can lay our heads down at night and sleep.  We have it all with God, we are truly blessed!  No one knows if they will see tomorrow and what it will hold.  Today, I smile and feel loved.  I want my family to feel that all of the time no matter what we all face.

So for now, I am going to enjoy the Hallmark channel, snuggle up with my robe and count my blessings.  


  1. Truly, Christmas are knocking our doors.
    I love your home, your style.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Spain

  2. wow how heavenly is everything!! You truly have the Thomas Kinkaid of white decor homes and I follow many. You are blessed and it is so sweet to hear you say you love having your hubby at home....blessings. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Melanie, every time I think your home couldn't get any more beautiful or that there isn't another inch of space that you could add another gorgeous piece of furniture or accessory you astound me. Merry Christmas, and enjoy that mountain view.

  4. It's all very lovely Melanie. Merry Christmas to you & yours. Praying 2017 holds choice blessings for your family. :)

  5. Hola mi querida hna melanie, si,la Navidad está a las puertas. Tu dulce hogar es un encanto aún más en Navidad,se respira un ambiente muy cálido, acogedor. Como tu muy bien dices,lo más importante de la Navidad, es que celebramos el cumpleaños de nuestro amado Salvador,y es motivo más que suficiente para que nuestros corazones se llenen de gozo y regocijo. Muchos besitos mi querida hna, Dios los continúe bendiciendo 😙😙

  6. So beautiful, you truly have it all. I think of what I was taught all my life. God never closes a door without opening up another door for us to go through. Merry Christmas, Lynn


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