Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am Smitten with Angel Wings

I had some old fairy wings from when the girls were little.  Sorry, I never remember to take a photo of the before so I am using a pair that are similar from google.
I took the bottom half apart and cut my fabric the same shape with a little room for the seam.
 (4X for the front and back)

Then I sewed the lace on and started the white ruffles once I got the curve just right with the lace.

Like a slipcover....

After leaving a hole for the wire wings to be slipped in, I sewed up the seam.  I made a lace bow and added the ribbon to tie them together.

I had been wanting to make some after seeing so many others...just more things to add to my list of  "to do's".  I always seem to make them with my own little spin, but I really like them!
 I think they turned our so pretty!  I have two more pairs that I can make so I will be looking around for places to hang some.

I love them added on the back of our office chair.  

So there ya have it...I am smitten with angel wings this year!  I hope you like them and it gives you all some ideas on how to make some of your own.

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  1. Melanie,
    I love them. I have a set of my own and love the ones you made. So pretty on the back of your chair.


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