Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I have to have a MRI soon and have read some funny stories.  Although they weren't funny to them at the time, it makes me giggle.  
I had 2 done back in 2011 after I woke from being in a coma and on life support due to septic shock.  I couldn't use my left arm and they had thought maybe I had had a stroke.  So they talked me into having one.  Now, remember, I had just awakened from a coma and having life support and a feeding tube down my throat.  I was coughing because I had gotten a touch of pneumonia and was recovering.  Not to mention, my back was in major pain.  I agree'd, so they wheeled me down into the belly of the hospital where they were doing major construction and it felt like a horrible scary movie to me.  Boy did I pray!  Looking back, I can laugh at myself.  I was a bit loopy from all of the meds they had me on that kept me knocked out for 2 weeks, so I wasn't all there.
They told me what the MRI would be like and gave me a panic buzzer.  They made me as comfortable as I could possibly be, they then wheeled me into the small, tiny tube.  Oh my....as I looked up, the top of the tube was right in my face.  I concentrated on being still and trying not to cough.  I started to count and make up songs that went a long with the beat.  It was loud...even with the earphones on!  But what got me was seeing particles floating above my face, lol!  I was breathing those things in and they were tickling my throat!!!  "Keep it together Melanie, don't cough.  Mind over matter" is what I kept telling myself. Then to beat it all, my back just couldn't take it anymore.  I hit the panic buzzer.  I made it a little over 20 minutes.

Now for round two the next day....they transported me to another hospital with a bigger MRI thinking that would help.  It didn't. The two paramedics were obese and were sweating to death, panting and to beat it all, one of them had gas!  Oh, the sweet memories.  We had to wait, together, for what seemed like an eternity while the machine was being used on another.  I was more worried about their health than what I had just went through.   Once I made it in, I made it a little over
20 minutes into that one, the very same thing happened with my back.  The pain was awful!  Like I was laying on a stiff, flat board.  Thankfully the DR had plenty to go from and ruled out the stroke.

Now, I sit and think about all of that and get nervous about the upcoming MRI.  I am the type of person that gets nervous and laughs or giggles.  it annoys my husband to no end, but it helps me to cope.   I am, by no means, a person that takes pain meds or anything else for that matter but I see a xanax in my future, lol.  The small dose they give little old ladies to help with their nerves...at least that's what my DR has said to me.  So we will see.

I'm sure I'll have no trouble since I am much healthier...but the thought of that goofy tube makes me a little claustrophobic.  Who in their right mind said, hey, let me create this magnetic tube the size of not quite a coffin and put people in them?  I just shake my head....
So there are my thoughts about the upcoming MRI on my brain.  If it could only see what I was thinking....


  1. I have had the scan also, Melanie. What fun. The worst is if the inject the dye and you feel like you are peeing your pants (or gown-lol) even though you don't. Hang in there- you can get through this. Praying that your tech does NOT have gas! lol xo Diana

  2. Hugs to you sweet Melanie. I totally sympathize with you. I think MRI 's are a form of back torture. Why don't they just knock us out and tape us down.LOL I just got off the phone with I.U. Health , here in Indy about billing. Here it is the end of 2015 and they just sent me a bill from July 2014..well who can remember all that time. ...besides I don't feel I should pay it...it's for a dye scan and, the dye blew out my vein and they did a plain old scan of my bladder., because the actual dye was in my arm tissue causing me great pain in my arm and shoulder. so don't charge me for a dye scan, I.U. Health .. LOL You will be in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo,Susie

  3. Sweet Melanie...How dreadful that you have this issue to contend with, but your sense of humor is so uplifting! Even though I don't consider myself "a little old lady"...(I'm 68!) I have had a couple MRI's for a simple benign tumor on my forearm! I couldn't believe how petrified I became on the 1st one...for crying out loud...it was my forearm, so WHY did my whole body up to my eyeballs (and my arm tied down to my side to prevent any movement!), need to be slid into that circular "coffin"???!!! I thought, "couldn't they just put my arm in there" while I knelt on a stool in front? 1st time was awful, but on the 2nd go 'round, I did ask my Dr. for a little help! Voila...1/2 a xanax did the trick. I still have the other 1/2...next visit to dentist, perhaps?:-)

  4. Dios te bendiga , mi querida hermana . En verdad ese artilugio se ve terrible .No se si ya te hicieron la prueba en esa maquina , pero de segurisimo que nuestro Señor te llenara de Su paz y Su calma , para poder afrontar esta situacion . Lo que si tienes es muy buen humor y eso es algo a tu favor , jeje . Deseo y anhelo con todo mi corazon , que lo pases lo mejor posible , sabiendo que nuestro Señor Jesucristo , estara ahi contigo , tomada de Su mano derecha . Estare orando para que Dios se siga glorificando en tu vida y en tu linda family . Recibe muchos besitos y abrazos .

  5. Best wishes being sent your way.



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