Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve

What a wonderful time of year!  I have had so many ups and downs this year with my health.  The latest being a bad mammogram and another endoscopy.  But thanks to my Father up above, all is well!  

I told you all that when I started decorating back before Halloween, the reason being that I wanted to enjoy this Christmas.  I didn't want to feel rushed.  Well, I have had the most wonderful time this year!

We had a breakfast and gift exchange at our Church.  Love having my little family together in church!
Couldn't get any better than that for a Momma's heart!

Our Pastor told the Christmas Story to the little ones as they huddled together on the floor to listen.  Now that brought tears to my eyes, remembering my "not so little" girls sitting and listening many, many years ago.   See how very blessed I feel?

I started baking last night, and made a Ginger Bread house.  My very first one ever.  Years ago, the girls made me one as a Christmas present.   I loved it so much, I made them one this year.

Of course, I had to make their favorite cookies too.  Tonight, they'll decorate the plain sugar cookies like they do every year with icing and sprinkles and whatever their little minds can think of.  I hope, that no matter how old they are, they'll always come back home and keep this tradition with their Momma.

All of the presents have been wrapped for some time, but Sara still has to wrap some of hers.  Between working and school, she hasn't had time.

I thought I'd share our stair well and it's simplicity for Christmas.  I just love those old ice skates sitting on that stool.  The pine swag above makes you feel like you're walking into a little tunnel of warmth about to see something wonderful.  And you do at the bottom of the stairs....our Master Retreat!  It's where I get some wonderful rest.

One last room to share is the spare room that the girls love.  It houses all of the games, a tv, and a spare bed for guests.  We all love this room!

Just a little tree and a few decorations made it feel Christmas-ey.

Touches of pink glitter snowflakes makes it a perfect tree for this room. I love the urn it came in...but you had to know I painted it a long time ago.

The warm glow it gives, feels so nice too.  And see my little pig?  That's a sweet Christmas Memory from my hubby back when we were first dating.  He knew I adored pigs...and this sweet little one will always be special!

We love to lounge and relax here.  Plenty of blankets to go around too!  I just have them hid well.

Trees, an Angel my Mom gave me and some spare ornaments just added the right touch for the end table.  The little plates are perfect for coasters.

I love how the swag on the window gives that icy touch.  I added the pale pink ornaments to it  a few years back.

Just a little simple wreath with a bell ornament adorns the armoire.  I am loving wreaths this year!

So Merry Christmas Eve!  May yours be blessed and may you know the true meaning of it all, why we celebrate it and how we are loved so very much. 

Happy Birthday Jesus, I love you!


  1. Peace, love, and joy are apparent in everything!

  2. Merry Christmas Melanie. Enjoy tonight and tomorrow with your beautiful family.

  3. Feliz nochebuena ,mi querida hermana , que la disfrute con tus seres queridos y feliz navidad . Es cierto , nosotros los cristianos en navidad celebramos el cumpleaños de nuestro amado Jesus . Me sonrei cuando lei al termino de esta entradita que le estabas diciendo a Jesus feliz cumpleaños , porque yo le digo lo mismo . Muy lindas las fotos con tu family en la iglesia y luego las fotos de tu hogar ,me encanta todo tu hogar .Muchos besitos y abrazos


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