Wednesday, July 8, 2015

More British Rose

We have been so busy outside, with making fencing and gates.  Not to mention... me having to paint them all.  

Here's the gate we made a few days ago, all painted.

See, I even painted part of that pesky water hose that has to be seen.  I added a drawer pull as a handle instead of having to buy one too.  Still no money spent and doing it's job at keeping the dogs off of the porch.  I have so many photos to share of everything...but they will have to wait.

Bruno is becoming braver and venturing a little further each day.  Thank goodness we have an Invisi fence.   But that doesn't keep him from chewing up our pool.
Man, I had forgotten what puppies do! 
We had to put up a fence around the deck to keep him out.  Let me add, we are not rich.  I dream of an in ground pool one day...but this one has served us well.  It's going on 6 years and the size has been perfect.  It is an 18 x 48 pool that cost us around $500.  I highly recommend if you are on a tight budget as we are, this is an amazing pool for the price and quality.

My sweet Louis has been neglected while we have been working outside.  No one has been playing with him.  See how he's looking at me?  He loves to play fetch.  He's definitely no ordinary cat!

He's such a gentleman too...he doesn't get into anything.  

He just lays on the bed waiting and watching, lol.  I love this cat!  We had a good day playing while I did some inside work.
So now to our master bath.  A dear sweet friend I met online, sent me a message asking if I wanted to buy a British Rose shower curtain and window panel.  If you all know me...I jumped right on it!
She sent me an extra shower curtain she came extra charge!  Now how sweet is she?!  Of course, my brain started thinking on what I could make with them all.  I kept one shower curtain as is, but added some ruffles to the top and bottom.

I think it turned out pretty good.

And of course, I had to make a commode cover.  With some left over quilting, I lined the fabric to give it a more padded look.  I am learning how to make them better as time goes.

Then to top it off, a new shade cover was made.

It all added the perfect little touch to go with the rest of our Master Retreat.  

This has been a little down time today for me.  Since it was raining, sewing did the trick to keep me occupied.  I am not a big fan of idle time....I have to be doing something.

Just think, the week is almost over!  I hope it has been a good one for all of you.


  1. Just beautiful Melanie! I knew you would be able to create something amazing. Take care and God bless...Stephanie

  2. Now, if only someone could figure out how to make British rose house siding....


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