Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cleaning Windows

Some days are the absolute pits.  When those days come, I find myself working to keep my mind from dwelling on the negative.  I definitely talk to God the whole time too. 
We just recently got some news last week that wasn't what I wanted to hear.  Our youngest had some blood work done to test her for Celiac Disease and Diabetes.  Thankfully her sugar was normal but her celiac test came back fairly high and her endo said it pretty much confirms it.  But the only way that it can be 100% confirmed  is either by another blood test that tells if she has the predisposition gene or a biopsy of her small intestines.  She decided that she didn't want that and I have to agree.  She would have to eat foods with gluten before the biopsy could be done.  She feels horrible when she eats gluten, so there is no way I'm putting her through anymore.  Either way, she needs to be on a gluten free diet to feel better.  I'm still learning, so if any of you have this disease, I would love to hear your tale and what foods you eat.

So this is what I have been doing to drive the blues away!

Remember I told you all that I would figure out something else for this door?  Well, I did and am kinda proud of it!  I used some shutter closet doors that I took down to fill in the glass on the french doors.  This side of the door is stationary.  I also moved out the clunky chest of drawers too.

There's quite a bit of room at the foot of the bed.  Having the chest gone gives lots more of it! 

For awhile now, I have been wanting to try my hand at painting diamonds on a floor with pink and white.  This room used to have yellow walls and black and white furniture.  When we got the carpet, I picked it out to go with that color pallette.   The cutout was a dark wood linoleum.  It has been painted several times since I've went to pastels.  
My diamonds are free hand...not taped or drawn, so they are imperfect.  
But now I am in love!

This is a high traffic area, so I keep a rug down to catch muddy shoes and dirt.
Some day in the very near future, I am going to rip out this carpet and paint the floors!  I think pretty rugs would be perfect with this type of painted floor.

Then I added this old window to give a little division.  I love this even more!

This is where the cleaning windows part comes in.  I spent some time cleaning each pane of glass on this window wall.  Not an easy chore with keeping streaks at bay.  But it definitely kept my mind busy.

I added another window to our window wall too.

Now it goes all of the way to the ceiling.  I'm planning on adding some crown moulding to the top to finish it off and hide that the window wasn't quite straight.

I really am liking it!

It helps with the size of the large chair.

This is my chair now...I've since retired the other chair to the rest of the family, lol.  This chair fits my back and rump perfectly!

Today, as the sun shined, I sat and looked at how beautiful our home truly is.  The pastel colors, the brightness of it even when the sun is hiding and how warm and cozy it is.  It truly makes me feel comforted.  That's what a home is supposed to be...a comfort away from the rest of the cold, harsh world.  I feel God here...I've said many many prayers...I've cried many tears...but most importantly, I've felt love more.  I guess why I decorate the way I do, I am trying to convey that outwardly.  That's how shabby chic makes me feel....loved and at peace.  And who doesn't need that?!

Have a blessed Sunday and the rest of the week!


  1. I found your blog yesterday, and I am overwhelmed with the beauty of your home! WOW! Sorry to hear about the health difficulties of your daughter. No one in our family has this issue, but I have a student that I think has something akin to celiac disease. She is a Missions student, and some of these problems have been exacerbated by time spent in countries with such different foods. She is undaunted, however. The Lord is with you all! God bless and keep each of you.

  2. Beautiful makeover! <3 There is a great recipe blog called simply sugar and gluten free, and another called Elena's pantry. Both seem to have great recipes that are tasty and healthy.

  3. Your slip covers (and cozy home styling!) are exquisite! I sew...but your slip covers are beyond gorgeous and a God given talent!

  4. Looking at your home makes me feel love all the way across the Internet! Your home is beautiful and I believe reflects the beauty within your heart.


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