Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Birthday and New Year

It seems as if this past year flew by.  Don't you think?  Or is it because I am getting older?  I know as a kid, time seemed to stand, not so much!

I recently had a birthday and my little family made me feel so very special.  I have never been into material possessions and feel that when someone takes time to make me a card or put thought into what I really love, then that's when I feel loved.  Everyone knows that I love to shop at Home Goods.  I could just wander around that store for hours.  Anytime I work for friends, that's where we shop first if they need anything.
So, with all that being sweet girls took their Momma there for her Birthday.  And look what we found!

Hannah spotted the white center piece in the marked down Christmas section.  I'm so glad she did because it is so me!  Won't it be beautiful decorated up with ornaments, lights and my pink poinsettias?!  I got tickled when Sara told Hannah  that she wasn't buying anything for me that was Christmas-ey.  Hannah and I won!
The Joy candle holders were spotted because of the box having 3...then I noticed that it said JOY.  How happy I was!  Now I can't wait until next Christmas to use it!  It's sitting on my window seal in the kitchen for now.
They both made me a card...which I love so much better than a store bought one.  Anyone can have that, but a home made one is totally from the heart.  Of course it made me tear up reading their heart felt words inside.  
The 3 jars are perfect for storing cotton balls and Q-tips in our bathroom.  See...this is where I talk about memories being sweet.  Every time I use a cotton ball, I will remember my girls buying these for me.

Now, my Sweet Hubby bought me lot's of paint brushes and white spray paint, but this little coupon book had my heart!

It's full of coupons that say "1 breakfast in bed", "1 back rub", "1 butt rub" (that one still makes me laugh) and so on.  But this coupon made me really feel loved because if any of you all know...we always spat when we work together on my projects.  He hates my projects, lol.  He says I just fly by the seat of my pants with no plans and he is a you can see how we butt heads.  

These are the little things that I cherish.  Things like this make me feel so very blessed and thought of.

So as you can see, my house has been full of love this past year.  From health scares, to spats, to being thrilled...this little family of mine is my true love that God has blessed me with.  As I look at our home with all of it's beautiful decorations...nothing is more beautiful than LOVE.

So I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and my prayers are that we are all blessed with lot's of love, peace and laughter...because laughter is a result of being blessed and drives the devil far away.  

Happy New Year


  1. Happy belated Birthday and Happy New Year!

  2. Dios te bendiga a ti y a los tuyos mi querida hermana en Cristo . Muchisimas felicidades , que tengas una entrada de año llena de amor , paz , gozo , salud ,que el Señor siga derramando de su favor sobre ti y tu linda family . Muchos besos y abrazos

    1. Mi querida melanie ,acabo de leer tu entradita traducida al español y me confirmo que cumpliste años , es que dias atras no pude traducir tu entrada al español y como no se casi nada de ingles , pues no me entere muy bien lo que habias escrito jeje Aunque por lo poco que se de ingles , me imaginaba que habia sido tu cumple . Pues mi niña, deseo con todo mi corazon que lo hayas disfrutado con tus seres queridos y muy lindos los regalos que recibiste .Que el Señor te conceda los deseos y anhelos de tu corazon y haga resplandecer Su rostro sobre ti .Muchos besitos y abrazos .


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