Sunday, July 12, 2015

Decks and Porches

I thought I'd share what our porch and deck are looking like with all of the blooming flowers.  I think this is the best year for them to be doing so well!

Welcome to the porch....where we sit in the evenings and talk.  It is well worn and used, but that's how things are supposed to be in a home you love.

I think every porch should have a swing, don't you?

The ferns are thriving and the double impatiens are doing well in the shade.

Now for the deck....

This area of the deck doesn't get much sunlight, so the impatiens do well along with ferns.  have I ever told you how much I love ferns?

These petunias were in a window box but weren't doing well at all.  When we went to the beach, I took them out and set them out in the open so they would get some rain.  I came home to see them like this.  I was so happy they made it!

I grew up with rocking chairs and swings on porches...always a relaxing way to sit.

Just look at how good all of the flowers are doing!

I really am loving the purple...think I might add them again next year.

I made this birdhouse many years ago.  It's been painted many colors, but I think I am liking the white better than anything.

The window boxes on the deck are booming with blooms!  All of my petunias have done great this year.

And the gates we have everywhere keep the deer and dogs out so my white stays white and the flowers don't get eaten, lol.

I just love it on the deck.  One day, I am going to enclose it all and make it into a sleeping porch.  I remember sleeping on Mammaw's porch as a little girl...what sweet memories.

It truly is a magical place to come and escape to.

One thing is for sure...there are plenty of seats for everyone!


And the covering I made for the overhang is still holding strong.
I sure do wish Mammaw could see all of my she loved them so.

I hope all of you are having a blessed Sunday and may the coming week be blessed as well.


  1. The picket fencing completes the area to perfection. And I can attest that this is a beautiful, serene place to relax. I'm SO proud of your flowers this year--they're beautiful!

  2. Wow. How exceptional your outside area is. Not only are you a decorator extraordinaire, but you also have a gift with plants. When you find a way to bottle up some of your talent, let me know and I will buy a bottle. lol You do amazing work, Melanie.

  3. Soooooo gorgeous and inviting Melanie. I love your back deck with the hanging old windows. So sweet. I bet you love to be out there. So relaxing and pretty. The views are gorgeous too.

  4. Your porch and deck are so beautiful and inviting. Love the pretty little awning cover.


  5. Your porch is gorgeous! Just like the rest of your house ;-)

  6. I love your porch and deck. So inviting makes you want to sit and visit. Your flowers are indeed beautiful.
    Thanks Regina

  7. Hi Melanie, love the porch an deck, of course I love all you do. You are such an inspiration an really the only blog I know that truly is shabby chic! Love all your posts, such a comfy an beautiful home. Hugs, Lynn

  8. Hello~ I just found your lovely blog. It is wonderful! I am not a blogger much to my friends & familiy's dismay. I would like to know if you have a tutorial on how you made the cover over your back porch door? Thank you~ Dru


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