Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Playing Hairdresser

This past weekend I spent Friday evening, Saturday and part of Sunday doing the girls hair.  My oldest, Sara, has been wanting to go a bright red for a year and I think she finally convinced me that it was ok.  All I could vision was Ronald McDonald red!  My youngest, Hannah, wanted to go platinum.  So we went to Sally's Beauty Supply for everything.  
I have horror stories with my hair when I was a teen trying to go blonde.  It always turned out orange so I was a little scared to do Hannah's hair but at least I could buy bleach for her instead of using Sun In back in my day.  Things have sure come a long way with what we can buy for our hair.

First off, I watched many You tube videos....learning by other's mistakes.  Thank God for You Tube!

I had been told that Sara couldn't go red without first bleaching her hair and then having to wait a bit to do it red along with cutting her hair by about 5 or 6 inches.  She was not about to do this so she just kept the "going red" as a dream.  But we all know as Mothers, we want our kids to be happy so I searched high and low trying to figure out a way to do it without damaging her hair.  Her hair had been colored years ago to a dark brunette from a natural blonde.  So it was very dark, almost black.  Blonde roots constantly growing in looked like she had grey hair.  So instead of dying it again, we went for the dream!

Let me say that L'oriel High lift for dark hair only products ROCK!!!  

It is for highlights but I found by watching You Tube that it could be for the whole head application.  Sally's didn't have enough of the blonde for Hannah so we opted for bleach.  

This is basically what they both looked like before going to red and blonde.

Here are a few of the supplies I bought to do their hair.  The L'oriel box to the right is for red hair.  It is crayon red....I was biting my nails at this point!

We used four tubes (boxes) on Sara's hair.   You mix one tube with 2 parts of developing cream (I used the 20 the first time 30 the second time).  I did this all at once and used the brush to put it on her hair that I had sectioned off.  We left it on for about a half an hour.  Her roots were bright red and the rest of her hair was a burgundy red.  It didn't blend at all.  For virgin hair (natural) it would have been dead on the color.  Poor girl....she handled it so well.  But she knew I could fix it so she slept well that night.  
Then it was Hannah's turn.  I sectioned off her hair and had foil to wrap each section up with.  I knew to do this based on all of my hair experiences.  I mixed up the bleach and developer as the directions said.  I told Hannah that she shouldn't get her hopes up that we'd probably have to do it a second time since her hair was so dark.  As I was applying it on, she asked if it were normal that the foil was hot.  I felt it and that's when I got scared!  I was half way through and then started to panic, taking off the foil scared it would damage or break off her hair.  I mean it was HOT! I finished applying it and let it stay on for about 15 more minutes without the foil.  Totaling about 30.  It turned out kind of brassy.  So the next day, we went to all of the Sally's around us and bought the L'oriel high lift in the blonde since one store wasn't enough.  I didn't want to bleach her hair again so close together.

This was a photo they posted on Instagram that was titled "on our way to fix our screwed up hair"...lol.  Sara had on a taboggan that matched her hair perfectly.  Hannah on the other hand couldn't cover hers up with anything.  Thankfully we all have a good sense of humor!

Well, long story short, I got it fixed!  I did Sara's hair twice with the High lift and then used a burgundy hair kit from a local market on her roots to make it blend.   

Sara has loved Ariel (Little Mermaid) ever since she was a wee little girl.  We didn't have to cut her hair and it wasn't damaged at all!  This stuff is amazing.  I did however put some Argan Oil of Morocco to their hair afterwards which is amazing too!  

Look how shiny!

I used Wella toner on Hannah's hair in the Palest Ash blonde (T18) after I put on the L'oriel high lift blonde on her hair that I has sectioned.  It takes out the brassiness. We'll do her hair again in a few weeks to get her to that platinum color she is wanting.  But for now, I think she looks pretty cute!  It's almost her natural color...which amazed me!

I did have to trim her hair on the ends because of the bleach.  Next time I won't use it, I'll just use the high lift.  Her hair is so soft after applying the oil.  I highly recommend the L'oriel High Lift Highlights for Dark hair only if you are wanting to do such a drastic change in color.  I definitely learned a few things ...wear gloves, open a window, turn on a fan and be prepared to make a few trips to the beauty supply store, lol!


  1. Great job on the girls. They look really pretty with their new hair color. Are you taking appointments? LOL
    Have a great week.

  2. GREAT JOB, MOM!~ They both look beautiful. Messing with hair is so scary, isn't it? I think you did a wonderful job. In the long run after you totaled up all your purchases would it have been cheaper to go to a hair salon to have it done? I think I would be afraid to really screw it up on my own hair. lol You are BRAVE!!!! xo Diana

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  4. You really did an excellent job on their hair, they both look beautiful.....
    My Daughter is a professional hair stylist and make up artist and even she said you did a great job ;-)


  5. you did good Mom
    I have seen a lot of girls and women with that bright burgundy red hair and I like it

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