Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Living Room For Christmas

This year is a little bit different....the tree is in the same spot, but there are touches of blue everywhere.

I used tulle to wrap the tree.  I've been doing this for a long time and each year it looks prettier.   Sometimes I use white, this year I used a pale pink with tiny sparkles.   The huge snowflakes from Dollar Tree add some extra sparkle.

I love having the tree in this spot because you can see it from all angles.  I hung a wreath I made a few years back on my window.  I just love this little window and decorating it!

The tree adds a nice glow to both rooms.

We bought a new tree a few years back because our old one was HUGE!  This one is more slim and definitely took some getting used to at first...but now I am in love with it!  It's so easy to put together and now we have so much more space!

This beast is another love of mine.  I love the wreaths on the doors with the white bows.  So simple and cheap!

I hung them with fishing line from the inside so no holes would be made and wouldn't be seen.

 I love this mirror and thought of adding the snowflakes one night when I was sleep deprived.  They came from Dollar Tree.  A little bit of tape and there ya go!  I'm tellin' ya...I get my best ideas when I am sleepy!  Go figure...

This arrangement means so much to me because it represents my last days with Mammaw before she passed.  That's why I like to have it paired with this angel....I really do miss her.

I love all of the sparkles!

I added the snowflakes to the window seals to give a more frosty, wintry feel.  I think it does the trick.

I added some pink ornaments to this swag above the mirror....

Now isn't that better?

Pine, white lights, crystals, snowflakes, tulle and my angel grouped with my little houses and tree give the perfect Christmasy feel.

The tulle makes the lights nice and with a soft glow.

 I love how it looks icy when the lights are on.

Here's my angel...I changed her up a bit.

I like it better this way.

I love how the little cross on the birdhouse church lights up behind the angel.

Mom had this little angel that I painted and added to my battery operated candelabra along with the pine centerpiece.  Then I added the pink, white and blue ornaments .  

Then I found a tray that I had been saving to paint roses or birds on and thought it would look great painted white and under this.  I think it makes it look so much better.

This grouping has basically stayed the same from last year...a few things are different though. 

I bought this little fake violin at a church sale.   It was red and black...but I knew it had potential.

The red bled through a wee bit, but that is ok because it looks PINK.  I've only bought one box of lights and these snowflakes this year.  I am hoping once I start with my outside decorations  that I do not have to buy anymore.

I am so happy you all waited so patiently to see my tree.  I've gotten so many messages from people wanting to see it.  It has been really hard because I am no good at waiting!

Make sure you come back for another visit soon...I'll be showing more of our home for Christmas.

Oh, and please stop in for a visit with Anita @ Far Above Rubies. She has amazing talent and is like me...doesn't like to spend a fortune on things when we can make them.

Thanks again, I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Oh Melanie, it is a winter wonderland!! No wonder you love Christmas time so much:-) LOVE the snowflakes...the tree is just gorgeous!

  2. I wish that you could give tours--everything is MORE beautiful in person!

  3. Your home turned out so beautiful!! It really is magazine worthy.

    Amy Jo

  4. Everything looks just beautiful--you did a nice job with your use of lights too--I am bad at adding that because I have such issues with hiding the cords. Those Dollar Tree snowflakes were quite a find--they are gorgeous--they do add such a wintery appeal. You did a great job with your decorating, as usual! :)

  5. so very charming, melanie:) your tree is gorgeous! happy weekend!

  6. Melanie,
    Your decorating is gorgeous. Your tree is beautiful. It all sparkles so pretty.

  7. It's all so soft and pretty! Love the tulle on your tree too.

  8. Melanie, this Christmas decor is absolutely dreamy... I´m taking so many inspiring ideas!!! (almost went crazy pinning your pics LOL) I loved your last year decor, but this one is even more ethereal and romantic... Congrats for your exquisite taste, there are so many beautiful details that I cannot choose only one to comment about!
    Warmest hugs,

  9. HI Melanie,
    Just a post note. You won the give away on my blog so please send me your mailing address info so I can get your junk tote out to you. Congrats.

  10. EVERYTHING is lovely. I have to say my favorite it the white armoire with the wreaths. It is amazing how just adding a wreath can make something Christmasy.

  11. Hi Melanie! Your home is so dreamy and your decors are fantastic. I love everything but the Christmas tree is so fairy!!!

  12. Just gorgeous Melanie. WOWZA girl when do you sleep LOL. I love all your Christmas decor. Your tree is stunning.

  13. I love how you have wrapped your tree, it's so pretty! Such a great idea. Love it all!


  14. It looks like winter wonderland in there! I can really feel Christmas in your living room. And your Christmas tree is really beautiful. Where did you buy it?

    Alvin Wilkins @ (Marlton, NJ)

  15. Gorgeous! Everything looks magical and bright and so wonderful! Hugs, Leena


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