Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Harmony In The Kitchen

Christmas is a time to gather, and that usually ends up in the kitchen.  Whether it's baking, eating or just sipping on a cup of tea....harmony is something we all want during the holidays!

I moved the island yet once again.  This time with the chairs facing the dining table.  Why hadn't I done this before?  I have so much more room to move around in!

I love seeing the front of this cabinet too.  The other ways I've had it always hid the details.

I found this lantern along with two others and gave them a makeover with a coat of fresh white paint.  I took the glass out and added some pine and a candle.  It smells heavenly!

 I found these mistletoe balls at Home Goods.  They were meant to hang, but I thought they looked perfect shoved down over my candle sticks...making them a topiary!  Paired with the lantern did the trick for a centerpiece that wasn't too clunky.

The bench is a great spot to lay those sweet treats while they cool fresh from the oven.

A smaller lantern was used as the dining table centerpiece.

It sits on top of a cake stand that's placed on a gorgeous rose mirror.\ that reflects the light.  

I absolutely love the mantle this year in all white.  Making the garland scallop along with white snowflakes and stockings, is just simply pretty!

I did however add these gorgeous ornaments from a very talented lady in Australia,  for a hint of pink.  

Last year, I had blue birds made by a sweet lady right here in West Virginia!  I have a feeling I may be using them next year along with these beauties!

I kept the color scheme pretty simple this year.  I had visions and everything came together perfectly in white.  The "JOY" plate definitely describes how I feel about Christmas time!

My aunt gave me this Jesus ornament a long time ago.  It is made of wood and got a makeover as well with white paint.  Little things like this are sweet filled with fond memories scattered all throughout the kitchen.

The little cabinet was a perfect spot to hang the girls new stockings and a pine wreath.  Not to mention that gorgeous star I found at Michael's!

And the view of this sweet bed is always pleasing to my eyes.  After cooking a large meal, I may need to go take a nap after I pull the door closed. There are definitely plenty of beds in this house to take a long winter's nap in.

Can you tell that I'm sleepy?


  1. Your eye for decorating never fails to amaze me. (All of those magazines and catalogs that enthralled you in your growing-up years definitely had an impact.) Just when I think you can't top yourself, you do. Your home is a constantly evolving thing of beauty that reflects the love that's in your heart. That's what home is supposed to be and you've succeeded in capturing it perfectly!

  2. Soooooo beautiful, cozy and nice. Happy Holidays.

  3. Everything in your kitchen looks so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love that you moved the island so that it gives you more room. I get such joy just looking at your sweet house and the way you do things. It is always fresh, pretty and RESTFUL looking. It looks like an 'escape' to me and I love how much you enjoy your home. Beautiful as always, Melanie. xo Diana

  5. Hola melanie, se ve aun mas acogedora y cálida tu cocina en Navidad .Muchos besitos, Dios los bendiga

  6. Your house is simply gorgeous! It's so tidy and so well furnished. Xmas decoration are amazing. I love it very much!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!

  7. Hello Melanie, my readers love your blog. Today my blogroll shows you have a new post "Greetings From My House to Yours" which does not show up on youe blog.


  8. Your Christmas decorations looking so beautiful..
    Merry Christmas..

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