Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Little of Everything for Christmas

First, I'd like to say I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend right before Christmas!  It is extremely warm here today and I am not liking it at all.  Hopefully a cold mass is behind this front and will bring a White Christmas!

I have a few rooms to share with you, nothing big or fancy.  Just enough of Christmas cheer to add a sparkle.

Let's start with what we call "the back room."

Me and the girls love this has so much light even late in the evening.  It's a cozy room and the lights add a little glow along with some pine and ornaments.  

I just added pink roses, ornaments, pine and a few poinsettias.  I didn't want to have to move anything out so I worked with what was in the room already.

I kinda liked how it turned out.  The little cherub came from a wreath Mom made back when I was about 12 or 13.  I loved watching her do crafts and sometimes I would even join in on the fun!  She taught me well....

Right beside it on the wall is an angel I keep hanging all year long.  I added the little pink roses years ago because it needed some color.  I love this little doll angel!

I love this corner by the window.

Just a small little piece of pine garland added to the dress form along with the pink daisy garland gave a Winter feel with a touch of pink.  

This is how I feel when I am in this room...all sparkly!

Usually this room gets the leftovers that I can't use anywhere else.  It always seems to come together pretty well.  My wooden angel got a little makeover this year.  I painted her wings white and added some ribbon and a white jingle bell.  

The letters over the door were once red and primitive.  I love painting things and giving them new life!

A tinsel tree I bought at Krogers a few years is adorned with Mammaw's pink gimp and Aunt Linda's star painted pink of course.  A thoughtful reminder of two very precious people that I miss dearly.

I know many are missing some loved ones this time of year.

The sign got a new coat of pink and looks perfect in this room!  That's why I moved it to this room instead of the kitchen.

Now the hall...

Again, I didn't want to move anything out or put anything I added to this arrangement too.

Just simple little things to give it all a Christmasy feel.

I'll be sharing the outside Monday, so I hope you all will come back for a look.  

Now I'm going to sit back and watch some movies with the family, eat some good food and relax.  Remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!


  1. Your home is a showplace! Love the pink accents. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas--I know you will!

  2. Hello!
    I just recently discovered your blog and it is so beautiful! The pictures of your darling home are very inspiring and I am a regular blog visitor now! I am a beginning sewer, and love all of your slipcovers and pillows that you have made yourself. Do you ever post tutorials of how you make things for your home? Merry Christmas from Washington State...Stephanie

  3. You know that this room always has been one of my favorite spots, and the "sparkly" feeling that you experience in it is the same for me. It feels like a sanctuary, so quiet and peaceful. The touches that you've added are perfect and most of them won't have to be packed away after Christmas--they'll be beautiful for the entire winter, especially if we get some of our hoped-for snow! I had forgotten about that little cherub and I'm happy to see that the floral kitty has a good spot to keep watch--it, too, has been around for a long time. Mom would be tickled at how you've used her sewing notions, and Linda's Christmas decorations are special reminders in both of our homes. Yes, all of this makes my heart smile. :)

  4. So pretty Melanie.I love everything you have decorated.Hope you have a Merry Christmas,Jen

  5. Your home is just beautiful! And, as far as your comment about a lot of people missing someone, I can relate this Christmas. My mom died three weeks ago today, and it still doesn't seem real. Christmas will never be the same again, since it was so close to the season.

    1. Sue...I am so sorry to read of your Mother's passing. My Mother passed away last summer and every holiday was a challenge to get through. It was so difficult to decorate for Xmas, but I felt I had to for my son. I don't think I could have done anything if Mom had passed away so close to Christmas. I wish you much strength and peace as you encounter each passing day...and please know that as time passes the pain will become more manageable. Most sincerely, Fay

  6. I'm new to your beautiful, your home is simply gorgeous ;-)
    Love your soft touches of Christmas decorations, just beautiful.


  7. Melanie it is all so pretty. Love the pictures of your aunt and mammaw. What beautiful memories. Merry Christmas dear bloggie friend. Enjoy. I will be back on Monday to see the beautiful outdoors. I cannot wait.

  8. Melanie...everything is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and for putting a smile on my face tonight! My heart also goes out to everyone who is missing loved ones at this time of the year....I can relate.

  9. Melanie...thank you for sharing your sweet Holiday home with us. So many great ideas you have. I love the idea of the gimp on the silver tree. Using family pieces as ornamentation during the holiday is part of the magical feeling and keeps those who have passed on near us.

  10. Hai Melanie
    Prachtig ziet het er weer uit. Het lijkt wel een sprookje. Voor jou en je gezin ook hele fijne en gezellige feestdagen.
    Lieve groetjes Brie

  11. I love your pink sweet home and your gorgeous Christmas decors. Everything is so fairy


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